Mark Hughes

Cyber security threats: the hits keep coming

It’s October and that means it’s Cyber Security Awareness Month once again. Cyber security threats continue to evolve and proliferate at increasing speed. Opportunistic attackers are taking advantage of everything from remote working and cloud configuration errors to poorly defended operational technology protecting vital infrastructures. And they’re becoming more professional with models like ransomware-as-a-service. DXC […]

As online shopping grows, so does the risk of e-skimming attacks

E-skimming has been an online shopping threat for a long time, keeping pace with the growth of e-commerce overall. The current global crisis presents another big opportunity for hackers to launch these strikes as people increasingly shop online. The nefarious cybercrime targets online payment systems to collect or “skim” the payment details of customers’ payment […]

Beyond awareness: Create a cyber resilient culture

No enterprise is completely immune to cyber security attacks. Instead of focusing solely on preventing attacks, organizations should ensure they are able to respond quickly, recover and maintain operations. In other words, they should become cyber resilient. Cyber resiliency requires establishing policies and processes that help an organization to survive and continue to execute its […]