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Airport of the future: From vision to reality

Airplane Future

Imagine never missing a flight again. Imagine a connected world where location services can determine that you may have lost track of time and are eating lunch a short three-minute walk from the departure gate. The airline is now able to track you and alert you personally that there’s still time to make the flight. […]

The digital potential of infrastructure asset management

Companies responsible for maintaining efficient road, rail, ports, airports and utilities infrastructure are facing unparalleled challenges to build, operate, maintain and replace ageing assets. And they’re doing this at a time when the digital economy is developing tools and methods that can fundamentally transform the practice of asset management. How infrastructure management organisations respond to […]

Data, drones surface as potential game-changers in maritime

drone use in maritime industry CSC Blogs

Earlier this year, the Danish government took a big step toward embracing and enabling emerging tech in the maritime industry. With a “wish to contribute to the data-driven and digital development” of the industry, the government made data sets available for download by the general public. The free public data ranges from geodata on anchorages […]

2 emerging technologies the maritime industry needs to consider now

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I’ve had a lot of great conversations recently with leaders, partners and observers of the maritime industry – and I’ve been inspired by our interactions. What I’ve noticed is a real and growing interest in how technology can help the industry confront some of its biggest challenges. For someone like me, who represents IT solutions […]

Big questions swirl in the maritime industry

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Can maritime be “greener”? Can technology solve the industry’s biggest problems? What effect does continued globalization have on shipping? And how can maritime make itself more visible and attractive to the next generation? These big questions – and many more – came up at a fascinating event I recently attended, The International Maritime Organization’s World Maritime […]

Staying safe – and connected – at sea

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It’s well known to anyone who followed the “Captain Phillips” saga (or saw the Tom Hanks film about the Somali pirate takeover of a container ship) that real-life pirates still hijack vessels, take hostages and seize precious cargo at sea. But perhaps less widely realised is the fact that “pirates” can attack vessels in other […]

The possibilities big data brings to maritime

I recently took a deep dive into news related to the use of Internet of Things (IoT), automation and big data analytics in the maritime industry and found some exciting developments in this promising space. I read about ferries in the Oslo Fjord using an IoT platform to indicate and communicate real-time route intention to […]

Operational efficiency: The art of the possible in maritime

I want to walk you through a day aboard a modern catcher-processor, a ship like the Alaska Ocean. These incredible vessels have efficiency down to an art. The day begins with a crew of about 150 people shipping out to catch and process up to 225 metric tons of frozen, finished products. Hi-tech electronics help […]

Modernising an ancient – and important – industry

Look around any room in your house and you’ll get a sense of how much the maritime industry matters to all of us. Your leather couch, flat-screen TV, bookshelf and the books on it? Those likely came by ship to your local store. Car in the garage? Same deal. In fact, unless it’s a pint […]