Nicole Drapeau Gillen

When ‘likes’ and emoticons drive business decisions

(Editor’s note: This blog originally published on  March 3, 2015. Over the next weeks, CSC Blogs will be highlighting top content from the past year.)   We all know how social media can take a story – or create a story – and have it take on a life of its own. Something that seems innocuous enough can become a […]

The Life of a Rivet: Personalizing Manufacturing Through Social Media

Predictions by Cleriti currently show that by 2023, “53% of manufacturing design and production processes will be digitized, and social media is a key component.” Half of the manufacturing lifecycle will be digitized.  So what?  What does this have to do with social media, considering the big gains will be in internal processes and external […]

Facebook: My Personal Assistant. IoT in Social Media

It’s early on a Tuesday, and I’m late for work.  I rush out the door, barely having a minute to eat my breakfast and feed the cat.  As I’m en route to work, late for a meeting, I’m irresponsibly checking my email when I’m stopped at a red light.  And it hits me.  Did I […]

Solving the Conundrum of Social (Media) as Your Center

The mere fact of social media is that it’s a network of networks connecting people from all walks of man from every corner of the globe.  Social, by definition, is not central nor is it singular.  It lives and breathes as an amorphous, changing set of content, contributors, and connections.  And, yet, for smart businesses, […]

So Co-Creation and Social Media Think You Can Dance?

Web 2.0 brought the revelation that the Internet was more than just a place to buy a cheap sweater.  Yes, clearly the Internet has become an online retail juggernaut, changing the way brick-and-mortar stores operate and allowing completely virtual businesses to spawn.  But with the evolution of social media and other communities, the Internet has […]

Crowdsourcing and Social Media’s Most Excellent Adventure

Crowdsourcing and social media are two highly functional and interactive components of our digital world that have been mostly ignored, if not shunned, by executives. Social media is the world of teenagers, and crowdsourcing is for technology-geeks who spend all night coding. Right? Naturally, I’m going to suggest that’s wrong. And, it’s so painfully wrong […]

Pharmacovigilance Taps Social Media

Getting drugs out to market is not an overnight task. Nor is it a simple one. Years of research and testing are behind any one drug that makes its way into the public domain. But, the reality of the human body and the science behind drug creation is that adverse effects can happen to anyone, anyplace, at anytime. Not […]

Will Social Kill Online Banking?

Personally, I went from checks to credit cards overnight. Checks always produced a moment of panic while at the grocery store and trying to write as fast as I could so that the person behind me could cool their jets. Checks were equally annoying at home, having to write all of that information down. And, in the age […]

Facebook Will See You Now. Social Media in Healthcare

If you are on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest (to name a few!) like I am, you might find you’re increasingly using social media to validate your assumptions, get intelligence from your friends and get answers to very specific questions. Instead of going to my local search engine and typing in my question about a particular medication […]

Social Media as Crisis Planner?

In nearly every industry, crisis planning is a necessary evil that every executive in the organization must plan for.  Whether it’s a financial catastrophe, a brand problem, a cybersecurity breach, or even an operational issue – the entire company must be trained on how to respond. Organizations have a fairly standardized set of procedures that […]