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Integrating monitoring to the Agility Platform

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A while back I blogged about monitoring. I covered a little bit of history and listed some of the challenges IT faces on what to monitor, how much monitoring is enough, etc. Today, I want to talk about how the Agility Platform approaches monitoring. The Agility Platform is able to monitor the instances that are provisioned; it just needs […]

DXC Agility Platform now integrated with Virtustream

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The DXC Agility Platform team released a new integration (Adapter) to Virtustream xStream. Virtustream’s xStream is a comprehensive cloud management tool focused on efficient application management and service delivery for enterprises and service providers. The Agility Platform provides a single unified console across multiple Public and Private Cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, VMWare, SoftLayer and many others. With the […]

Agility Platform now integrated with F5 Local Traffic Manager

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I have great news for customers who are using public/private cloud tools that do not offer a way to manage and direct network traffic, and for customers who want to keep their Blueprints as portable as possible. The Agility team just released a formal integration into F5 Network’s Local Traffic Manager. If you are deploying an application that has some […]

Exploring Blueprint portability in Agility Platform

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With the Agility Platform, Blueprints are a way for application owners to drag and drop the technologies and components required to deploy a new instance of the application or service offering. This may be something simple, like an internal website that needs an operating system, Web server, maybe a load balancer. Or it may be […]

Agility Platform 10.2.2 released

Agility Platform update

I don’t typically blog about maintenance releases, but with the Agility Platform 10.2.2 release, there are some nice Easter eggs! Release Manager: One common request we receive from our customers is to make things easier to use and to have less mouse clicks to complete tasks. With this release, users will now be able to create […]

DXC Agility Platform now integrated with IBM SoftLayer

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If you are looking for a place to host your workloads, there are quite a few options out there.   Depending upon your requirements or preferences, one may stand out more than the others. Since the Agility Platform sits on top of public/private cloud tools and providers, DXC provides formal integrations into the popular providers […]

Agility Platform Azure Adapter version 3.1.0 released

I previously provided an update on the Agility Platform‘s Azure Adapter used to enhance our integration with Microsoft Azure by providing formal support for Resource Manager. Now  I want to share with you another released update, version 3.1.0 of the Azure Adapter. Based on feedback from our customers, we improved the integration by allowing administrators of Agility to […]

Agility Platform certified with OpenStack Liberty

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The CSC Agility Platform version 10.2.1 has been certified with OpenStack, specifically with the Liberty release. OpenStack has been a supported integration for awhile, but as with any third-party product we integrate with, they have regular releases, and the Agility Platform must re-certify each version so our customers can use the two products together. With the Agility Platform OpenStack 5.0 […]

DXC Agility Platform releases integration with BlueCat IPAM

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For anyone who has been involved with managing an enterprise, specifically with something as basic as managing TCP/IP addresses, you don’t just turn on DHCP, walk away and ignore it. Sure, for a small enterprise, you can probably get away with that, but as the size of the enterprise grows (physical, virtual, geographic, etc) and […]

DXC Agility Platform version 10.2.1 released

Agility Platform update

It is with great pleasure that I announce the latest release of the Agility Platform, version 10.2.1. The release has many changes and improvements, and for this blog, I would like to highlight a few of the improvements. The first enhancement is around Actions that can be performed against a Blueprint or even an Instance. While […]