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The Human Perimeter

The Human Perimeter

In an “Outside-In” world, some companies are struggling to implement unified identity and access management (I&AM). Some are asking where their security perimeter now lies. High-profile data breaches such as those at Ashley Madison, Sony, JPMorgan Chase, eBay, Adobe and Target no doubt have CIOs wondering whether they will be hit next. Is unified identity […]

Services as Theatre

To fully understand what is happening in cloud computing today, it is helpful to consider how customer expectations evolve. When we decide to buy a product we make a list of our requirements, evaluate the options and then pick. If several competing products meet our core needs (including price) we find other reasons to decide. Design can […]

When Computing Is Free as Air

In 1997 I spoke at an industry event in London, England, on the subject of what the Internet was doing for the enterprise.  The title of my talk was “The Internet as Global IT Department.” Yes, in those days we still talked about “IT managers.” It’s easy to forget how long ago 1997 is. My […]

You say ‘virtual,’ I say ‘digital’

In a recent post I explained how past, present and future trends in the development of storage technology makes the question “Where is my data?” pretty meaningless. With the rise of clouds, the same could be said of the question “Where is my computer?” Now the network itself is getting the same “software defined” treatment. It used to […]

What does The Orange Box tell us about the future of computing?

Will future computing systems be more visible, or less, than today’s clouds? In How Big is the Cloud Really? I described how Shutterfly, a photo editing and sharing service, has contracted to deploy another 1,000 eight-foot high racks of co-located compute and storage capacity, to support their business growth. This remarkable story and others like it illustrate the […]

What Innovation Isn’t

Last year I was invited to Warwick Business School to talk to a group of MBA and engineering students about that thorny topic of innovation. I thought, What could there possibly be left to say about innovation? Innovation in all its guises is the most popular category of business books, by far, and thousands of websites offer […]

Real or sci-fi: Robotic software automation

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Is it possible to automate new business processes without IT integration? How old are you? Remember “screen scraping”? You plugged a lead into a computer terminal’s auxiliary port in order to intercept the characters displayed. This information could then be fed to another program. Screen scraping was a crude way to integrate two systems and so […]

Visual processors for High Performance Computing (HPC)

The chips that drive the visual processing behind advanced video games are finding a role in many other applications which depend upon High Performance Computing (HPC). Typically, 5% of the code of an application is compute intensive, but that area of software often has a large, even dominant, impact on the functionality or viability of […]

Where is my data (hypervisor)?

Big data anlytics

It used to be the case that we knew where our data was. We could point to this disk or that device and say “Look, here is my data.” No more. The proliferation of cloud services has substantially muddied the waters. At every level, from enterprise storage systems to personal cloud drives, it is getting […]

Enterprise Trend Visualization and the Potential of OSINT

Is it possible to build a dashboard and command center to give a 360-degree view of the emerging trends, topics and conversations affecting your enterprise? KPMG believes so. They have invested in Bottlenose, a cloud-based trend intelligence solution that analyzes real-time streaming data from social media and other sources. How much data? A Twitter feed is around a […]