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Getting platforms right when data is currency and partnerships a force multiplier

With their ability to plug and play and consume services, platforms are today’s go-to business model. The agility allows organisations to embrace an ever-widening network — or ecosystem — of value-adding contributors. In this environment, data is the new currency and partnerships are the force multiplier — yet many organisations haven’t changed the way they partner or reward performance. […]

Asia-Pacific emerging as digital trailblazer, thanks to mobility

Given the huge number of mobile connections in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region – 3.1 billion expected by 2020 — it should probably be no surprise that APAC companies plan to increase their use of mobile technologies in the years to come, more so than enterprises in other regions of the world. That finding came from […]

2017: Moving beyond the ‘post-truth’ phenomenon

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The Oxford Dictionary named “Post-Truth” the word of the year for 2016. It was a year when political rhetoric based on emotions rather than facts tapped into the social psyche across much of the Western world, a trend that drove significant decisions that surprised many. Whilst pundits will continue to examine and explain this phenomenon, as will […]

Building a new world: Moving to the platform era

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Business platforms are nothing new. Steam power, the electricity grid and desktop computer operating systems have all created “ecosystems” of related businesses, products and services. But to compete in the digital era, it’s imperative for every business to understand what type of platform will serve it best, how its business model must change and how to make the transition. Businesses must re-imagine themselves in terms […]

Workforce of the future: Are you planning for robots in your team?

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Labour arbitrage has long been a strategy to drive down costs. However this was commonly achieved by offshoring the work to people in other countries that get paid less, what is called low-cost centres. But when robots cost a one-time fee of $15k and can do 3 people’s work, then parsing work to other humans in […]

Cybersecurity as an economic driver

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We often hear phrases like Experience Economy, Sharing Economy and Collaborative Economy, important economic drivers in the digital world. The common underlying thread here is that of Connections: That many connections must exist in order for the new market economics to thrive and grow; That these connections must be seamless, frictionless and always-on to meet users basic expectations; That […]

Vertical versus horizontal thinking for enterprise IT

In the past, vertical thinking dominated a lot of decision-making about IT infrastructure. Terms such as “end-user,” “middleware” and “technology stack” all imply sets of vertical connections. These processes could stretch from the depths of data storage to the heights of an “operations bridge,” where all knowledge steers to a particular company with foresight and purpose on […]

Will a robot take my job? Not if I’m creative!

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I just love this calculator by Oxford University and Deloitte. Their overall research shows that 35% of jobs in the UK are at risk of automation in the next 20 years. Research from McKinsey looked at work activities (not specific jobs) and they found that 45% of work activities in the U.S. economy could be automated, […]

Key takeaways from “Leadership Through Design Innovation” course

I just completed the “Leadership Through Design Innovation” course @NorthwesternUniversity (MOOC) and wanted to share my experience and takeaways for other leaders who want to learn to sprint. Having worked for the last decade in the IT industry, I have constantly been frustrated by ugly, poorly designed user interfaces on all types of software, no matter the […]

Branding in the digital age

The impact that mobile devices and social media networks have already had on society and therefore on culture is significant, and it is rapidly evolving. It has changed the way in which people identify with each other, and the way they interact and behave. As such, the rules that governed traditional branding and marketing have altered […]