The Digital (R)evolution

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Is someone missing at the Digital Transformation Table?

The term Digital Transformation rings a bell inside my head every time I hear it .. .and I hear it (much like you) so (all too?) often these days. More and more we see that organizations recognize the need to stay relevant within their sector by engaging in a digital transformation. The whole notion of […]

Spring cleaning the Apple App Store

Workplace apps testing

Who actually enjoys spring cleaning? (Actually, I’m a weirdo and I do in fact enjoy it, but that’s another story.) I guess Apple is somewhat like me in that respect. As I’m sure you heard a few weeks ago, Apple announced that it would clean up its App Store by removing old, outdated and “non-compliant” apps […]

Blaise Pascal was an enterprise mobility visionary

There are times when I feel like an “elder statesman” in the world of enterprise mobility.  I’m not suggesting by any means that I have gained Zen levels of wisdom, but I have been in this space for about ten years.  That experience has afforded me the opportunity to witness many changes in the space…and […]

While Digital is Mobile, Mobile is Not Digital: Reflecting on The 2015 Gartner Symposium

Many individuals within the tech industry converged last week in Orlando for the annual Gartner Symposium and ITXpo.  Over 13,000 people attended the conference, and you won’t be surprised to hear that CSC was there along with them.  I had the opportunity to connect with old friends and also to speak with a number of […]

Digitize for Simplicity

The word “Digital” has been used for a long time in a number of different ways. From equipment makers (DEC) to a social marketing term to (present day) everything digital. “Digital” has probably become the most bastardized word lately. You can’t read a trade rag without digital transformation, digital economy, digital strategy, digital blah and […]

We Know What Our Customers Want – We’ve Worked With Them For years. But …

I’ve heard this statement many times and it is often followed by a “…our new digital initiative or campaign is not working as expected”. The reasons why digital endeavors fail are many but in my experience one ancient business foe is often at the heart of the limited success – expectations. Many companies have experienced […]

Ushering in Mobile 3.0

Although mobility has been around for roughly a decade, it’s time for organizations to embrace Mobile 3.0. Mobile 1.0 was all about mobilizing traditional websites, and Mobile 2.0 focused on building native apps to simplify mobile use. The latest evolution introduces a convergence with big data analytics and social to create a much larger, seamless […]

How Geography Affects Mobility

Stats have a great way of identifying trends, not to mention significant regional differences. The recent CIO Survey shows that although mobility is on the rise regardless of industry or geography, European nations are far more aggressive when it comes to embracing opportunities to expand mobile reach. Specifically, 61 percent of European respondents say their […]

BYOD, a.k.a. Opportunity

The buzz around BYOD has come and gone. However, BYOD still surfaces as a meaningful priority for organizations, and for good reason: There is much more that they can do to expand their BYOD use. According to the recent CIO Survey, 52 percent of IT executives across all industries say their current progress with BYOD […]

When It Comes To Mobility, IT Departments Require Good Parenting Skills

“Chérie, si tu manges un morceau de plus, tu peux avoir des fruits.” “Mon Coeur, il ne faut pas faire ça…tu risques de te faire très mal.” These are two of the most common things I say these days.  Loosely, they translate to: “Sweetheart, if you eat one more bite, then you can have some […]