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Accelerating digital transformation: Overcoming the illusion of expertise

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A few years ago, a well-mannered but youthfully innocent management consulting professional walked into my office, and we had this exchange: Management Consultant: Mr. Lewis (they used to call me Mr.), our company has implemented dozens of streamlined best practice workflows for the mortgage industry, and we have created millions of dollars in efficiency for […]

Change in IT: What is it good for?

If there is one thing that is constant in the IT world it is change. I learned early in my career that helping people navigate change in their environment was a critical key to success. My first experience with major change in the work environment occurred when I was a junior officer in the U.S. Navy […]

Navigating seasons of change

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In life we have many metaphors to describe the rising and falling of the tumultuous experiences we encounter, and consequently, learn and grow from. We know that life is a journey, we should enjoy detours, and we should take the scenic route every once in a while. We know there are things we can’t control, […]