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Preparing for AI pays off


Is your enterprise really ready for artificial intelligence (AI)? It may well be, at least in terms of the willingness of top decision-makers to pursue the many benefits that AI can provide, which include valuable insights, streamlined processes, faster execution, and lower costs. But eagerness alone doesn’t prepare an organization to fully leverage AI’s considerable […]

Want your data lake to start generating some real value? Here’s how.


Warehouse. Lake. Repository. The terms we’ve historically used for managing data are all oriented around the concept of containing. That makes sense, because that’s largely how we’ve viewed data – as something to be collected and stored. But that’s becoming less true. We know that data volume has been growing exponentially, and the trends point […]

The issues that torpedo big data projects and how to avoid them


You’ve heard the stats that say many big data projects fail. So, what can you do to stand up an analytics solution with the confidence that it will help you achieve your business outcomes? Here are a few causes, and solutions. Often, the issues that torpedo big data projects are a lack of experience and […]

How AI and analytics will transform the auto industry


The race to build fully autonomous cars has gone into hyperdrive, with major carmakers such as GM, Daimler, BMW and Audi promising SAE Level 5 autonomous driving by sometime in 2021. Goldman Sachs predicts that robo taxis will grow the ride-hailing and sharing business from $5 billion in revenue today to $285 billion by 2030. […]

Why so many analytics projects fail when moving out of the lab and into the field


It’s been a few years now since companies began dabbling with big data and analytics applications, and a clear shift is now happening. Enterprises are beginning to move from “experimental analytics” to “industrialized analytics” as they get a better feel for the kinds of business outcomes they can realize. But it’s not the kind of […]

Chiedilo a Ally, l’assistente al posto letto in ospedale con supporto vocale abilitato da DXC Technology

Gli assistenti vocali si mettono accanto al letto dell’ospedale. Gli assistenti vocali —resi famosi da Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Home e altri —sono semplici, intuitivi, multiutente e più adatti laddove l’accessibilità e la disponibilità sono essenziali. Sfruttando questi vantaggi, DXC Labs ha sviluppato Ally, l’assistente vocale ospedaliero di DXC Technology. Conosci Ally L’attuale meccanismo di […]

Pida asistencia vía Ally, el asistente de voz hospitalario de DXC Technology

Los asistentes de voz están llegando a los hospitales. En otros ámbitos, tenemos ejemplos como Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Home y otras, alternativas que ya ofrecen una solución simple, intuitiva, multiusuario y que se adapta, siempre que dispongan de acceso y disponibilidad. Siguiendo esta línea, en DXC Labs hemos creado Ally, el asistente de cabecera […]

Thoughts from the AWS Summit London

Last week, the 10th May, the AWS Summit rolled into town at the Excel conference center in London. I’ve been to every one of these since they started, indeed, as I used to work for AWS. I remember the first of these was me with three other AWS folk, in a room with Werner Vogels, […]

OmniLocation: Why your end-to-end logistics doesn’t have to be invisible


Real-time, end-to-end visibility. This is the proverbial holy grail of supply chain and logistics operations. For years, it’s been complex and costly to capture and analyze location and condition data from the time a product leaves an overseas plant to the moment it hits the store shelf. For most, it’s been too costly to get […]

How artificial intelligence changes healthcare jobs

Human interaction is the core of good healthcare. Because of this, the risk of job loss due to AI automation in healthcare is low when compared to many other industries. The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that only about 36 percent of healthcare activities can be automated with current technologies. The potential for automation is even […]