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Intelligence artificielle : des emplois à la clé


La vague de l’intelligence artificielle (IA) fonctionne grâce à l’utilisation de modèles informatiques simulant un « comportement intelligent ». Les algorithmes d’apprentissage automatique (machine learning)  sont ainsi capables d’apprendre de nouveaux comportements, néanmoins ils ne le sont pas pour identifier si ces comportements sont nuisibles ou insensés. Les entreprises déployant des IA ont donc besoin d’une main-d’œuvre […]

5 aspetti chiave per l’archiviazione cloud

Mentre le aziende migrano al cloud, la gestione dei dati emerge come un aspetto cruciale. Sono disponibili tante alternative, ed è quindi importante per le organizzazioni sapere esattamente come vogliono strutturare e accumulare i loro dati. Soprattutto, devi stabilire il criterio che stai cercando, per evaluare con efficienza quale tipo di memoria sia necessaria. La […]

How artificial intelligence changes manufacturing jobs


Artificial intelligence (AI) will certainly impact manufacturing jobs. Rather than making people obsolete, I believe that AI will make many manufacturing jobs more meaningful. The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that while 64% of manufacturing work has the potential to be automated, only about 5% of all occupations consist of activities that are fully automatable. This implies that, in […]

Cinco claves para mejorar el almacenamiento en la nube

A medida que las empresas migran a la nube, la gestión de sus datos se convierte en elemento crucial. Hay muchas opciones disponibles, por lo que es importante que sepan exactamente cómo quieren estructurar y almacenar sus datos. Sobre todo, asegurarse de qué buscan, para identificar el almacenamiento que necesitan. O, dicho de otro modo, […]

5 astuces pour mieux gérer le votre stockage cloud


À mesure que les entreprises choisissent de migrer vers le cloud, la gestion des données devient un enjeu crucial. Différentes options sont disponibles, il est donc important pour les entreprises de déterminer comment elles souhaitent structurer et stocker leurs données. Avant tout, nous conseillons d’établir une liste d’objectifs à atteindre, afin d’évaluer efficacement quel type […]

The jobs that AI creates


The current wave of artificial intelligence (AI) works by using computer models to simulate intelligent behavior. Machine-learning algorithms are good at learning new behaviors, but bad at identifying when those behaviors are harmful or don’t make sense.  Companies deploying AI will need a workforce trained to ensure that the technology remains both useful and safe. […]

Ask Ally, DXC Technology’s voice-enabled hospital bedside assistant

Voice assistants are coming to the hospital bedside. Voice assistants — made popular by Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Home and others — are simple, intuitive, multi-user and best suited where accessibility and availability are essential. Leveraging these advantages, at DXC Labs we have built Ally, DXC Technology’s voice-enabled hospital bedside assistant. Meet Ally The current […]

Managing information flow: How much is enough?


Controlling the flow of information for projects, programs and portfolios is a key core competency of a program manager. Too much information, and tasks can spiral out of control, meetings can cascade down rabbit holes and deadlines can recede into the distance. Too little information, and team members can start to feel isolated, decisions need […]

Elevate in-store shopping and build customer intimacy with geomatics


When your core business is to sell, sell, sell, you need to know what and why your customers want to buy. Online retailers have proven quite adept at getting to know their customers’ whats and whys. Using that information to build better customer relationships is a proven value, but the industry is still trying to […]

Five keys to cloud storage optimization


As enterprises migrate to the cloud, data management has emerged as a crucial consideration. Many options are available, so it is important for enterprises to know exactly how they want to structure and store their data. Above all, you need to establish the criteria you are looking for, in order to effectively evaluate what kind […]