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Five blunders to avoid on your way to the cloud


The day has finally come to migrate to the cloud. But just a minute, Tex. Let’s do a last minute final review of some of the fundamental mistakes to avoid before you pull the trigger: 1. Leaping into the cloud Some people seem to think that simply shifting to the cloud will magically make IT […]

How airlines and airports can capitalize on underserved travelers


Travel isn’t a linear experience where you leave home, get to the airport, board a plane and arrive at a destination. It’s a journey that involves multiple segments and there is an opportunity for airlines and airports to realize new revenue growth by connecting the traveler’s “data” dots and delivering exceptional customer experience. If airlines […]

4 reasons insurers need AI to proactively fight fraud

The insurance industry consists of more than 7,000 companies that collect more than $1 trillion in premiums annually, providing fraudsters with huge opportunities to commit fraud using a growing number of schemes. Fraudsters are successful too often. According to FBI statistics, the total cost of non-health insurance fraud is estimated at more than $40 billion […]

Digital fitness: The emergence of AI-driven training platforms


When I signed up for my first Half Ironman two years ago, my approach to training was to go on and order a book that included three options for training plans based on available training time each week. I picked the intermediate plan averaging 10 hours a week, and over the course of 16 […]

Analytique : pourquoi de nombreux projets échouent sur le terrain


Cela fait maintenant quelques années que les entreprises ont commencé à s’intéresser aux solutions de big data et d’analytique, et un changement évident est en train de se produire. Les entreprises laissent de côté « l’analytique expérimentale » pour passer à « l’analytique industrielle », car elles ont une meilleure idée du type de résultats […]

Por qué tantos proyectos de analytics fallan al ponerse en práctica

Desde hace unos años que las organizaciones se basan en aplicaciones de big data y analytics, y ahora se está claramente dando un cambio. Las empresas están comenzando a pasar de la “analítica experimental” a la “analítica industrializada” a medida que perciben mejor los tipos de resultados comerciales que pueden lograr. Pero no es el […]

Perché così tanti progetti di analisi falliscono quando si mettono in pratica


Da qualche anno fa le aziende si basano su applicazioni di big data e analitica, e ora sta avvenendo un chiaro cambiamento. Stanno iniziando a passare da “analytics sperimentali” a “analytics industrializzati” in quanto possono ottenere una migliore idea dei tipi di risultati di business che si possono raggiungere. Ma non è il tipo di […]

How trust drives social determinant data analytics


Navigating social factors well beyond the healthcare provider’s control have always been key to providing quality care. With the shift to value-based care driven by population health and precision medicine, the ability to factor in social determinants has become more important than ever.  Fortunately, technology has made analyzing that kind of information much easier. Unfortunately, […]

Preparing for AI pays off


Is your enterprise really ready for artificial intelligence (AI)? It may well be, at least in terms of the willingness of top decision-makers to pursue the many benefits that AI can provide, which include valuable insights, streamlined processes, faster execution, and lower costs. But eagerness alone doesn’t prepare an organization to fully leverage AI’s considerable […]

Want your data lake to start generating some real value? Here’s how.


Warehouse. Lake. Repository. The terms we’ve historically used for managing data are all oriented around the concept of containing. That makes sense, because that’s largely how we’ve viewed data – as something to be collected and stored. But that’s becoming less true. We know that data volume has been growing exponentially, and the trends point […]