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Y is for yottabyte

I am nearing the end of my series, “Digital: From A to Z,” that explores what it means to be digital. What’s in your A to Z of digital? Find me on Twitter @Max_Hemingway or leave a comment below. You are probably more used to terms such as megabyte, gigabyte and terabyte in everyday computing terms. Yottabyte is […]

Artificial intelligence in government: How to be more efficient, effective and responsive

As artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly comes into the mainstream, what better place to apply it than in the public sector, where vast troves of data can be leveraged to make government work smarter for its citizens. From infrastructure projects like repairing highways, to public services like reviewing patent applications, to policy decisions about staff allocation, […]

Se mettre en conformité au RGPD : c’est le temps de s’y mettre !

Par Jean-François Delorme, Michel Khazzaka et Ed Reynolds Mettre en œuvre la préparation au Règlement général sur la protection des données (RGPD) de l’Union européenne est probablement l’une des activités les plus importantes que les entreprises doivent entreprendre cette année. En se conformant au RGPD, il s’agit non seulement d’éviter des amendes potentiellement substantielles de […]

Start your IoT journey by choosing the right paths


As with any emerging technology, fully leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) requires a strategy that reflects the enterprise’s business goals and a realistic plan of action. Otherwise, you’re just buying stuff, as if that alone is a solution. Alas, it is not. Done right, IoT can be transformational for an enterprise. Or as Benson Chan, […]

Cheat sheet: Best data ingestion tools for helping deliver analytic insights


Analytic insights have proven to be a strong driver of growth in business today, but the technologies and platforms used to develop these insights can be very complex and often require new skillsets. One of the initial steps in developing analytic insights is loading relevant data into your analytics platform. Many enterprises stand up an analytics […]

Supercharge your business with DXC’s Analytics Solutions


One of the hottest trends in IT today is the emergence of analytics as a must-have for digital transformation and it seems to creep into just about every conversation at gatherings such as Envision. But how can you gain true operational benefits from your analytics platform? DXC is rolling out a new suite of analytics […]

AI in manufacturing: How to run longer, run better and keep relevant

Imagine if you could anticipate equipment service needs in advance, accurately, and spend time only servicing the equipment that needs it when it needs it. Imagine, too, if you could make smarter production design decisions that optimize the overall manufacturing process. You can, with data you already have, by leveraging it using artificial intelligence (AI). […]

Artificial intelligence in insurance: How to make insurance more personal, affordable and adaptable

When was the last time your insurance company realized you had a life change, like getting married or buying a house or having a baby, and designed a policy just for you? And presented it to you without being asked? Without encroaching on personal privacy, this is the vision of insurance in the future: personalized, […]

Managing the challenges of machine learning

The benefits of machine learning for businesses are immense. However, some organizations are feeling bogged down by it. Some don’t see enough benefit from machine learning while others are running into issues related to its development and deployment. To manage these adoption-related challenges, businesses need to keep some tricks up their sleeves. At DXC, we […]

Get a jumpstart on analytics


A recently developed offering showcasing DXC’s partnership with Microsoft focuses on an area that is top-of-mind for many: analytics. At DXC, we are enhancing our analytics platform that leverages Microsoft Azure cloud services and Power BI in a way that can help enterprises create next-generation applications with ease and efficiency. DXC Analytics Platform on Demand […]