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Lecciones de la NASA para jefes de proyecto

Cuando pensamos en la NASA, solemos imaginarnos viajes a la luna y enormes beneficios para la humanidad, a partir de lo que podríamos llamar “efectos colaterales” de los programas espaciales (como son la tecnología LED, el neumático radial, los brazos artificiales o la ropa resistente al fuego). Pero hay otro gran beneficio que puede obtenerse […]

La gestion de projets a beaucoup à apprendre de la NASA

Si je vous parle de la NASA, vous pensez sûrement aux premiers pas de l’homme sur la Lune ou aux fantastiques avancées que cette institution a apporté à l’humanité grâce aux technologies développées pour les programmes spatiaux des dernières décennies (comme par exemple la LED, le pneu radial, les prothèses  orthopédiques ou les vêtements ignifugés). […]

Lean Change: A unique approach to managing change at speed

Lean Change Management

Those who have been around long enough have likely heard stories of large organisations spending millions (or even billions) of dollar on projects that provided very little in the way of benefits. This is often due to the disruptive nature of new technology emerging during the project’s lifespan. These can be very painful and costly exercises […]

Delivering better customer service through better project/program management

“Customer service” — along with “value-add” or “quality assurance” — is one of those traditional phrases that can remind us of a different era. Whilst the focus on customer service has changed in recent years, I argue it is still needed, and many organisations suffer from a lack of customer service design and understanding. One […]

Honey, where’s my super suit?

super intelligence DXC Blogs

Wow, the world has changed — and it’s changing even more as we speak. Perhaps at some point in the near future, humans will live beyond Planet Earth. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Perhaps the technology of artificial intelligence (AI) will catch up with us, almost in stealth mode, helping us to solve more challenging problems, […]

Beyond off-shoring: Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation RPA

In recent years, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) have often been discussed in the same forums. BPO and off-shoring have been widely used by businesses to reduce back office and operational costs through the use of low-cost labour markets. Now RPA is being seen as the way to continue the drive for […]

Learning from the veterans in our workplace

veterans in the workplace DXC Blogs

Over the past 20 years, I have met and worked with some wonderful leaders who come from an armed forces background. On ANZAC day 2017 – an Australian/New Zealand holiday that honours  our soldiers and veterans – I was speaking with a colleague about how these leaders shape  our careers and leadership styles. These humble […]

5 killer use-cases for augmented reality in the enterprise

Enterprise AR

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced a 10-year roadmap for Facebook. Augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) are central to his vision for the future of the Internet, and Facebook has even announced plans for consumer AR glasses. Some see this as Zuckerberg signing the death-warrant for the smartphone. After all, who wants to be tied to a smartphone screen when you can have smart-glasses […]

Why we all need to ask more questions

curiosity in leadership DXC Blogs

For this post, I am sharing my space with Courtney Carr, a member of our new graduate program in Perth, Australia. Working with Courtney this year has given us confidence and courage to trust wholeheartedly in our next generation of DXC. Here, she writes about a topic near and dear to my heart: questioning the world […]

What program managers can learn from NASA

program management DXC Blogs

When people think of NASA, they tend to think of the moon landings and the enormous benefits mankind has received from the side effects of the space program. (Think LEDs or radial tyres, artificial limbs or fire-resistant clothing.) But there is another great benefit of NASA that you might not be aware of: better program management. NASA […]