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Machine learning models can’t always handle reality (but most humans can)


A growing number of enterprise leaders view artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) as transformational technologies that can enable better decision-making, increase efficiency, eliminate human error, and lower costs. For many enterprise workers, however, the relentlessly consistent performance promised by intelligent machines looms as a threat to their jobs. After all, what human can […]

3 conseils pour automatiser votre expérience client

Décembre dernier, je me suis rendu au Customer Contact Week à Las Vegas, la grande messe mondiale des professionnels du service client. “L’automatisation est bien là”, c’est la conclusion de mes échanges avec les différents intervenants et conférenciers de cet évènement. Côté participants, la majorité d’entre eux ont exprimé l’urgence d’aller de l’avant, mais aussi […]

Transforming pharma’s customer value chain with digital technologies

by Satish Nair and Manjunath Shanabag Pharmaceutical companies struggle with a complex and, often, poorly managed partner, customer and distribution network. It’s not surprising, given the makeup of most large pharma companies. Large, often disconnected product portfolios are built through discovery — both internally and externally with academia and biotech partners — and global clinical […]

Improve customer engagement and loyalty with digital twins


Although our business process services view of the world tends to be focused on point-in-time transactions like the card swipe, there is an opportunity to learn from manufacturing organizations that are benefiting from the use of “digital twins” of real-world equipment as a way to sustain customer engagement. Manufacturers of equipment such as turbines have […]

How AI is revolutionizing business process transformation

AI and business

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) to drive business value has been truly incredible in recent years. Enterprises that recognize the power of AI and know how to effectively apply it to their business can reap significant rewards in a quickly evolving and hyper-competitive marketplace. Just a few years ago, analytics was all about gaining […]

3 consejos a tener en cuenta al automatizar la experiencia del cliente

Asistí a la Customer Contact Week de 2018 en Las Vegas y me he llevado información diferente a la esperada. A través de múltiples grupos de discusión y conversaciones con los participantes, es evidente que los profesionales de la experiencia del cliente creen que “la automatización ya está aquí”. Muchos asistentes expresaron su urgencia de […]

Robotic process automation: You might be doing it wrong


Robotic process automation (RPA) has the potential to save companies significant amounts of money by shifting mundane, repetitive tasks, such as data extraction or data translation, from humans to robotic software agents.  In fact, the McKinsey Global Institute estimates that half of the activities that workers are currently paid $15 trillion in wages to perform […]

Hybrid digital workforce: The future way of working


There is huge focus in the business process services (BPS) industry on using robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) to create a hybrid digital workforce to drive increases in productivity and add value, but what does this actually mean on the ground? According to published findings, a third of global jobs may be […]

Cinque aspetti chiave per il successo dell’automazione intelligente

Incorporare l’automazione intelligente nei processi aziendali può ridurre i costi, migliorare l’efficienza e accelerare il time-to-market. Ma ci vuole una pianificazione intelligente per raccogliere efficacemente i frutti. Prendendo in considerazione queste cinque fasi, le aziende possono essere sulla strada del successo dell’automazione intelligente. Definisci chiaramente la tua missione. Con qualsiasi tipo di progetto di automazione, […]

Cinco claves para el éxito de la automatización inteligente

La integración de la automatización inteligente en los procesos de negocio puede reducir sus costes, mejorar la eficiencia y acelerar el tiempo de comercialización en todo el mundo. Pero se necesita una planificación inteligente para lograr beneficios. Al seguir estos cinco pasos, las empresas pueden simplificar el proceso y emprender un camino con la automatización […]