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RPA myth busting: Common robotics misconceptions (part 2)


Continuing on my first post, let’s demystify some commonly-used RPA sales pitches. What uncomfortable facts are being swept under the rug? Where should buyers exercise caution before investing their time and resources in a robotics initiative? Here are three more RPA claims that are overplayed:  “RPA solutions can be delivered in 4-6 weeks.” A 4-6 […]

Les bonnes et vraies raisons de parier sur les assistants virtuels

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Lorsque je discute avec des clients de la mise en place de la technologie d’assistant virtuel, leurs questions portent en premier lieu sur l’économie de coûts. « Comment puis-je économiser de l’argent en transférant les appels vers un assistant virtuel ? »Réduire ses coûts est un objectif bien compréhensible, mais ne percevoir le problème que […]

Is employee experience as important as customer experience?

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When we think about an organisation becoming customer-centric, we typically think about how to satisfy our customers through a better understanding of their needs and pain points. However, I believe that most organisations critically “undercook” the design of the employee experience that supports the customer. Sure, we design systems and processes that simplify things for […]

Asistentes virtuales, un movimiento adecuado, por eficiencia

Cuando hablo con los clientes de implementar tecnología de asistente virtual, sus preguntas iniciales giran en torno a la reducción de costes. “¿Cómo puedo ahorrar dinero, desviando llamadas a un asistente virtual?”, es el planteamiento habitual. Aunque esta rebaja sea un aspecto comercial crítico, ése no es el enfoque más indicado. La tecnología de asistente […]

Cards & Payments: Time to “evolve or die”

By Paul Sweetingham The cards and payments (C&P) industry is entering a fundamental shift in the way consumers interact with their financial institutions and retailers. The move away from cash to electronic transactions continues to gather pace. The UK Cards Association1 has reported a year-over-year growth in card payments of 6 percent, with a 16 […]

6 technology trends for 2018: Guideposts for digital transformation

‘Tis always the season for continuous innovation. As we look ahead to 2018, we see six big trends feeding the next wave of disruption and productivity. And that means opportunity for the digital enterprise. 1. Re-platforming the enterprise In 2018, companies will move to common IT platforms so they can respond to market changes faster […]

Virtual assistants: right move, right reasons

When I talk with clients about implementing virtual assistant technology, their initial questions revolve around cost saving. “How can I save money by ‘deflecting’ calls to a virtual assistant?” Cost savings are a critical business outcome, but that’s not the optimal approach. Virtual assistant technology is not a cost savings exercise. It’s a transformative change […]

Recipes for CX engagement on the fly

Amazon’s Alexa knows my playlist content, she curates it and gets it right 90 percent of the time. Waze handles a 50-fold traffic increase on my local roads during apple-picking season, suggesting optimal driving routes to each visitor based on a combination of predictive models. Apple’s Siri analyzes thousands of movie showings and recommends the […]

Personalization at global scale

by Teakaau Piho It’s a conundrum that faces every global brand. We live in the age of the enlightened buyer — he or she calls the shots. Consumers want products and services tailored to their specific preferences, and expect to be delighted by every brand experience. Global brands must respond to remain relevant, but they […]

The music of multi-sourcing (Part 2): Achieving harmonious customer outcomes

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In part one of this blog series, I looked at some of the fundamental problems of managing multiple service providers. However, to keep up with customer demand and expectations, employing a number of third-party providers to deliver services to customers is inevitable. So the question becomes – how do we make it work? The promise […]