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Create business impact with an enterprise process automation game plan


When faced with the challenge of automating business processes, most enterprises are searching for quick wins and safe bets. But all too often they stall at the start because they can’t be sure of either. What’s needed is a game plan that delivers on both counts. Sure, there are some enterprises able to take advantage […]

Automatisation : l’empathie au cœur de l’expérience client


Il y a un important matraquage médiatique sur le marché de l’automatisation et de la robotisation. Des termes tels que agents virtuels, assistants virtuels, agents cognitifs, robots et chatbots sont présents dans presque toutes les conversations, en interne comme en externe, de l’entreprise. Des articles sur le potentiel de l’automatisation et des robots de style […]

Para entender el potencial de la automatización, concéntrate en una experiencia empática

Hay mucho entusiasmo en el mercado de la automatización y la robótica. Términos, como agentes y  asistentes virtuales,  agentes cognitivos, robots y chatbots, están presentes en casi todas las conversaciones, dentro y fuera de la empresa. Los artículos sobre el potencial de la automatización y la robótica humanoide son frecuentes en todos los medios -desde […]

Blockchain’s reach will soon go beyond currency and into business processes


By Wade Funk Blockchain is already the darling of the press, and it seems clear that it will play an evolutionary – and maybe even revolutionary – role in the coming years of our collective digital transformation journey. Still, we’ve all got a lot to learn (myself included!) about this distributed ledger technology. What exactly […]

Per capire il potenziale dell’automazione, concentrati sulla esperienza empatica


C’è un entusiasmo significativo nel mercato dell’automazione e della robotizzazione. Termini come agenti virtuali, assistenti virtuali, agenti cognitivi, robot e chatbot sono presenti in quasi tutte le conversazioni all’interno e all’esterno del campo aziendale. Articoli sul potenziale dell’automazione e robot in stile umanoide appaiono frequentemente in tutte le forme di media -dai più specializzati in […]

Want to realize the potential of automation? Focus on an empathetic experience


by Nelson Wahrhaftig There is significant hype in the market about automation and robotization. Terms such as virtual agents, virtual assistants, cognitive agents, robots and chatbots are present in almost all conversations inside and outside the corporate realm. Articles about the potential for automation and humanoid-style robots appear frequently in all forms of media – […]

Why we renamed our BPO business, and why we might have to do it again soon

by Bob Law During a recent meeting, I was going through our site capacity and labor cost and turnover figures, forecasting the impacts of further automation on our sites and teams, when I drifted off into one of those “remember when” moments. I began to recall the strategies that, long ago, drove our vision of […]

Digital transformation: Achieve continuous improvement with BPM

by Sidnei Falcão I have observed in recent years that digital transformation has been radically changing peoples’ day-to-day work environments and companies’ business scenarios. These transformational developments span social media, 3D printers, Internet of Things (IoT), nanotechnologies, robotics and artificial intelligence, among others. Having worked with methodology and tools for business process management (BPM) since […]

Future-proof finance and accounting with these five digital innovations

by Sam Victor The role of finance and accounting (F&A) is changing rapidly, and with that change comes growing recognition of the opportunities presented by evolving digital technologies. Previously focused on number crunching and reporting profitability, F&A is now playing a larger role in the growth of the business — driving a better customer experience […]

Less is more: Minimal effort is the new measure of the “always-on” customer

by Els Van Hauwermeiren Today’s world is one of too much: too much work to do, too many communication streams and too much information. We are striving to keep up, but inevitably we’re falling behind, sometimes leaving us with a nagging sense of failure that is hard to shake off. We feel overwhelmed by “busy-ness” […]