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Robotic process automation: You might be doing it wrong


Robotic process automation (RPA) has the potential to save companies significant amounts of money by shifting mundane, repetitive tasks, such as data extraction or data translation, from humans to robotic software agents.  In fact, the McKinsey Global Institute estimates that half of the activities that workers are currently paid $15 trillion in wages to perform […]

Hybrid digital workforce: The future way of working


There is huge focus in the business process services (BPS) industry on using robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) to create a hybrid digital workforce to drive increases in productivity and add value, but what does this actually mean on the ground? According to published findings, a third of global jobs may be […]

Cinque aspetti chiave per il successo dell’automazione intelligente

Incorporare l’automazione intelligente nei processi aziendali può ridurre i costi, migliorare l’efficienza e accelerare il time-to-market. Ma ci vuole una pianificazione intelligente per raccogliere efficacemente i frutti. Prendendo in considerazione queste cinque fasi, le aziende possono essere sulla strada del successo dell’automazione intelligente. Definisci chiaramente la tua missione. Con qualsiasi tipo di progetto di automazione, […]

Cinco claves para el éxito de la automatización inteligente

La integración de la automatización inteligente en los procesos de negocio puede reducir sus costes, mejorar la eficiencia y acelerar el tiempo de comercialización en todo el mundo. Pero se necesita una planificación inteligente para lograr beneficios. Al seguir estos cinco pasos, las empresas pueden simplificar el proceso y emprender un camino con la automatización […]

Les 5 clés de succès de l’automatisation intelligente


Automatiser intelligemment ses processus métier peut réduire les coûts, améliorer l’efficacité et réduire le time-to-market. A condition de bien le planifier. Voici cinq mesures pour le faire. Définissez clairement votre mission. Pour chaque projet d’automatisation, précisez bien la vision et concentrez-vous sur la mission. Il est important que vous définissiez exactement ce que vous essayez […]

Will the blockchain train ever arrive?


Blockchain, the distributed ledger technology developed to support bitcoin, will revolutionize how enterprises across multiple industries increase the security, speed, and accuracy of financial and data transactions while reducing costs. Or maybe not. For all the money being spent on blockchain development by organizations and investors — not to mention the blockchain-related jobs boom that […]

3 tips to consider when automating the customer experience

I attended this year’s Customer Contact Week in Las Vegas and left with a different takeaway than anticipated.  Across multiple discussion groups and conversations with participants it’s clear customer experience professionals believe “automation is here.” Many attendees expressed urgency to move forward.  However, this excitement was countered in equal measure by uncertainty and reluctance. Perhaps […]

Consumer loan processing enters the digital age

The technology behind consumer loan processing hasn’t evolved much in the past 25 years, but that’s rapidly changing as financial institutions look to digital transformation to improve the customer experience, cut costs and grow the business. Loan servicing has been primarily a back-end function, oftentimes handled by a third-party service provider, that kicks in after […]

Five keys to intelligent automation success


Embedding intelligent automation into business processes can reduce costs, improve efficiency and speed time-to-market to businesses worldwide. But it takes intelligent planning to effectively reap the rewards. By taking these five steps, enterprises can cut through the noise and be on the path to intelligent automation success. Clearly define your mission. With any kind of […]

Crea impatto sul business con un piano di gioco per l’automazione dei processi aziendali

Di fronte alla sfida di automatizzare i processi aziendali, la maggior parte delle aziende è alla ricerca di risultati veloci e scommesse sicure. Ma troppo spesso queste si bloccano all’inizio perché non sono sicure di nessune delle due. Quello che serve è un piano di gioco che offra entrambe. Certo, ci sono alcune aziende in […]