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Developing the 7 digital habits: Habit 3 – Sharpen the digital saw


This is part of a series of posts that were prompted by an article written by the Leading Edge Forum entitled The 7 Digital Habits of Highly Effective People. In Habit 1 we looked at “Seek first to understand” and the challenge of sensing our market. Habit 2 suggests a need to “Be proactive in terms of managing your brand.” […]

Digitally fit in 2018: Build on your skills

Keeping your skills up to date is a key part of being digitally fit. There is no definitive list of training that should be undertaken to become “digital;” it depends upon your role requirements. However, there are some topic areas that should be considered as a base set of skills to expand on. These topic […]

Changer ou disparaître : 3 aspects clés de la “culture de l’apprentissage dynamique“

Les employés font face à une forte pression pour anticiper ce qu’ils doivent faire tout en s’épanouissant sur leur lieu de travail, d’autant plus que de nombreux emplois, fonctions spécifiques et même des secteurs entiers devraient disparaître avec l’automatisation et l’intelligence artificielle. (lire “For Workers In the Digital Economy, Staying Still is Falling Behind.”) A […]

Developing the 7 digital habits: Habit 2 – Be proactive managing your brand


This is part 3 of a series of posts that were prompted by an article written by the Leading Edge Forum entitled The 7 Digital Habits of Highly Effective People. In Habit 1 we looked at “Seek first to understand” and the challenge of sensing our market. Habit 2 suggests a need to “Be Proactive in […]

Cambia o muere: 3 elementos fundamentales en la “nueva cultura formativa”

Los trabajadores están sometidos a una gran presión para adelantarse a lo que exigirán los futuros puestos de trabajo, sobre todo porque muchos de ellos (y sus funciones concretas), e incluso sectores completos, están destinados a desaparecer, según avancen la automatización y la inteligencia artificial. Pero, a menos que las empresas pretendan convertir a todos […]

Employees use DXC Technology 600 as opportunity to support charity


The DXC Technology 600 was about way more than just IndyCar racing. While the event showcased DXC Technology and our partnership with Team Penske, our employees showcased their commitment to caring for others. A pre-race event was held at the DXC Plano office where employees got a chance to see the race car, meet the […]

Learn the basics of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) recruiting


Throughout last year I was approached 119 times (yes, I counted) by recruiters who said essentially: “I saw your profile and it perfectly matches our client’s/or our RPA need.” Out of those 119 contacts, the majority were outside of Poland (where I live, and I’m absolutely not willing to leave), temporary contracts and — I […]

Cambia o muori: 3 caratteristiche chiave di una “cultura vibrante dell’apprendimento”


I dipendenti aziendali sono sottoposti a molte pressioni per anticipare ciò che devono fare per prosperare nei posti di lavoro del futuro, soprattutto dal momento che molte funzioni lavorative specifiche e persino interi settori sono destinati a scomparire man mano che l’automazione e l’intelligenza artificiale prevalgono. (Vedi “Per i lavoratori nell’economia digitale, stare fermi vuol […]

Project management: How conflict can be used to improve team performance


Forming, storming, norming and performing is a well-known team building process. But can we harness the disruptive power of conflict to produce better outcomes for our business? The answer, surprisingly, is yes. There are legitimate ways to use conflict. The 4 types of conflict We know from academic research that there exist four types of […]

Why it’s really smart to be an AI expert (Hint: $$$)


While there is a vigorous ongoing debate about the impact artificial intelligence (AI) will have on jobs, there’s no disputing this: People with AI-related skills are so in demand that some are being paid seven figures. In a tax filing this spring, AI research firm OpenAI (co-founded by Elon Musk) revealed that it paid its […]