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Gartner shows us a world of public cloud haves — and have-nots

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Some people — and I’m one of them — are cynical about the value of Gartner’s Magic Quadrants. But, sometimes they hit the nail on the head. And, they do just that in their most recent analysis of the Infrastrcuture-as-a-Service (IaaS) public cloud. In this analysis, we see one ruler: Amazon Web Services (AWS). Oh, Microsoft, […]

Transforming to a digital enterprise

Change is everywhere, it’s accelerating, and most companies today recognize that disruption has come to their industries, fueled by advances in digital technologies and more collaborative outside-in cultures. Indeed, many have already begun a digital transformation to ensure that their business is not left behind. Digital leaders understand, however, that simply implementing certain technologies isn’t […]

How does a business benefit from hybrid cloud?

Hybrid cloud platforms deliver value to your business by enabling a digital transformation journey for the enterprise, giving the best from both worlds — public cloud and on-premise private cloud infrastructure — and transcending the corporate boundary, all while keeping you firmly in control. Much of the gain can be attributed to advances in platform […]

Reducing your risk in the cloud

Reducing Risk in the Cloud

In late 2014 and early 2015, the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) observed that many of the regulated entities that previously outsourced parts of their ICT capability were increasingly adopting a cloud strategy. The organisation released an information paper, Outsourcing Involving Shared Computing Services (including Cloud), intended as guidance for the banking and financial sectors. In response, I published […]

Getting platforms right when data is currency and partnerships a force multiplier

With their ability to plug and play and consume services, platforms are today’s go-to business model. The agility allows organisations to embrace an ever-widening network — or ecosystem — of value-adding contributors. In this environment, data is the new currency and partnerships are the force multiplier — yet many organisations haven’t changed the way they partner or reward performance. […]

Libérese de restricciones en la Era Cloud

En esta era de tecnología bajo demanda, los servicios se ven obligados a impedir que cualquiera pueda dañar al resto de la gente. Y un buen ejemplo de ello son los límites de almacenamiento que nos impide tener otro buzón de correo o un archivo más pesado. Probablemente, cuando se puso en marcha por primera […]

Se libérer des contraintes dans un monde connecté au Cloud

Dans notre monde moderne où nous sommes habitués à (presque) tout avoir de manière instantanée, ce n’est pas plus mal que certains services nous posent des limites. Un excellent exemple de cela est la limitation de stockage des boîtes mail. Probablement, lorsque l’infrastructure technique a été mise en place, quelqu’un a examiné les coûts et […]

CoreOS moves in on cloud DevOps with Kubernetes

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CoreOS is probably still best known for its cloud-friendly CoreOS Container Linux distribution. But that may be changing. CoreOS is now wrapping Kubernetes, the increasingly popular container orchestration program, into its Linux platform. In March, Kubernetes 1.6 became the first release led by a CoreOS developer. With CoreOS’s latest release of Tectonic, the container-friendly Linux platform, CoreOS has […]

Is the fusion of AI and cloud the future?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has the capacity to enhance current cloud platform benefits and leverage a new generation of cloud computing technologies. But we’re not quite there yet. Today, we see AI-enabled chat applications in support, planning, scheduling and customer service. These impact the enterprise in various ways, but as automation and intelligent systems further develop, we’ll see critical organizational needs being […]

Red Hat doubles down on cloud development investment

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For a while now, I’ve been saying Red Hat, The Linux Company, wants to become Red Hat, The Cloud Company. And I think I’m on to something. The first billion-dollar open-source company recently announced it was acquiring Codenvy. Codenvy is a well-regarded provider of cloud-native development tools. The company’s cloud-based, integrated development environment (IDE) enables developers to create modern container-based and […]