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How to effectively migrate SAP to the cloud


Most large organizations face similar cost and licensing challenges when it comes to transitioning SAP to a cloud-native environment. For decades now, running SAP throughout the enterprise has required expensive infrastructure and personnel. Organizations also have found that it is cumbersome and costly to develop, test and deploy SAP applications. So the ability to start […]

How containers can speed up digital transformation

As part of their digital transformation initiatives, just about all of our enterprise IT customers aim to replace traditional, manually-based IT tasks with software that automates test, configuration and runtime processes, and containers have emerged as a critical enabling technology. By offering IT organizations a way to break down applications into smaller, more digestible modules, […]

Taking a leap into quantum – Hello World with Q#

Back in December 2017, Microsoft announced a Quantum Development Kit which uses Q# (Q Sharp) as its language. It is designed to be used with Visual Studio 2017. I decided to install the development kit and have a go at the usual “Hello World” example. The development kit is explained as being capable of developing […]

What are cloud regions and availability zones?


If you use a public cloud, you’ve used availability zones (AZ), but what are they really? How do they fit into regions anyway? Let’s go over the basics. First, a region is not an AZ. No, I know what you’ve been told, but it’s not. A region must have at least one AZ within it, […]

5 aspetti chiave per l’archiviazione cloud

Mentre le aziende migrano al cloud, la gestione dei dati emerge come un aspetto cruciale. Sono disponibili tante alternative, ed è quindi importante per le organizzazioni sapere esattamente come vogliono strutturare e accumulare i loro dati. Soprattutto, devi stabilire il criterio che stai cercando, per evaluare con efficienza quale tipo di memoria sia necessaria. La […]

Legacy modernization: Prioritizing the application portfolio


The majority of legacy systems in operation today are the result of years, often decades, of combined investment, development and customization. While to an outsider they may appear to be archaic in both design and operation, these systems continue to manage core business operations and provide significant competitive advantage. They may have been partially rewritten, […]

Cinco claves para mejorar el almacenamiento en la nube

A medida que las empresas migran a la nube, la gestión de sus datos se convierte en elemento crucial. Hay muchas opciones disponibles, por lo que es importante que sepan exactamente cómo quieren estructurar y almacenar sus datos. Sobre todo, asegurarse de qué buscan, para identificar el almacenamiento que necesitan. O, dicho de otro modo, […]

A digital cloud platform delivers the benefits without the complexity and high cost of on-premises solutions

by Dawn Waite Digital platforms are taking the business world by storm, paving the way for new ways to work — thanks to better interoperability and greater flexibility of advanced technology. But digital platforms aren’t without their complexities. Building an on-premises digital solution is costly and requires having a pool of talent available to scale […]

5 astuces pour mieux gérer le votre stockage cloud


À mesure que les entreprises choisissent de migrer vers le cloud, la gestion des données devient un enjeu crucial. Différentes options sont disponibles, il est donc important pour les entreprises de déterminer comment elles souhaitent structurer et stocker leurs données. Avant tout, nous conseillons d’établir une liste d’objectifs à atteindre, afin d’évaluer efficacement quel type […]

DXC Agility Platform 11.1 released


I am very happy to let you know that DXC Agility Platform version 11.1 has been released and is available for our customers to download.  With this release, we have improved the solution in a few different areas and I invite you to review the release notes for specific details. Below are a few highlights […]