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Wrestling with COVID-19’s impact on your large enterprise? Here’s some digital guidance

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It’s extremely rare for change to come as quickly and forcefully as it has in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Many organizations, even large enterprises, are struggling with the current reality and in charting a course forward. How should you respond in these times of uncertainty? How might the choices you make now […]

How experience management helps companies thrive in the ‘experience economy’

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“Poor experiences can demolish even the best strategy.” That’s what Bruce Temkin, Head of Qualtrics XM Institute, told us during “Executive Masterclass: Building Your Experience Management (XM) Roadmap” at a global SAP meeting in Melbourne. I think he’s right… Bruce’s presentation explained how doing experience management well ensures successful outcomes for us, our customers, and […]

Comment ne plus subir la loi d’airain des méga-projets


Avez-vous déjà traversé le pont de Brooklyn ? Ou volé au-dessus de Denver ? Ou bien encore visité l’Opéra de Sydney ? Si c’est le cas, vous avez expérimenté l’aboutissement d’un “méga-projet” – et en particulier un méga-projet qui initialement aurait pu échouer. Le budget alloué au pont de Brooklyn a été dépassé de 100 […]

Come infrangere la legge di ferro dei megaprogetti

Sei mai stato di fronte al ponte di Brooklyn? O sorvolato Denver? O visitato il Sydney Opera House? Se è così, hai riscontrato i risultati di un “megaprogetto” – e in tal caso, uno che aveva fallito nel suo intento originale. Il ponte di Brooklyn è stato completato al 100% oltre il budget. L’aeroporto internazionale […]

Cómo romper la ley de hierro de los megaproyectos

¿Alguna vez ha cruzado el puente de Brooklyn? ¿O aterrizó en Denver? ¿O visitó la Ópera de Sydney? En todos estos casos, usted experimentó los resultados de un “megaproyecto”, y en especial uno que falló en su intento original. El puente de Brooklyn superó en un 100% su presupuesto. El Aeropuerto Internacional de Denver acabó […]

You can’t communicate people into the digital world

People often think of the digital world as being about technology topics such as speed, ubiquity and data, but the critical shift takes place from the human elements: what people do and how they communicate. Going digital means changing the way we interact with each other, the way we spend our time and the very […]

Planning a big project? Story mapping provides the blueprint for success

Big projects can be daunting. You need to start somewhere, and you need a plan, but it’s surprising how many projects launch with people just starting to work without developing a clear view of the end product. It can be useful to think of it like building a house.  Would you launch the effort by […]

Why it’s never OK to ignore the customer experience

“This is a tech project; so why do I need to consult the customer?” Sigh. During my working career I have heard this very question (well, it’s more of a statement really) more times than I would have expected. Sometimes it was worded differently and may have sounded something like, “No, no, no. We don’t […]

Powerful management techniques many leaders still aren’t using

The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.            — William Gibson This post is about a set of powerful management techniques that have each been around for over a decade, but that still haven’t yet diffused into everyday use, and that hence still appear novel to […]

Think complex processes can’t be automated with RPA? Think again

Over the last eight years I’ve read through methodologies, use cases and capabilities and above all – watched robotic process automation (RPA) grow as a solution. I’ve never written anything about RPA so I thought it pertinent for my first-ever blog to write about something close to my heart: complex processes in the context of […]