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Cybersécurité : les 10 tendances clés

La cybersécurité ne se simplifie pas. Les criminels deviennent plus intelligents. Les dommages sont de plus en plus sérieux. Et les attaques plus fréquentes. Pourtant, beaucoup trop de responsables informatiques et de cybersécurité se cantonnent  à n’être que réactifs. Grave erreur  : il est temps maintenant d’être proactif. Les incidents se produiront, donc chaque entreprise doit […]

The carrot and the stick approach to cyber resilience


The world of cyber security is maturing at a rapid pace. Commercial and public sector organisations are increasingly focusing on cyber resilience, as they realise that the impact of the inevitable must be managed.  They cannot simply focus on prevention, but also on the cure and the recovery. Efforts for greater cyber resilience are against […]

InFraud aftermath: Is your cybersecurity team big enough?

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On the 7th February, the U.S. Department of Justice announced the indictment of 36 suspects involved in an online transnational cybercrime organisation referred to as the Infraud Organization. The DOJ claimed the group was responsible for more than $530 million in losses. The suspects worked from a number of countries, including the United States, UK, […]

IoT primes identity management for continued investment growth


IoT is slowly taking hold within enterprises and it’s often doing so as the foundation of Industry 4.0.  This is a trend that’s likely to accelerate as IoT not only transforms how consumers use and interact with the devices around them, but also promises to transform manufacturing through smarter factories. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen time […]

¿Cómo es tu ventana de vulnerabilidad?

Las empresas son bombardeadas continuamente con nuevos parches de software que intentan mejorar su seguridad. Parece que todos los días se descubre un error que obliga a buscar nuevos remedios. Hasta tal punto que cuesta imaginar que una organización se mantenga al día, con el incesante ritmo de actualizaciones de software que impone la industria. […]

When AI is used for evil


Artificial intelligence (AI) holds out the promise of solving some of the world’s most persistent challenges and pernicious problems, from disease prevention and cures, traffic-related deaths and injury, crime and terrorism, energy conservation, and chronic food shortages. On a less-dramatic level, AI and machine learning are being used to transform how enterprises operate by improving business […]

Why security matters: Lessons from Data Privacy Day 2018

Unless data privacy is your lifeblood, you’ve probably never heard of Data Privacy Day.  It’s not publicized nearly enough (in my opinion), and to be truly vigilant about data privacy and security, it will surely take more than one day out of the year to learn about it.  However, I am thankful for the one […]

Data masking for GDPR: A force for positive change


If the words General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are enough to get your pulse racing, you are not alone. The GDPR, due to come into force on 25 May this year, is going to have a significant, permanent and far-reaching impact on any business that holds data on EU citizens, including organisations based outside of […]

Vulnérabilité informatique : quelle est votre durée d’exposition au danger ?


Les entreprises sont constamment bousculées par les patchs de sécurité logiciel. Il ne se passe presque pas un seul jour sans qu’un nouveau bug ne soit découvert et que l’on envoie en catastrophe des équipes apporter des correctifs. C’est d’ailleurs remarquable que nos informaticiens parviennent à soutenir la livraison continue de patchs de sécurité  que […]

10 security predictions for 2018

Cyber security isn’t getting any easier. Criminals are getting more sophisticated. Damages are growing more serious. And attacks are becoming more common. Yet far too many IT and cyber security leaders remain in reactive mode. That’s a serious mistake, because now is the time to be proactive. These incidents will happen, so every organization now […]