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Enterprise security and risk management efforts continue to lag


Increasingly, enterprises realize that they not only need to secure their digital assets, but that they need to do it economically. Most organizations know that they need to be compliant to any number of government or industry regulations that affect them — from HIPAA to GDPR — but simply achieving compliance doesn’t mean an organization […]

Les États-Unis contrent agressivement les appels frauduleux

Au cours de l’année écoulée, et sans raison, mon téléphone a été matraqué par des appels automatisés. J’ai été inondé d’appels de fraudeurs se faisant passer pour mon assurance maladie, mon assurance automobile, une proposition de refinancement hypothécaire, etc… Ces pratiques frauduleuses sont très communes aux États-Unis. C’est un tel fléau que la FCC (Commission […]

10 principali tendenze in sicurezza per il 2019


La sicurezza informatica si sta complicando. Le stesse trasformazioni digitali che stanno apportando innovazioni utili e produttive a molte organizzazioni stanno anche aiutando i cyber criminali a diventare più intelligenti e a diventare più pericolosi. Per aiutarti a proteggere la tua organizzazione, ecco i nostri 10 principali trend di cybersecurity per il 2019. La sicurezza […]

Las 10 principales tendencias de seguridad para 2019

La ciberseguridad se está volviendo más compleja. Las mismas transformaciones digitales que brindan innovaciones útiles y productivas a muchas organizaciones, también ayudan a los delincuentes cibernéticos a ser más inteligentes, y a volverse más peligrosos. Para ayudarlo a proteger su organización, aquí están nuestras 10 principales tendencias de ciberseguridad para 2019. La seguridad de la […]

Happy Data Privacy Day


It’s Data Privacy Day or, if you are part of the EU, Data Protection Day. Data privacy and data protection have been top of mind for information security professionals for a number of years now. While the United States is paying greater attention to privacy legislation (California and several other states have various bills in […]

Study: Hospitals dramatically increase ad spend following data breaches


Determining the actual cost of a data breach is difficult and often leads to heated discussions in security circles. How do you determine how many customers who left (following a breach) wouldn’t have left anyway? Perhaps they already were upset with the organization for some other reason. How do you know if a sales decline […]

La FCC intenta frenar las llamadas fraudulentas con STIR y SHAKEN

Si tu experiencia reciente es similar a la mía, tu teléfono ha sido vulnerado por “robocalls”. Por alguna razón, a lo largo del año pasado, me han llamado desde diversas partes de EE.UU. ofreciéndome seguros de salud, de automóviles, inversiones sospechosas, refinanciación de hipoteca… lo que sea. En un teléfono móvil es fácil bloquear a […]

Old password habits die hard … if they ever die at all


If there’s anything that security and IT teams hate more than managing credentials, I certainly can’t think of it. Users hate having to manage their passwords and they tend to do so poorly. And that, in turn, leads to password reset request calls — among the most costly of helpdesk service call types. (By the […]

What are the priorities for CISOs in 2019?


Well, 2018 is a wrap and another year is behind us — and what a big year it was for cybersecurity. There have been numerous high-profile breaches, regulatory fines, and fascinating developments in how enterprises build and deploy their applications. And, more broadly, business transformation efforts have accelerated the speed of business change. It’ll be […]

Cyber reference architecture: A security backbone for the enterprise


At the heart of digital transformation is data. The importance of protecting this critical business asset is bringing cyber security into sharp focus in the boardroom as well as the data center. In the past, an enterprise’s cyber security team focused on IT security risks and threats, with little reference to business risks, objectives and […]