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What does Microsoft’s move mean for passwords?


The FIDO Alliance (Fast Identity Online Alliance) recently awarded Microsoft Hello, Microsoft’s Windows facial recognition system, FIDO2 certification. With this certification, Windows devices can use biometrics — such as facial recognition, fingerprint, or FIDO2 security keys — to authenticate to devices. While this news is Microsoft focused, it’s part of a broader push to depreciate […]

Répondre aux cyberattaques : la dimension culturelle

Votre entreprise et ses systèmes ont été piratés. Les téléphones sonnent à plein régime, le trafic de votre site Web explose et vos boîtes email sont pleines à craquer. Les données confidentielles et financières de vos employés et de vos clients sont exposées. Il est impossible de déterminer l’origine du piratage, mais les implications sont […]

FBI: Internet-fueled theft, fraud, and exploitation reaches cost of $2.7 billion


The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) published its fifth annual Internet Crime Report last month. The report, based on information gleaned from 351,936 complaints of suspected Internet crime, found more than $2.7 billion in Internet-fueled theft, fraud and exploitation for 2018. According to the report, email scams wrought the highest level of financial losses […]

Avoiding cyber attacks while on the road to digital transformation


No matter where your organization may be on its digital transformation journey, beware the dangers lurking along the way. Fellow travelers down this road have been waylaid time and again by cybercriminals wreaking havoc through ransomware, distributed denial of service attacks, data breaches and other types of attacks. Digitizing more core business processes, after all, […]

Global enterprise security spending to hit $103 billion this year


The pace of enterprise information security spending on hardware, software, and services is expected to grow 9.4 percent this year over 2017, according to a recently released forecast from the market research firm IDC. According to IDC, that pace of growth, which is considerably higher than the pace of technology growth overall, is expected to […]

Cómo paliar los riesgos de la transformación digital

La transformación digital y la gestión del riesgo se podrían considerar como autopistas paralelas. Esto se debe a que cualquier esfuerzo en transformación introduce nuevos riesgos y cambia la estrategia general de seguridad en la organización. A medida que las organizaciones mantengan sus transformaciones digitales, su seguridad y gestión de riesgos seguirán siendo sus compañeras […]

Aspectos interculturales de las estrategias de respuesta ante ataques IT

Los teléfonos no paran de sonar en su sede central, el tráfico ha colapsado su web y todos los buzones de correo electrónico están repletos. ¿Por qué? Simplemente porque sus sistemas han sido pirateados, exponiendo millones de registros personales y financieros confidenciales de sus clientes. Además, es imposible encontrar en qué parte del mundo tuvo […]

Security themes uncovered at RSA 2019


This year is pivotal for our industry with most organizations focused on securing the digital enterprise with cloud computing, mobility and AI. Businesses are more connected now than ever before. Their “edges” have been redefined and expanded, making them more vulnerable as well. Success in today’s environment means understanding the impact of digital transformation on […]

New survey highlights the good and bad of cyber security’s global outlook


The news these days is not good when you consider the state of cyber security around the world. Successful cyber attacks continue unabated while the security talent gap continues to widen. Throw into the mix a deluge of security data, difficulty securing containers, and other obstacles and you get mighty headwinds for IT security teams […]

Reducing risk in digital transformation

Digital transformation and enterprise risk management can be thought of as parallel highways. That’s because any transformation effort will introduce new risks and change to the organization’s overall security posture. As organizations continue their digital transformations, the transformation of security and risk management must be an integral part of that journey. Organizations must integrate security […]