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The highest-paying tech jobs in 2019


Want to make at least $200,000 a year as a technology professional? You can! That is, if you can land one of the 11 jobs listed by hiring firm Mondo in its 2019 Mondo Tech Salary Guide. Also, you need to be a good negotiator because $200,000 is at or near the top end for […]

In security, it’s usually the basic stuff that gets you — like passwords


There are some very smart hackers out there with access to the latest techniques and exploits, but time and again it has been observed that attackers don’t need to deploy the latest and greatest because they can achieve their goals with the older and basic. Why bother with something complex or burn a new tool […]

Majority of organizations still report a lack of cyber security budget


Despite years of widespread data breaches and increased regulatory demands, 75 percent of respondents to a recent survey do not believe that they have an adequate information security budget. Additionally, attackers continue to successfully use compromised credentials in attacks, and while 93 percent of organizations surveyed are aware of the vulnerability and attack technique — […]

Cross cultural aspects of breach response strategies


The phones are ringing off the hook at headquarters, your web site traffic is exploding and your email boxes have reached capacity. Why?  Your enterprise systems have been hacked, exposing millions of confidential customer personal and financial records. It’s impossible to determine where in the world the hack originated, but the implications are surely global […]

Gartner: Future of identity management is mobile, SaaS


By 2022, the research firm Gartner predicts 70 percent of enterprises that use biometrics for authentication will do so with smartphone apps. Last year, less than 5 percent of enterprises did so. According to Gartner, it is the lower cost and improved user experience that will drive this adoption of smartphone biometric authentication. Speaking of […]

Quantum computing will change everyday life for the better

Quantum computing is the next holy grail of computer science and engineering, promising to change everyday life for the better. Today’s smartphones have the same computing power as a military computer 50 years ago that was the size of an entire room. Yet despite the phenomenal strides we have made in technology and computing, there […]

Enterprise security and risk management efforts continue to lag


Increasingly, enterprises realize that they not only need to secure their digital assets, but that they need to do it economically. Most organizations know that they need to be compliant to any number of government or industry regulations that affect them — from HIPAA to GDPR — but simply achieving compliance doesn’t mean an organization […]

Les États-Unis contrent agressivement les appels frauduleux

Au cours de l’année écoulée, et sans raison, mon téléphone a été matraqué par des appels automatisés. J’ai été inondé d’appels de fraudeurs se faisant passer pour mon assurance maladie, mon assurance automobile, une proposition de refinancement hypothécaire, etc… Ces pratiques frauduleuses sont très communes aux États-Unis. C’est un tel fléau que la FCC (Commission […]

10 principali tendenze in sicurezza per il 2019


La sicurezza informatica si sta complicando. Le stesse trasformazioni digitali che stanno apportando innovazioni utili e produttive a molte organizzazioni stanno anche aiutando i cyber criminali a diventare più intelligenti e a diventare più pericolosi. Per aiutarti a proteggere la tua organizzazione, ecco i nostri 10 principali trend di cybersecurity per il 2019. La sicurezza […]

Las 10 principales tendencias de seguridad para 2019

La ciberseguridad se está volviendo más compleja. Las mismas transformaciones digitales que brindan innovaciones útiles y productivas a muchas organizaciones, también ayudan a los delincuentes cibernéticos a ser más inteligentes, y a volverse más peligrosos. Para ayudarlo a proteger su organización, aquí están nuestras 10 principales tendencias de ciberseguridad para 2019. La seguridad de la […]