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Lights out: Can the U.S. survive a ‘catastrophic’ power outage?


Recently, the President’s National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) examined the ability of the U.S. federal government to respond to and recover from a catastrophic power outage striking a large swath of the nation. What is a catastrophic power outage? It’s a power outage longer than a few days or even weeks and that is, according […]

Three ways to build a rapid-response culture in cybersecurity teams


The phrase “need for speed” might sound like a catchy one-liner from a Hollywood blockbuster. However, when it comes to information security, they are words to live by. Consider this vital fact: Malware permeates organizations with lightning speed and frequently causes millions of dollars of damage in a relatively short period of time. Because of this, cybersecurity […]

3 ways artificial intelligence can improve your cyber security today


Although they are in their infancy, cyber security systems based on artificial intelligence (AI) have great potential for combatting cybercrime. By using AI, we can now design, train and test intelligent cyber systems that are more robust, adaptive and responsive than humans could ever hope to be. Let’s look at a few scenarios where AI […]

10 top security trends for 2019


Cybersecurity is getting complicated. The same digital transformations that are delivering useful and productive innovations to many organizations also are helping cyber criminals get smarter — and grow more dangerous. To help you protect your organization, here are our top 10 cybersecurity trends for 2019. Information security and operational risk converge: Organizations can no longer […]

Prevention tips for Office 365 security threats


Office 365 has become a go-to standard for messaging needs.  The growth of features, functionality and managed service offerings has given Office 365 customers a stable and secure solution.  Unfortunately, bad actors such as spammers, hackers and phishers have also grown in number and sophistication.  The Redmond Channel Partner Magazine recently documented how much sneakier […]

Essere aggiornati sulle minacce alla cibersicurezza: una strategia per identificare le risorse più efficaci

Cercare di aggiornarsi sulle minacce emergenti alla cibersicurezza è un vero problema. Ci sono letteralmente centinaia di fonti di professionisti della sicurezza interessanti ma non molte informazioni su come ordinarle e identificare le risorse che andranno a completare il tuo programma e il tuo ambiente di lavoro. Per essere sempre aggiornati sulle minacce, i professionisti […]

Survey: IT security pros embrace — but fear — artificial intelligence


Roughly seven out of eight IT security professionals believe artificial intelligence (AI) would help improve enterprise security, according to a recent survey. But nearly as many respondents are worried about AI being weaponized against their networks. “There is much concern about the impact of AI on company security defenses and about attackers using AI against […]

2019 IT trend: Increasingly strong data privacy rules will lead to new customer experiences

In 2019, protecting customers’ personal data will force companies to rethink their digital strategies as the full effects of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set in. Failure to comply with GDPR will thwart an enterprise’s ability to conduct business globally. Innovative companies will see this as an opportunity to deliver better customer experiences and […]

Comment demeurer à l’affût des menaces de cybersécurité : quelques clés pour identifier les ressources les plus efficaces


Rester informé des nouvelles menaces en matière de cybersécurité est une véritable corvée. Il existe littéralement des centaines de sources auxquelles les professionnels de la sécurité peuvent se référer, mais relativement peu d’informations sur la façon d’en tirer le plus grand profit et de sélectionner celles qui méritent d’aménager dans son agenda et son environnement […]

Breaking through with managed DevSecOps on AWS


Any time you can bridge a divide or break down a barrier, you create value. Digital transformation is helping a lot of companies do exactly that in the way they innovate, compete and communicate. But there’s also a lot of value to be gained from the way we build new digital-driven systems and solutions. Until […]