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Perspectives on the digital shift

The blockchain opportunity beckons


It’s no secret that a good way to stay employed in the technology industry is to have relevant skills. And a way to stay lucratively employed is to have relevant skills that are in high demand. That means identifying emerging technologies that will generate an ecosystem of jobs, and then learning the skills necessary to […]

DXC Labs demonstrates drones, machine learning, AR and more at the DXC Technology 600

For the first time, a drone delivered the green flag to the starting line at a major sporting event, at Texas Motor Speedway on June 9. DXC Labs — which focuses on development of emerging technologies used in digital transformation — was there every step of the way. We worked on planning through execution, and […]

La evolución de la IA: 7 cosas que hemos aprendido para implementarla eficazmente

La inteligencia artificial es uno de los principales temas de interés en el sector tecnológico y en las empresas  en este momento. Es interesante por su capacidad de ofrecer más beneficios al mismo tiempo  –ya sean de experiencia del cliente, de mejora de la productividad, coherencia o reducción del tiempo que comportan los procesos-. Machine […]

The coming revolution in computer usability


One of the biggest complaints among doctors and other healthcare providers is how much time they must spend entering data into devices connected to their electronic health records (EHRs) systems — time that could be better spent focusing on their patients. Two health experts writing in Harvard Business Review call for a “revolution in usability,” arguing that “voice […]

Will AI destroy IT jobs?


One thing that’s become clear as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, neural networks and other “smart” technologies invade the workplace is that enterprises will be more reliant than ever on IT professionals to ensure that networks, applications and data are constantly ready and available. After all, replacing a low-skilled call center rep with a chatbot […]

Leveraging blockchain features for access restriction in our 3D printing proof-of-concept

When we last talked about our 3D printing procurement system proof-of-concept, we promised to report back on how we are using blockchain features for access restriction. Prior to implementing blockchain features, we handled access restriction to the 3D model files (STL/G-code) using folder access and Enterprise GitHub. This worked fine if the 3D printing was […]

The digital enterprise archetype: Leading the way with cloud- and mobile-first strategies


Your workforce is technically savvy. They expect fast, seamless service so they can be productive in their jobs. Mobile applications, cloud, data and analytics, even artificial intelligence – these are all solutions and technologies you are either aggressively pursuing or already using. You are a digital enterprise, well on your way through a digital transformation. […]

L’evoluzione dell’IA: 7 cose che abbiamo imparato per implementarla efficientemente

Robot teaching robot students

L’intelligenza artificiale è uno dei principali argomenti di interesse nel settore della tecnologia e nelle sale di consiglio aziendali in questo momento. È interessante per la sua capacità di offrire più benefici in parallelo -sia che si tratti di migliorare l’esperienza del cliente, di migliorare la produttività, una maggiore coerenza o di ridurre i tempi […]

Digital product lifecycle management (PLM) drives innovation in the auto industry


In the automotive industry, the challenges of designing, building, selling and updating a product has become more about software than steel, and all roads lead to digital-driven product lifecycle management (PLM). Perhaps no industry is undergoing more transformation than the automotive industry, with customers demanding personalization, connectivity, self-driving features and entertainment centers. In response, carmakers […]

Chiedilo a Ally, l’assistente al posto letto in ospedale con supporto vocale abilitato da DXC Technology

Gli assistenti vocali si mettono accanto al letto dell’ospedale. Gli assistenti vocali —resi famosi da Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Home e altri —sono semplici, intuitivi, multiutente e più adatti laddove l’accessibilità e la disponibilità sono essenziali. Sfruttando questi vantaggi, DXC Labs ha sviluppato Ally, l’assistente vocale ospedaliero di DXC Technology. Conosci Ally L’attuale meccanismo di […]