Digital Transformation

Perspectives on the digital shift

Lutter contre la baisse d’attention digitale


Sans grande surprise, la surcharge d’information et la capacité d’attention digitale sont devenus deux grands ennemis. La croissance de l’information disponible ne dispose d’aucune limite et croît de façon exponentielle. En revanche, l’attention digitale ne suit pas cette tendance. Contraints à s’adapter aux changements dans nos habitudes de consommation de l’information, les créateurs de contenu […]

Sei determinato digitalmente?


Quanto è preparata la tua organizzazione per la trasformazione digitale? Stai lavorando nel cambiamento culturale? Hai impostato KPI chiari e tangibili per misurare i progressi? E la tua infrastruttura tecnologica? Queste domande chiave sono state discusse in occasione dell’European Digital Executive Summit 2018 di IDC in Spagna. Uno studio di IDC sulla trasformazione digitale in […]

Survey: Companies poised to go all-in on digital transformation in 2019


Digital transformation weaves information and automation into the fabric of every interaction an organization has with customers, partners, employees and processes. This requires new tools, communities, and ecosystems built on a technology platform that allows the right information to flow freely and to the right people. For the last few years, many companies have been […]

7 habitudes digitales à développer : Habitude 5 – la synergie digitale

Ce billet est le cinquième d’une série inspirée d’un article du Leading Edge Forum intitulé Les 7 habitudes digitales de ceux qui réalisent tout ce qu’ils entreprennent  Selon Stephen Covey, auteur du best-seller Les 7 Habitudes de ceux qui réalisent tout ce qu’ils entreprennent, «Dans les relations, le tout est plus que la somme de […]

7 dimensions of change in the digital workplace


Upgrade workplace technology: check. Modernize infrastructure: check. Adjust to new workforce: check. Overcome resistance to new ways of working: check. Adjusting to digital transformation’s impact on the workplace and workers is, well, a lot of work. A lot of change. And it’s essential to understand that workplace transformation will only deliver expected business benefits when […]

To accelerate digital transformation, master information flows

Digital businesses are emerging at a rapid pace as companies re-architect themselves. As true 21st century enterprises, they are developing substantially different products and services, operating models and organizing strategies. Most now recognize the need for a new digital service platform to enable broad-based transformation using information and core services to rapidly scale their digital […]

6 steps for moving to a digital operating model in the cloud

Moving to the cloud was supposed to be simple, right? So why are many IT managers — even those experienced in IT change — finding cloud adoption far more difficult than they expected? One big reason is that moving to the cloud represents a new and different kind of change. The cloud involves not only […]

Tips for building a culture of innovation


Organizations remain competitive by continually improving performance in business-critical ways. That’s why disruptive technologies such as the internet, wireless networking, mobile devices, and automation are invaluable: They allow enterprises to do something dramatically better than they were doing it before, such as making it easy for consumers to purchase goods and services without visiting a […]

Tre tendenze alla base della riforma dell’IT nei servizi pubblici

Mentre ci sono molti esempi del settore privato che fornisce servizi digitali dirompenti, in particolare nel settore bancario, alberghiero e di taxi, il settore pubblico è rimasto drasticamente indietro. Tuttavia, poiché la generazione millennial entra nel mondo del lavoro e richiede servizi pubblici con più frequenza, esiste una straordinaria opportunità per le agenzie governative di […]

Will the blockchain train ever arrive?


Blockchain, the distributed ledger technology developed to support bitcoin, will revolutionize how enterprises across multiple industries increase the security, speed, and accuracy of financial and data transactions while reducing costs. Or maybe not. For all the money being spent on blockchain development by organizations and investors — not to mention the blockchain-related jobs boom that […]