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U.S. DOE seeks innovative cybersecurity technologies


To outsiders, energy is often considered a mundane industry that changes slowly, if at all. The reality is that the energy industry has been experiencing just as much digital transformation as most other modern industries, as energy producers and operators rush to digitize manual and mechanical processes so that they can better manage physical controls […]

Oil and gas companies are re-imagining their businesses with digital twin


Digital twin technology is transforming the oil and gas industry, enabling engineers to create virtual representations of physical assets like rigs, plants and pipelines in order to track assets, improve maintenance and avoid down time. Take this scenario. A maintenance worker observes a small rust spot on a pipe and swings by periodically to check […]

As electric vehicle market evolves, will the entire industry need a rethink?


Combined with new mobility services and integration into smart grids, the electric vehicle is a pivotal element of the energy transition. The electric car market is only getting out of second gear but as it does so, its entire ecosystem could need a rethink, with potential impacts on multiple sectors. Three recent studies have highlighted […]

6 technology trends for 2018: Guideposts for digital transformation

‘Tis always the season for continuous innovation. As we look ahead to 2018, we see six big trends feeding the next wave of disruption and productivity. And that means opportunity for the digital enterprise. 1. Re-platforming the enterprise In 2018, companies will move to common IT platforms so they can respond to market changes faster […]

IT’s significant impact on energy consumption and how renewable sources can help

Few would disagree that the IT industry was slow to realise the total impact of its massive energy consumption and consequent impact on carbon emissions. IT’s image as a “clean” industry — compared to traditional heavy industries such as manufacturing and mineral extraction — persisted well past the millennium, disguising an ever-increasing demand for power […]

El vehículo eléctrico derrumbará muchas barreras

El vehículo eléctrico es una pieza clave del sector energético actual, que está a punto de entrar en su segunda fase. Por eso, es necesario repensar todo el ecosistema automovilístico y el impacto que puede generar en múltiples sectores de actividad. Como subrayan tres estudios recientes, la llegada del vehículo eléctrico puede adelantarse y su […]

O carro elétrico virá derrubar muitas barreiras

François Dauphin, International energy expert, DXC Technology Combinado com novos serviços de mobilidade, integrado em redes elétricas inteligentes, o veículo elétrico é um elemento fundamental da transição energética. Mas enquanto o mercado da mobilidade elétrica está prestes a engrenar a segunda velocidade, é todo o ecossistema que deve ser repensado, com impactos em múltiplos setores […]

L’automobile électrique va renverser les barrières

Par François Dauphin, expert international énergie, DXC Technology Associé à de nouveaux services de mobilité, intégré aux réseaux électriques intelligents, le véhicule électrique s’avère un élément charnière de la transition énergétique.  Mais alors que le marché de l’électromobilité s’apprête à passer la seconde, c’est tout son écosystème qu’il faut repenser, avec des impacts sur de […]

IoT spending increases as strategies mature

manufacturing IoT DXC Blogsmanufacturing IoT DXC Blogs

Apparently the Internet of Things (IoT) isn’t just a passing fad. Global spending on IoT is expected to grow 16.7% year over year in 2017, reaching just over $800 billion. That’s according to technology research giant IDC in an update to its Worldwide Semiannual Internet of Things Spending Guide. By 2021, IDC says, enterprise spending on […]

El potencial digital de la gestión de infraestructuras

Las empresas encargadas de mantener una infraestructura eficiente, ya sea de carreteras, ferrocarriles, puertos, aeropuertos u otros servicios públicos, se enfrentan a desafíos sin precedentes para construir, operar, mantener y reemplazar sus activos más antiguos. Y lo están haciendo en un momento en que la economía digital está desarrollando herramientas y métodos que pueden transformar […]