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Convergence is central to many 2018 tech trends

buildings converge

The advantage to being a blogger with a “diverse” background is the ability to be somewhat schizophrenic in one’s writing.  As you may have sensed, my current professional career ranges from healthcare technology, enterprise IT, smart cites, global branding, international media, higher education, cross cultural business, and snowboard instruction. While many “predictions articles” focus on […]

Disrupting the healthcare status quo with digital engagement

By Rikin Patel Disruption is occurring across industries — from retail to entertainment, travel and healthcare. How each industry, as well as each organization, responds to disruptive influences will determine its success. Several disruptive technologies have the potential to reinvent, or at least reinvigorate, the way industries operate. Among these are: devices and sensors and […]

How technology could help battle the loneliness that comes with aging


Recent studies show that loneliness, especially among the elderly, may be a bigger health risk than obesity or smoking. One journal reports a 26 percent increase in mortality as a result of being lonely in the United States. Much like the revelation that “sitting is the new smoking,” this is a shocking wake-up call. Another […]

The problem with clicks, keystrokes and screenviews in healthcare


When I recently conducted a focus group comprised of senior healthcare technology practitioners I must admit I was taken aback by what these graduates from prestigious medical and technology universities felt was one of their top concerns. Clicks ! Yes, Clicks ! As the videos of the session would confirm, I needed to ask the […]

21st century healthcare organisations

The VitalSign Series: Why have an English doctor from the United Kingdom and a Canadian technologist from Australia come together to write a blog series? Because healthcare and technology are equally complex, and it’s challenging enough to stay at the forefront of one industry in this rapidly evolving digital era — let alone two. In […]

Artificial (Emotional) Intelligence


There seems to be enough debate about artificial intelligence without adding emotional baggage to it.  But that’s what is happening in the AI community. Emotion has entered as the latest characteristic of what many previously consider a “Spock-like” technology — it could beat you at chess despite not being able to fall in love with […]

How changing healthcare pathways upend operating models, culture and information exchange

By Gurdip Singh Globally, healthcare is undergoing a fundamental, multi-factorial change that is shaking up traditional operating models, culture and behavior across the health continuum. From developed markets to developing markets, the patient has become more complex. There’s a rise in chronic, life-threatening conditions, as well as more awareness of conditions not previously widely known, […]

Santé : Relever le défi des données fragmentées

Par Cécile Mico, responsable du développement commercial du marché Santé et Vincent Planat, architecte et expert en technologies Santé, DXC Technology Fragmentation des systèmes d’information, silos de données… les défis ne manquent pas pour les organismes de santé français, et les freinent dans la modernisation de leurs pratiques. Les précieuses archives, telles que les notes […]

Tackling the challenge of fragmented data in French healthcare

By Cécile Mico, Head of Business Development, Healthcare, DXC Technology, France; and Vincent Planat, Healthcare Architect and Technologist, DXC Technology, France Healthcare organizations face significant challenges as they tackle rising instances of chronic disease, a growing elderly population with comorbidities, and the urgent need to reduce costs. One way to reduce costs is to move […]

Behind the façade: Bringing interoperability and agility to legacy systems

By Chris Royle FHIRworks Series: The barriers for sharing documentation and data in healthcare are breaking down, helped by standardization, digital technologies and collaboration. In this blog series Chris Royle, Interoperability Specialist for DXC Healthcare, will focus on the use of HL7 FHIR in the real-world, and how it can be used to drive further […]