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Four global universals of healthcare technology


Every day we read about another shift in the technicalities and funding of the Affordable Care Act, a controversy at the U.S. Department Health & Human Services or the ability to buy health insurance across state borders. To spin an old Tip O’Neill line, one could argue that, “All healthcare is local.”  Many in Europe, […]

How trust drives social determinant data analytics


Navigating social factors well beyond the healthcare provider’s control have always been key to providing quality care. With the shift to value-based care driven by population health and precision medicine, the ability to factor in social determinants has become more important than ever.  Fortunately, technology has made analyzing that kind of information much easier. Unfortunately, […]

‘Dr. Google’ and the emergence of cybercondria


Dr. Google has the largest practice ever known to humankind and he doesn’t even have a waiting room where you get a clipboard with a paper patient inventory form. In B2B marketing we find that a disproportionate number of prospects make their decisions as a result of a search before they ever talk to a […]

How healthcare organizations should address their evolving security challenges


by George Mathew, MD, MBA and Rikin Patel Security threats affect all industries, but few are more vulnerable than healthcare, which is now a lucrative target for hackers. In 2017, the Office of Civil Rights in the Department of Health and Human Services reported that 358 healthcare providers suffered a breach of 500+ records, affecting […]

FHIR puts actionable clinical decision support into hands of physicians

by Chris Royle FHIRworks Series: The barriers for sharing documentation and data in healthcare are breaking down, helped by standardization, digital technologies and collaboration. In this blog series Chris Royle, Interoperability Specialist for DXC Healthcare, will focus on the use of HL7 FHIR in the real-world, and how it can be used to drive further adoption and […]

Comment réconcilier les priorités de santé et les plates-formes numériques

De Cécile Mico, directrice du développement commercial pour le secteur de la santé, DXC Technology, France Dans tous les pays occidentaux, la prévalence des maladies chroniques a fait de la gestion de la santé de la population l’une des problématiques majeures. Les organismes payeurs et les professionnels de santé cherchent à améliorer la qualité des […]

How to tailor digital platform initiatives to serve French health priorities

by Cécile Mico With the prevalence of chronic diseases, population health management is a major concern across all western countries. Payers and providers seek to improve care, enhance outcomes and prevention strategies and reduce costs. In many parts of the world, this has led to the development of solutions aimed at collecting and aggregating data […]

A procrastinator’s guide to GDPR in healthcare


Arguably, not since Y2K has there been such a time-centric frenzy about data risk and liability as we’re seeing with the start date for GDPR in Europe on May 25th. For those unfamiliar with the alphabet soup of the European Community, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a directive designed to harmonize data privacy […]

Chiedilo a Ally, l’assistente al posto letto in ospedale con supporto vocale abilitato da DXC Technology

Gli assistenti vocali si mettono accanto al letto dell’ospedale. Gli assistenti vocali —resi famosi da Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Home e altri —sono semplici, intuitivi, multiutente e più adatti laddove l’accessibilità e la disponibilità sono essenziali. Sfruttando questi vantaggi, DXC Labs ha sviluppato Ally, l’assistente vocale ospedaliero di DXC Technology. Conosci Ally L’attuale meccanismo di […]

Niche blockchain players emerging in healthcare

Pulse Series: As part of the 21st Century Series on Australian Healthcare, David Pare, CTO for DXC Healthcare and Life Sciences in Australia and New Zealand, will focus each month on news, start-ups and developments within the industry — what’s happening, what’s being done to drive innovation, and what’s new or newsworthy. In my last blog, I […]