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Ask Ally, DXC Technology’s voice-enabled hospital bedside assistant

Voice assistants are coming to the hospital bedside. Voice assistants — made popular by Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Home and others — are simple, intuitive, multi-user and best suited where accessibility and availability are essential. Leveraging these advantages, at DXC Labs we have built Ally, DXC Technology’s voice-enabled hospital bedside assistant. Meet Ally The current […]

HIMSS18 Survivor Kit Part 4 – The write stuff: Getting your hands on the best swag

From pens to stuffed toys, the conference is awash with giveaways that are memorable and practical. Keep your eye out for innovative swag, and don’t forget to stay hydrated! (Don’t forget to stop by DXC booth 1617 for some swag and chance to win a Fitbit!) We asked #HIMSS18 ambassadors for their #1 tip for […]

Pharmacists on the front line in the opioid crisis

By Beth Slamowitz Pharmacists, who are considered among the most accessible and trusted health professionals, can answer questions about reducing the risk of overdose, what to do in case of an overdose and where to seek help with addiction management services. Pharmacists are the gatekeepers for prescription painkillers and play a key role in preventing […]

From sports broadcasting to the hospital: Augmented reality made real

By Pritam Potnis The world of augmented reality, which is best known for changing the face of sports TV viewing and Pokémon GO, is dipping its toes into the world of healthcare. And, in the hospital, the potential for changing the bedside interaction between the care team and the patient is profound. Here’s a typical […]

HIMSS18 Survivor Kit Part 3 – Food for Thought: Nutrition, Caffeine and Sleep

There’s lots to see and do during the week, so rest and nutrition are important. Recharge your batteries with portable snacks and water, take time out for coffee stops and don’t forget your actual battery chargers. We asked #HIMSS18 ambassadors for their #1 tip for first-time attendees at HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition. We had […]

States make progress on tackling the opioid crisis by using federal grants

By George T. Mathew, M.D. States have had a long history of trying to address the opioid epidemic. Today, with vital support from federal grants, many states are tapping into much-needed assistance to combat a crisis that has grown out of control. Some grant funding is focused on analytics, identifying areas of need, improving data […]

Why patients need healthcare organisations to move to the cloud

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By Ben Bridgewater, MD, and Guy Lucchi It seems these days that you can’t walk through an airport or get through an advertising break on the television without someone extolling the virtues of cloud migration. Cloud technology has been embraced by many organisations in some form or other. Healthcare lags behind. The delivery of health […]

HIMSS18 Survivor Kit Part 2 – Eat, meditate, exercise: Putting health back into the healthcare meeting

While it may take some self-discipline, staying fit, healthy and mentally agile should be priorities during a healthcare conference. We asked #HIMSS18 ambassadors for their #1 tip for first-time attendees at HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition. We had a small tweet storm, which resulted in awesome tips and engagement which we’ll present in a series […]

Making all-in-one-day precision medicine a reality with federated view of datasets

By Pritam Potnis The push toward personalized and precision medicine has led to some exciting breakthroughs for cancer patients. It’s now widely understood that treatment effectiveness and the cancer signature can vary widely, even among people with the same type of cancer. The objective of the latest innovations is to help patients receive a personalized […]

L’intelligenza artificiale (emotiva)

Il dibattito sull’intelligenza artificiale (AI) sembrerebbe completo senza la necessità di dover aggiungere il fattore emotivo. Ma è proprio questo ciò che accade nella comunità della AI. Le emozioni sono state prese in considerazione d’ultime come parte di una tecnologia, ritenuta da molti in passato, allo stile del personaggio di finzione “Spock” — potrebbe vincere […]