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Insurers: Getting from here to there on your digital transformation

Most insurers are aligned around a common vision of the future, so strategy is about charting the course from here to there. Whether the focus is new business, claims, or filling the white space in between, the journey starts with an outside-in view of the personas being targeted (e.g., customer, agent, adjuster); the capabilities and […]

Cognitive computing and AI help insurers’ contact center personnel succeed


Cognitive computing and artificial intelligence (AI) present a new set of possibilities throughout insurance organizations, and can provide clear benefits within contact centers. Cognitive computing and AI capabilities are breathing new life into existing applications, creating new applications to provide deep insights and enabling insurers to drive transformation and innovation while achieving better business results. […]

The organizational consequences of an insurer’s digital transformation


Digital transformation is driving improvements within insurance companies, boosting productivity, improving the customer experience, creating efficiencies throughout organizations, and enabling actionable insights using analytics and big data. But as an industry, we’ve been focusing on the technologies, rather than on digital transformation’s effect on each company’s work culture. The digital transformation journey has an impact […]

5 essential technologies insurers need to transform their businesses


It’s no secret that digital technologies have the potential to lead to significant changes and real benefits for insurance organizations. Carriers are using digital technologies to reduce manual intervention, improve quality, speed processing — and redeploy their workforce to handle more complex tasks, ultimately improving customer service and satisfaction. Insurers that started their digital transformations […]

4 reasons insurers need AI to proactively fight fraud

The insurance industry consists of more than 7,000 companies that collect more than $1 trillion in premiums annually, providing fraudsters with huge opportunities to commit fraud using a growing number of schemes. Fraudsters are successful too often. According to FBI statistics, the total cost of non-health insurance fraud is estimated at more than $40 billion […]

Looking for trends in London insurance market processing data

by John Taylor It’s that time of year again. Right now, I’m looking at a year’s worth of processing stats for the London Market and considering what trends, if any, we can see. With so much talk about London losing market share, insurtech [insurance technology] disruption, innovative technologies and market relevance, can we inform the […]

Assicuratori europei: attenzione al GDPR!

Da maggio del 2018, gli assicuratori europei dovranno affrontare nuove norme su come bisogna trattare i dati dei clienti. Fin’ora, nessuno sa veramente quale sarà l’impatto sull’inserimento delle aziende nel mercato; comunque è evidente che il nuovo regolamento aumenterà significativamente le esigenze sulla governance e la responsabilità. Il regolamento generale sulla protezione dei dati (conosciuto […]

Assureurs européens et RGPD : garder le sens des priorités

Dès le mois de mai 2018, les assureurs européens seront confrontés à de nouvelles règles régissant la gestion des données clients. Jusqu’à présent, personne ne sait vraiment quel sera l’impact réel de la nouvelle réglementation sur le fonctionnement de ces entreprises. Cependant, il est assez clair que les règles placeront la barre plus haut concernant […]

Compañías de seguros en Europa ¡atentas a GDPR!

El próximo mes de mayo,  las compañías aseguradoras deberán afrontar un nuevo escenario normativo en Europa, más estricto, en relación al manejo de los datos personales de los clientes. Hasta ahora, nadie se ha atrevido a adelantar el impacto real que puede tener en el  mercado; sin embargo, está bastante claro que se elevará el […]

Las mujeres ganan poder en el mundo Fintech

Xchanging, empresa propiedad de DXC Technology, tiene un largo historial de servicios en el sector seguros, transformando la operativa en papel de uno de sus más antiguos proveedores de Londres, para aprovechar la tecnología digital de última generación. Teniendo en cuenta a la mayoría de proveedores ITO y BPO, y dado el carácter administrativo de […]