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Business leaders still disconnected from cyber risks

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While it’s long been said that to successfully manage the risks in enterprise security, business leadership — executives, the CEO, up to the board of directors — needs to be engaged with security teams, it’s still not happening. A recent survey from the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) found that, while boards want to understand cybersecurity risks, […]

Change in IT: What is it good for?

If there is one thing that is constant in the IT world it is change. I learned early in my career that helping people navigate change in their environment was a critical key to success. My first experience with major change in the work environment occurred when I was a junior officer in the U.S. Navy […]

Changer pour grandir : un défi, une opportunité

Le changement. Il existe une longue bibliographie sur ce sujet, les consultants gagnent leur vie en aidant les entreprises à l’aborder de la meilleure manière possible, et pourtant, nous (les êtres humains), avons toujours un peu de mal à nous y faire. Ces derniers temps, j’ai beaucoup réfléchi à ce concept de changement, qui plus […]

El “cambio”, como desafío, oportunidad y futura prosperidad

El “cambio” es un tema sobre el que hay bibliotecas llenas de libros al respecto y muchos consultores han hecho fortuna prestando su ayuda para que las empresas lo emprendan. Sin embargo,  cuando nos hablan de cambio, todos sentimos que  alguien se quiere comer nuestro trozo del pastel. Éste es un tema que tengo en […]

Are women leaders the mothers of transformation?

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My last blog got me thinking about the main characteristics of a transformational leader and how they sound, well, almost motherly. Think about it: When we consider leadership outside the corporate context, surely the greatest leaders in many of our personal lives are our mothers, our caregivers. Where would we be now without all their compassion and hard work, their nagging about […]

Career advice for soon-to-be graduates — and all of us, really

Making a difference and helping others is what we at DXC like to do. Many of our leaders help out with charities, mentor and coach others, both inside and outside the organisation. Others among us work with universities and schools to make a difference in diverse ways. One way that many of us help out is by trying to guide […]

Navigating seasons of change

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In life we have many metaphors to describe the rising and falling of the tumultuous experiences we encounter, and consequently, learn and grow from. We know that life is a journey, we should enjoy detours, and we should take the scenic route every once in a while. We know there are things we can’t control, […]

Change: A challenge, an opportunity, a chance to thrive

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Change. There are libraries of books on the subject; consultants make billions helping companies cope with it – but we (collectively) still have a difficult time when someone moves our proverbial cheese. Change has been on my mind a lot lately and for good reason. Today, we launch a new $26 billion, 170,000-employee global company formed […]

Using technology to help refugees

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Figures released by the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, in its latest Global Trends report showed that 65.3 million people — or one person in 113 — were displaced from their homes by conflict and persecution in 2015. To put that into perspective, that’s more than the population of the United Kingdom or of Canada, Australia and New Zealand combined. […]

What women in IT can learn from Shakespeare

Over the last two years participating in Women in Leadership in CSC, I have met many women from all around the world who love technology. What brings us together is our relationship with technology and a love for what we do: We love to help our clients transform and understand how technology can make a huge difference in their organisations. On International Women’s […]