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Developing the 7 digital habits: Habit 6 – Lead by being a digital example


This is part of a series of posts that were prompted by an article written by the Leading Edge Forum entitled The 7 Digital Habits of Highly Effective People. So far in this series we’ve talked quite a bit about the changes that you can make in your own working practice to build a set of […]

The secret to digital transformation? Start by looking in the mirror

Digital is not just a technical thing. In fact, I would argue that technology can sometimes distract from true digital transformation. So, what is digital?  It is the ability of a business to respond to or even predict change in a way that causes minimum disruption to the business, based on information from many sources […]

The joy of missing out (JOMO) on technology hype curves


Despite being in a business that demands hundreds of human-to-human interactions a week, my wife considers me a recluse when I’m not talking with executives. She couldn’t be more different given her FOMO, or fear of missing out, on local social events. I was recently made aware of the corollary to FOMO, now known as […]

Time-traveling back to the 1995 software development industry


Remember the heady days of 1995? Toy Story was released, Jagged Little Pill was the album of the year, The Grateful Dead disbanded, this time for good. For the tech industry, eBay was founded (“an online flea market”), and Windows 95, Java 1.0, and JavaScript (no relation) were all released. There was also a book published, Software […]

Changements organisationnels : Parlons-nous le même langage ?

Lorsqu’une multinationale a racheté un constructeur automobile australien, un examen de l’entreprise locale a été demandé. Au cours de cette révision, le repreneur était désireux de comprendre comment l’entreprise communiquait et interagissait à tous les niveaux et a engagé quelques équipes existantes pour l’y aider. La société mère a rapidement compris qu’il existait des lacunes […]

STEMettes encourage women and girls to pursue IT

We live in a rapidly evolving digital world where technology makes life easier. Today, navigation systems in cars re-route drivers if a road closes for construction repairs, while insurance companies offer financial discounts by monitoring a driver’s style via a mobile phone app. At home, people are exploring artificial intelligence through Amazon’s Echo and Alexa. And our […]

Stiamo parlando la stessa lingua? Il divario comunicativo nel cambiamento organizzativo

“L’intera esperienza dell’individuo è costruita sul piano del suo linguaggio” – Henry Delacroix Quando un’azienda australiana produttrice di automobili  è stata acquisita da un’organizzazione globale, è stata richiesta una revisione dell’attività locale. Durante la revisione, l’organizzazione globale era interessata a comprendere come il business comunicava e interagiva a tutti i livelli e come coinvolgeva un […]

Crea impatto sul business con un piano di gioco per l’automazione dei processi aziendali

Di fronte alla sfida di automatizzare i processi aziendali, la maggior parte delle aziende è alla ricerca di risultati veloci e scommesse sicure. Ma troppo spesso queste si bloccano all’inizio perché non sono sicure di nessune delle due. Quello che serve è un piano di gioco che offra entrambe. Certo, ci sono alcune aziende in […]

¿Hablamos el mismo idioma? El gap de comunicación en el cambio organizativo

“Toda la experiencia del individuo se construye sobre el dominio del lenguaje” – Henry Delacroix Cuando un fabricante de automóviles australiano fue adquirido por un grupo global, se inició una revisión de su negocio local. Con este análisis, se pretendía entender cómo era la comunicación y la interacción en su seno, a todos los niveles, […]

Business and social change – how can they fit together?

As a recent college graduate, my career path veers from the common track. Later this month, I will leave the comfort of life in Northern Virginia and move to Rwanda for two months. Why you’re asking? For a once in a lifetime chance to become a social entrepreneur. Upon arrival I will be charged with […]