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Automobile : 3 questions qu’il faut se poser sur le développement de logiciels agiles

La transformation digitale du secteur automobile est spectaculaire, dans ses deux facettes. Sur la route, d’une part, avec de nouveaux modèles équipés d’accessoires technologiques. Dans les usines, d’autre part, où l’Internet des objets, la robotique et l’intelligence artificielle ne cessent d’améliorer la production des véhicules. Les tendances de consommation évoluent également : les conducteurs sont à la […]

How artificial intelligence and analytics will evolve autonomous driving and next-generation cars

Building autonomous cars takes more data than automotive research engineers ever imagined possible. To put some numbers around the autonomous driving issue, some current estimates predict that it will take around 23 to 25 million kilometers of driving to collect data and train the neural networks that will make autonomous cars feasible. Evolving autonomous driving […]

I pro e i contro del modello di business “come servizio” nella produzione

Durante la lettura di un articolo su The Manufacturer su Volvo CE, sono rimasto colpito da quanto la tendenza verso un modello di business come servizio stia progredendo nell’industria manifatturiera. È in circolazione da un po’ di tempo con l’approccio “Power by the Hour” di Rolls-Royce, ma ora si è esteso ad una comunità molto […]

Digital platform is the new “Answer for Everything”


This might be showing my age, but all this messaging around “digital this and digital that” reminds me of Douglas Adams’ great trilogy in five parts, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, in which the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is “42.” To be fair though, it does seem to […]

Pros y contras de un modelo comercial “como servicio” en el sector industrial

Mientras leía un artículo sobre Volvo, en The Manufacturer, me sorprendió lo mucho que está progresando el modelo de negocio como servicio en la industria fabricante. Durante un tiempo, se ha aplicado en esta industria el enfoque “Power by the Hour” de Rolls-Royce, pero ahora se ha expandido a una comunidad mucho más amplia, como […]

How IT can ignite digital transformation in the auto industry


The automotive industry is a good example of a traditional industry that’s undergoing digital transformation. Automakers must respond to numerous industry trends including the need to deliver higher mobility and more digital services in the car itself as well as demands by consumers for a more connected car and autonomous driving. Carmakers need to adjust […]

3 questions to ask about agile software development in the automotive industry

The automotive industry’s digital transformation has been incredibly dramatic, both on the road, with new cars packed with tech goodies, and on the factory floor, where the Internet of Things, robotics and artificial intelligence have been adding marked efficiencies to the way cars are produced. On top of these more obvious developments, consumer trends have […]

Le modèle industriel « as a service » : pour ou contre ?

En lisant un article dans le magazine The Manufacturer sur Volvo CE, j’ai été frappé par la progression des modèles de gestion « as-a-service » dans l’industrie manufacturière. Ils existaient depuis un certain temps avec l’approche « Power by the Hour » de Rolls-Royce (Rolls Royce ne vend pas de moteurs aux avions, mais facture le nombre […]

As electric vehicle market evolves, will the entire industry need a rethink?


Combined with new mobility services and integration into smart grids, the electric vehicle is a pivotal element of the energy transition. The electric car market is only getting out of second gear but as it does so, its entire ecosystem could need a rethink, with potential impacts on multiple sectors. Three recent studies have highlighted […]

How IoT powers next-generation Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)


Enterprise asset management (EAM) has a significant impact on an organization’s ability to overcome challenges and compete in the global market. EAM can result in significant cost savings and growth thanks to its ability to positively affect planning and budgeting, strategic alignment, maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO), risk management, compliance, and organizational harmonization. At the […]