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Una soluzione potenziale per alimentare i sensori IoT

L’Internet of Things (IoT) offre alle aziende l’accesso a una quantità di dati senza precedenti per l’analisi delle preferenze dei clienti, il monitoraggio e la gestione dell’inventario, il controllo delle attrezzature ed altro ancora. Ma l’IoT presenta anche sfide di gestione scoraggianti per i leader IT aziendali. I professionisti IT non devono soltanto preoccuparsi di […]

Potente y posible solución para alimentar los sensores de IoT

Internet de las Cosas (IoT) ofrece a las empresas acceso a una cantidad de datos sin precedentes, que le permite analizar las preferencias de los clientes, rastrear y administrar inventarios, monitorizar equipos y muchas otras posibilidades. Pero IoT también presenta enormes retos de gestión, para los responsables de TI corporativos. Estos profesionales no sólo deben […]

How enterprise IT can achieve mobile first

Group of young friends using smartphone with mutual disinterest towards each other

We have come to understand “mobile first” as a way to prioritise mobile device design over desktop design. However, what an effective “mobile first” design strategy should really do is equalise the user experience (UX) — allowing mobile devices to be as useful as desktops (especially in the conversion of sales). So, what does “mobile […]

OmniLocation: Why your end-to-end logistics doesn’t have to be invisible


Real-time, end-to-end visibility. This is the proverbial holy grail of supply chain and logistics operations. For years, it’s been complex and costly to capture and analyze location and condition data from the time a product leaves an overseas plant to the moment it hits the store shelf. For most, it’s been too costly to get […]

The SOC is dead — long live the SOC!

Overwhelmed by existing traffic volumes and held back by a shortage of skilled workers, the average Security Operations Center is approaching a state of crisis – and the challenges will only worsen if SOCs don’t evolve. No doubt about it, the SOC’s mission is vital: detect and respond to all threats. Unfortunately, most SOCs today […]

Creating an IoT ecosystem of sustainable business value


A truck loaded with produce is traveling long distance. On-board IoT sensors are sending in real-time data that keeps stakeholders informed about arrival times, delay detection and rescheduling notices. The truck is part of a digital convoy, a network of connected vehicles that are crowdsourcing data used to help plan routes more efficiently, ensure the […]

Getting mobile security right: The foundational elements on which to build


As a mobility security architect, I get to research and play with the latest technologies developed for the enterprise. The pace of change is astonishing, to the point that if we are not at the top of our game, technology becomes a destructive force and puts our enterprises at risk. There are many ways to […]

Une solution à fort potentiel pour alimenter les capteurs de IoT.


L’Internet des objets (IoT) permet aux entreprises d’accéder à des quantités sans précédent de données pour analyser les préférences des clients, suivre et gérer les stocks, superviser les équipements, etc. Mais l’IoT représente également un redoutable défi de gestion pour les responsables informatiques. Les DSI doivent non seulement s’inquiéter de la sécurisation et de l’intégration […]

“Voice-first” come nuova cultura del marchio

Di recente non c’è stato un maggior entusiasmo nel business che lo tsunami dei dispositivi con riconoscimento vocale apparsi sia al livello dell consumatore che del B2B. Coloro che hanno acquistato all’inizio credevano che l’abilità di Alexa di leggere le principali notizie sotto richiesta era rivoluzionaria. Ora, soltanto un anno dopo, guardiamo indietro e ci […]

“La voz primero”, como cultura de marca

Hacía mucho tiempo que no veíamos tal tsunami de dispositivos activados por voz de consumo y profesionales. Los primeros compradores pensaron que la “habilidad” de Alexa para leernos  las noticias del día resultaba moderna. Hoy, solo un año después, miramos hacia atrás y la vemos como la variante con voz de Pong, en el mundo […]