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Deploying digital capabilities in healthcare: Do more with what you’ve got

Years of underinvestment in healthcare IT have taken their toll on both the public and private sectors in Australia and New Zealand. In a 2020 report, the New Zealand Ministry of Health estimated that, over the next 10 years, a NZ$2.3 billion investment in health IT at district health boards would be required to address […]

Tackling mobility’s integration and risk management challenges in healthcare

Providing mobility to busy clinicians is increasingly recognized as an essential part of delivering care to patients. There are, however, issues regarding development, integration and security that need to be overcome. Consideration must be given to the user interface. If it isn’t intuitive and user friendly, adoption will be lower, and an investment in a […]

Does mobility stack up? Weighing ROI against overall healthcare outcomes

There is growing evidence that mobility brings significant benefits to clinicians. However, some of the common sticking points with any new technology are cost and choosing the right solution for the organization. Let’s start by assessing the financial factors or return on investment (ROI) and what approach to mobile makes the most sense. There’s a […]

Communication service providers must transform support systems to realize 5G’s true potential


Until now, each transition to the next generation of wireless networks, most recently 3G to 4G, has been incremental and relatively seamless. But the jump from 4G networks to 5G is expected to be monumental and fundamentally disruptive. 5G is more than just a faster, lower-latency version of 4G; it represents the first generation wireless […]

Risk-based transformation: From hype to reality


The digital movement is real. Consumers now possess more content at their fingertips than ever before, and it has impacted how we do business. Companies like Airbnb, Uber and Waze have disrupted typical business models, forcing established players in different industries to find ways to stay relevant in the ever-emerging digital age. This post is […]