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Convergence is central to many 2018 tech trends

buildings converge

The advantage to being a blogger with a “diverse” background is the ability to be somewhat schizophrenic in one’s writing.  As you may have sensed, my current professional career ranges from healthcare technology, enterprise IT, smart cites, global branding, international media, higher education, cross cultural business, and snowboard instruction. While many “predictions articles” focus on […]

OmniLocation + geomatics = modern-day presence technologies


With billions of smart phones, and even more IoT devices, blanketing the world and capable of transmitting location and other data, it is possible to track anyone and anything at any time. This puts presence technology – technology that has been around for decades – on steroids and gives companies access to all sorts of […]

Digital fitness: Virtual cycling with Zwift


It’s 7:30am on a Saturday, below freezing outside, starting to snow, and I have a 2-hour bike training session to get in. A few years ago, the options in this situation would have been limited to either coping with the cold, slick, roads or spinning inside on a stationary trainer for a mindless torture session, […]

Moving your digital transformation beyond ad-hoc initiatives


Moving through a digital transformation is tough, no matter where your company is in the journey. Central to the success of any digital transformation initiative is understanding how your company views technology and how your employees work – and then aligning those insights to empower a digital workplace. Ad-hoc and transformation are two of the […]

How technology could help battle the loneliness that comes with aging


Recent studies show that loneliness, especially among the elderly, may be a bigger health risk than obesity or smoking. One journal reports a 26 percent increase in mortality as a result of being lonely in the United States. Much like the revelation that “sitting is the new smoking,” this is a shocking wake-up call. Another […]

Entreprises : la disruption ou l’extinction

Les technologies et les idées sont dites « disruptives » lorsqu’elles résolvent des problèmes simples et communs différemment des méthodes généralement employées. Les technologies et les idées disruptives ont également le pouvoir de créer de nouveaux marchés. Pensez à Internet (et à la création des marchés de l’édition et de la publicité en ligne), aux réseaux de […]

Chatbots in 2018 and beyond


With recent technological advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), neuro-linguistic programming, machine learning, internet of things (IoT) and web speech APIs, it is now possible to streamline interactions between computer and human languages more effectively. And with drastic improvements in speech recognition, especially in terms of native languages, chatbots’ performance in various applications can now be […]

How IoT powers next-generation Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)


Enterprise asset management (EAM) has a significant impact on an organization’s ability to overcome challenges and compete in the global market. EAM can result in significant cost savings and growth thanks to its ability to positively affect planning and budgeting, strategic alignment, maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO), risk management, compliance, and organizational harmonization. At the […]

Disrupción, la única salida

Una tecnología o idea es disruptiva cuando resuelve problemas simples y generales, de modo aún no probado. Incluso, pueden originar mercados completamente nuevos, como fue el caso de Internet para la publicación y publicidad online, las redes móviles, o fenómenos como Airbnb que ha facilitado a cualquier persona y desde cualquier sitio poner en alquiler […]

The pros and cons of the “as a service” business model in manufacturing

While reading, an article in The Manufacturer on Volvo CE, I was struck by just how much the trend to an as a service business model is progressing in the manufacturing industry. It has been around for some time with Rolls-Royce’s “Power by the Hour” approach but has now expanded to a much wider community of adopters […]