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The neuroscience of social media


In case you hadn’t heard, Kylie Jenner recently caused a $1.3 billion run on Snapchat valuation simply by tweeting that she may not be as prolific on the platform in the future. I’m clearly not in a demographic that would much care about her absence, but the investment gurus that track the social media demographics […]

A powerful potential solution to powering IoT sensors


The Internet of Things (IoT) offers enterprises access to unprecedented amounts of data for analyzing customer preferences, tracking and managing inventory, monitoring equipment, and more. But IoT also presents daunting management challenges for enterprise IT leaders. Not only must IT pros worry about securing and integrating IoT devices into their networks, but they also are […]

The key questions and considerations of enterprise mobility reporting

Enterprise reporting for mobility services involves considerably more than knowing the number of devices in use. In fact, a view into a range of details is critical to enterprise security and workplace effectiveness. The ultimate goal of mobile device management (MDM) is safe, secure handling of corporate data by device users, and enterprise reporting for […]

IoT primes identity management for continued investment growth


IoT is slowly taking hold within enterprises and it’s often doing so as the foundation of Industry 4.0.  This is a trend that’s likely to accelerate as IoT not only transforms how consumers use and interact with the devices around them, but also promises to transform manufacturing through smarter factories. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen time […]

How Venmo and other payment sharing apps change culture


If you ask a group of 20-somethings how to split a dinner tab, you’ll get a totally different answer than you would from their boomer parents. This became readily evident in a graduate class I teach on cross-cultural communications made up mostly of international students between 21-26 years old. Just three years ago when I […]

“Voice first” as the new brand culture


There has been no greater sugar rush in business recently than the tsunami of voice-enabled devices appearing both at the consumer and B2B level. Those who bought in early thought the Alexa “skill” of requesting that top news stories be read to you was groundbreaking. Now, just a year later, we look back and are […]

I pro e i contro del modello di business “come servizio” nella produzione

Durante la lettura di un articolo su The Manufacturer su Volvo CE, sono rimasto colpito da quanto la tendenza verso un modello di business come servizio stia progredendo nell’industria manifatturiera. È in circolazione da un po’ di tempo con l’approccio “Power by the Hour” di Rolls-Royce, ma ora si è esteso ad una comunità molto […]

Digital fitness: Increasing training efficiency with big data

DXC Technology recently published 6 Technology Trends for 2018.  Number three on this list is the “Quantified Enterprise,” where “companies will harness the ‘data exhaust’ from digital systems to quantify the business and become even more productive.” This trend also applies to using data to train more efficiently for a sport to get better results.  […]

Pros y contras de un modelo comercial “como servicio” en el sector industrial

Mientras leía un artículo sobre Volvo, en The Manufacturer, me sorprendió lo mucho que está progresando el modelo de negocio como servicio en la industria fabricante. Durante un tiempo, se ha aplicado en esta industria el enfoque “Power by the Hour” de Rolls-Royce, pero ahora se ha expandido a una comunidad mucho más amplia, como […]

Le modèle industriel « as a service » : pour ou contre ?

En lisant un article dans le magazine The Manufacturer sur Volvo CE, j’ai été frappé par la progression des modèles de gestion « as-a-service » dans l’industrie manufacturière. Ils existaient depuis un certain temps avec l’approche « Power by the Hour » de Rolls-Royce (Rolls Royce ne vend pas de moteurs aux avions, mais facture le nombre […]