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DXC y Microsoft: la potencia de dos partners

DXC Technology  ha sido reconocido por Microsoft como Socio del año en Productividad, durante la celebración de Microsoft Inspire, la conferencia anual de partners de la compañía de Redmon. Estamos encantados de haber ganado esta distinción, ya que muestra nuestro compromiso y las capacidades de ambos para llevar a cabo la transformación digital a las […]

DXC et Microsoft: le pouvoir du partenariat

DXC Technology a été nommé Productivity Partner de l’année de Microsoft lors de la conférence annuelle de partenaires Microsoft Inspire. Nous sommes heureux d’avoir remporté cette distinction, qui met de l’avant notre engagement commun pour amener la transformation digitale aux entreprises. MyWorkStyle, une solution intégrée de DXC fondée sur Microsoft Office 365, offre une expérience […]

DXC and Microsoft: The power of partnership

DXC Technology’s Chris Knepper speaks at Microsoft Inspire. DXC Technology was recently named Microsoft’s Productivity Partner of the Year at Microsoft Inspire, Microsoft’s annual partner conference. We are thrilled to have earned this distinction, as it shows our joint commitment and capabilities to bring digital transformation to enterprises. DXC’s MyWorkStyle, an integrated solution built on […]

DXC and ServiceNow partnership: A win-win-win


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” That famous quote from Helen Keller has been running through my mind lately as I’ve reflected on the partnership between DXC Technology and ServiceNow. What started as a regional relationship between Fruition Partners (now a DXC company) and ServiceNow, the leading platform for […]

DXC Technology named Microsoft’s Productivity Partner of the Year

DXC Technology was named Microsoft’s Productivity Partner of the Year at Microsoft Inspire, an annual gathering of global Microsoft partners that work together to help customers thrive on change and navigate through digital transformations. This distinction reflects decades of success and collaboration with Microsoft. DXC has worked in partnership with Microsoft for nearly 30 years, from […]

Accelerating digital transformation: Overcoming the illusion of expertise

Business group working

A few years ago, a well-mannered but youthfully innocent management consulting professional walked into my office, and we had this exchange: Management Consultant: Mr. Lewis (they used to call me Mr.), our company has implemented dozens of streamlined best practice workflows for the mortgage industry, and we have created millions of dollars in efficiency for […]

Getting platforms right when data is currency and partnerships a force multiplier

With their ability to plug and play and consume services, platforms are today’s go-to business model. The agility allows organisations to embrace an ever-widening network — or ecosystem — of value-adding contributors. In this environment, data is the new currency and partnerships are the force multiplier — yet many organisations haven’t changed the way they partner or reward performance. […]

5 killer use-cases for augmented reality in the enterprise

Enterprise AR

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced a 10-year roadmap for Facebook. Augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) are central to his vision for the future of the Internet, and Facebook has even announced plans for consumer AR glasses. Some see this as Zuckerberg signing the death-warrant for the smartphone. After all, who wants to be tied to a smartphone screen when you can have smart-glasses […]

Make real-time decisions for your digital business

continuous improvement SAP

With our last blog, Part 1: Accelerate Time-to-Value, we started a series discussing major advantages that can be achieved by replacing traditional ERP with cloud ERP solutions. In this blog, we will focus on Continuous Improvement. As we consider the topic, note a number of questions to consider, including how to improve: Quality of services for my IT […]

What’s going on with Intel and OpenStack?

Is Intel backing away from the OpenStack Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud? Good question, but I don’t see it happening myself. The story that questions Intel’s commitment to OpenStack was sparked by news that Intel was pulling out of its Rackspace partnership, the OpenStack Innovation Center. This was a software-testing project meant to encourage the use of OpenStack in the enterprise. […]