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What multiculturalism can teach us about business partnerships

At an early age, I learned the lesson of bringing two distinct entities together in unity. Growing up in a bilingual and bicultural family taught me the importance of partnership and the value of inclusion, which I consider a learned skill. Although my background includes two distinct cultures, that does not create two separate personas, but rather those […]

The ins and outs of application compatibility on Microsoft Azure


Many of our customers want to move their existing applications to the public cloud but are concerned about potential compatibility issues. This is a complex topic so I will attempt to address it by focusing on an application’s execution model and using Microsoft Azure to illustrate my points. Leading public clouds like Microsoft Azure provide […]

Enterprise virtualization vs. public cloud in 2018

Enterprise virtualization prediction for 2018 tl:dr — no drastic changes from 2017. There are some interesting possibilities, though, and I’ve used Simon Wardley mapping to diagram them. As shown in the enterprise virtualization map on the left, we can now argue that the consumption of virtual machines has trended all the way into commodity consumption (with […]

Cuestiones previas a migrar al Cloud

Cada vez más empresas migran sus aplicaciones a nubes públicas y privadas. La principal diferencia de migrar a una opción u otra es la disponibilidad de herramientas y servicios nativos que pueden acelerar mucho el proceso. Por ejemplo, AWS dispone de un servicio de migración de base de datos que permite trasladar la información al […]

Cinq mesures pour réussir la composition d’équipes de travail

« Les organisations qui conçoivent les systèmes… sont contraintes de produire des modèles qui sont des copies de leur propre structure de communication » – Loi de Conway Cette observation, prémonitoire, sur la manière dont les structures logicielles tendent à copier les structures sociales a été formulée en 1967 et reste fondamentale aujourd’hui pour la conception d’équipes […]

Five top gripes about vendors from IT buyers

Never underestimate the desire of IT buyers to vent about how tech vendors sell to them. Having just organized three focus groups on the challenges of buying healthcare technology products, I came to learn what a cathartic experience it was for buyers to gather and share their experiences, both good and bad, with each other. […]

Migration considerations for the cloud


Enterprises are increasingly migrating their applications to public and private clouds. The main differentiator between public and private cloud migrations is in the availability of native migration tools and services that can accelerate migrations. For instance, AWS has a Database Migration Service that can migrate on premise databases to AWS managed data services. With private […]

What to look for when choosing a continuity services partner

All the disasters, both natural and man made, making headlines these days have CEOs stopping to consider a few important questions: If this had happened in my data center or workplace, would we have been prepared? Have I done enough to protect my company? Have I filled the gaps and addressed potential breaches well enough […]

Managed services in traditional IT versus the cloud


For more than a decade now, cloud computing has been causing massive changes in IT. It’s all about the agile and nimble way of doing things compared to more traditional IT models. What’s changed exactly? Here are a few areas of IT that have been upended by the cloud computing revolution. See how they compare […]

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AppSource are helping to enable personalized healthcare

Technology is enabling digital transformation in the healthcare industry, allowing providers to deliver more personalized care. At Tribridge, a DXC Technology Company, we leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure and AppSource as technology and distribution platforms to offer Health360, a consumer-centered population health solution that enables healthcare organizations to provide truly personalized care experiences. Our path […]