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How Microsoft Azure can speed a hybrid IT strategy’s time to value


I frequently interact with clients, partners, suppliers and startups in the IT industry regarding the latest developments in cloud and hybrid IT technology. Multiple cloud providers are the new reality, and the intricacies of evolving to a hybrid IT model can be significant. One challenge I hear all the time is, “How do enterprises accelerate […]

Legacy modernization: Prioritizing the application portfolio


The majority of legacy systems in operation today are the result of years, often decades, of combined investment, development and customization. While to an outsider they may appear to be archaic in both design and operation, these systems continue to manage core business operations and provide significant competitive advantage. They may have been partially rewritten, […]

What’s the right path to deliver Microsoft technology for your clients?


Service providers familiar with deploying Microsoft technology and services are familiar with terms such as Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA), License Mobility, Qualified Multitenant Hoster Program (QMTH), Rental Rights, etc. They are also familiar with the complexity of Microsoft licensing. With the expansion of use rights for program delivery and the evolution of Microsoft […]

Build event-driven, serverless monitoring for Azure — in just 15 minutes


Microsoft Azure provides multiple Platform as a Service (PaaS) products that allow you and your development teams to focus on quickly building awesome solutions for your customers. One of those products, Azure Service Bus, allows you to separate tiers of a solution and introduce asynchronous processing, which is so important in public clouds to ensure […]

Cosa può insegnarci il multiculturalismo sulle partnership commerciali

Sin da giovane ho imparato a riunire le cose diverse tra loro in una sola. Esser cresciuta in una famiglia bilingue e biculturale mi ha insegnato l’importanza della partnership ed il valore dell’inclusione, che considero un’abilità acquisita. Sebbene il mio background comprenda due culture diverse, questo non significa avere due personalità separate, ma piuttosto che […]

Cómo puede ayudar el multiculturalismo a las alianzas comerciales

A una edad temprana, aprendí cómo se pueden convertir dos entidades distintas en una sola unidad. Crecer en una familia bilingüe y bicultural me enseñó la importancia de la asociación y el valor de la inclusión, que considero una habilidad aprendida. Aunque mi formación incluye dos culturas distintas, eso no supone crear dos personajes separados, […]

Coup d’oeil sur le partenariat DXC Technology et Hitachi Vantara

J’ai travaillé pendant plus d’une dizaine d’années comme chef de produit ou consultant technologique. Le moment est venu de me concentrer sur les partenariats. Nous observons tous qu’un changement s’opère dans l’optimisation de la valeur des données de nos entreprises. Les clients, et globalement la société, sont confrontés à une vague de ruptures. Pour rendre […]

How to effectively deploy Workday across your enterprise


Deploying Workday, a leader in enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources, is an exciting event for a company. Not only does it promise to make everyone’s job easier, it also means the company is about to gain new insights into its operations that will make it smarter, faster and more profitable. So it’s […]

DXC Bionix – Digital generation services delivery

DXC Bionix

Today’s a big day as we’ve unveiled our first sub-brand at DXC Technology — DXC Bionix™, our new digital generation services delivery model that provides a data-driven approach to intelligent automation. DXC Bionix includes three elements: Analytics and AI Lean methodology Automation Bringing these elements together enables us to achieve greater insight, speed and efficiency across […]

Uno sguardo alla partnership tra DXC e Hitachi Vantara

Ho lavorato per decenni come product manager o leader tecnologico, ma trovo che il momento più potente per le partnership sia proprio ora. Per tutti noi, sta avvenendo un cambiamento verso l’aumento del valore dei dati per le nostre aziende. I clienti, ed in generale la società, si trovano di fronte alla disruption. Imprese tradizionali […]