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Why advanced analytics needs the cloud

The cloud makes it easier to launch enterprise-scale machine learning, but the variety of options can be confusing. Most industries are using intelligent machines to discover something new and do something better than human beings are doing it now. In energy and technology, algorithms are anticipating driver behaviors that could lead to loss and predict […]

On servers, serendipity and Superman

There is a fantastic line in the 1978 film Superman, penned by Mario Puzo of Godfather fame and delivered flawlessly by the actor Gene Hackman as the perfect nemesis, Lex Luthor: “Some people can read War and Peace and come away thinking it’s a simple adventure story. Others can read the ingredients on a chewing gum […]

Now’s the time for the C-Suite to take joint responsibility for application platform decisions

Here’s a novel, but controversial statement, “it’s time for the CEO, COO, CIO to start to take joint responsibility for application platform decisions.” For too many years now technical meritocracy has led the decision-making for the business with regard to platform selection. This includes, but is not limited to, servers, operating systems, virtualization, cloud and […]

The Web platform: 2016 technology of the year

We’re now seeing predictions about what’s going to be hot in enterprise technology in 2017. (In fact, CSC’s CTO Dan Hushon released his 2017 tech predictions not too long ago.) Cloud (yet again), Blockchain, Big Data/Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) are all among the top of many of the lists out there. However, it was Krish Subrumanian’s […]

Keeping your critical business apps safe and functioning

How do you protect the “crown jewels” of your business? We’re talking about things like critical data that simply can’t fall victim to hacking, or essential applications that can’t suffer even a minute of downtime. How do you make sure your IT infrastructure reliably supports and secures these sorts of operations, while keeping an eye […]

Year in Review: Productivity, workplace and other topics with Technology Perspectives

Just under 12 months ago, I reflected on the progress we had made with the Technology Perspectives blog that shares thought leadership from DXC technologists. I knew that there was more great content for us to share, and 2016 has started to see that coming out. Here are just a few chosen extracts from the year: We’ve […]

6 steps to IDSM success

IDSM, short for Integrated Digital Service Management, is the modern approach to managing IT services, a topic we’ve delved into in a recent blog post. Organizations need IDSM because today’s multisourced IT solutions have grown too complex and dynamic for yesterday’s traditional approaches to IT service management. Fortunately, getting started with IDSM does not need […]

Modern platform and the next step in virtualization

modern platform CSC Blogs

Virtualization has happened in businesses in every industry in every market around the world. The benefits of transforming physical IT into virtual environments are well known at this point. They include enabling more productive, efficient systems and driving cost savings for the company – all well and good and very important goals for the business. […]

40% of businesses have public cloud buyer’s remorse

Cloud roadmap CSC Blogs

Businesses are moving to the cloud. That’s not news. What is interesting, according to a new IDG survey, is “nearly 40% of organizations with public cloud experience report having moved public cloud workloads back to on premises, mostly due to security and cost concerns.” The survey, “Data Centers in Flux: The IT Optimization Challenge,’ commissioned […]

Healthcare 3.0: The target state

healthcare 3.0

In my conversations with healthcare organization CIOs and leaders in the US and indeed across the globe, I have often been asked, “What should be the desired target state of digitized healthcare? How does DXC envision the road to digitized, paperless healthcare delivery?” They are talking about healthcare delivery in which a patient’s access to care […]