Is AI smart enough to accurately measure an employee’s value?


Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are supposed to help enterprises become more efficient by streamlining processes and taking over tasks currently performed by those unfocused, under-motivated humans known as employees. For those enterprise workers who don’t lose their jobs to automation and machine learning, smart technologies can be used collaboratively by employees to make […]

The evolution of AI: Are chatbots driving a new customer experience?

two vintage robots with old phone on wooden floor

We’ve all had our frustrations dealing with a telco, bank, utility, insurance company or other large organisation when trying to get information, complete a transaction, or request service. Typically, we start our search on an organisation’s website, but we might end up dealing with a long winded IVR system with long wait times, or eventually […]

L’intelligenza artificiale (emotiva)

Il dibattito sull’intelligenza artificiale (AI) sembrerebbe completo senza la necessità di dover aggiungere il fattore emotivo. Ma è proprio questo ciò che accade nella comunità della AI. Le emozioni sono state prese in considerazione d’ultime come parte di una tecnologia, ritenuta da molti in passato, allo stile del personaggio di finzione “Spock” — potrebbe vincere […]

How artificial intelligence and analytics will evolve autonomous driving and next-generation cars

Building autonomous cars takes more data than automotive research engineers ever imagined possible. To put some numbers around the autonomous driving issue, some current estimates predict that it will take around 23 to 25 million kilometers of driving to collect data and train the neural networks that will make autonomous cars feasible. Evolving autonomous driving […]

RPA: Perfect excuse, tech phenomenon or a real game-changer?


Throughout the last few years, Robotics Process Automation (RPA) was touted as a universal cure for many shared services and BPO branch vulnerabilities. It was billed as a cheap platform that was easy to deploy, scale and deliver, and required no special knowledge to get things done. Vendors propagated their marketing message well enough that […]

Surviving and thriving in the Fourth Industrial Revolution


Ready or not, we have entered what the World Economic Forum has dubbed the Fourth Industrial Revolution, when emerging digital capabilities such as robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality and natural language processing (NLP) will cause an unprecedented level of disruption to how we live, work, make and play. And while the scale of this […]

Inteligencia artificial y “emocional”

Parecería que ya hay suficiente debate en torno a la inteligencia artificial, sin tener que añadir ningún elemento emocional. Pues, precisamente, se trata de lo último en este mercado, la característica “Emotion”, una cualidad más que algunos también denominaron en su día como “Spock”, por poder ganarte al ajedrez sin enamorarse nunca del juego. Y […]

The evolution of AI: Why it’s finally time for business to get excited

Group of vintage robots

AI as a practical concept Colloquially, the term “artificial intelligence” is applied when a machine mimics “cognitive” functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as “learning” and “problem solving”. — Wikipedia Perhaps useful for academic purposes, this Wikipedia definition of artificial intelligence (AI) doesn’t really reflect how AI will influence us over the […]

Artificial intelligence: A force for good?


Whenever there’s a new advance in artificial intelligence (AI), it seems that traditional and social media outlets quickly light up with dystopian scenarios in which sentient robots are poised to take over the human world. Science-fiction imaginings about machines that have the ability to think and act persist even as leading AI researchers seek to […]

L’intelligence artificielle devrait-elle décrypter nos émotions ?


Il semblerait que l’intelligence artificielle fasse beaucoup débat sans qu’il soit nécessaire d’ajouter une nouvelle charge émotionnelle. Précisément, l’émotion fait beaucoup parler d’elle au sein de la communauté IA, en proie à de sentiments contradictoires, comme le fut Mr Spock. Il existe beaucoup de peurs concernant l’intelligence artificielle. Aussi contre-intuitif que cela puisse paraître, aucun […]