How AI can enable workplace collaboration


Few industries and professions will remain unaffected by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, robots, and other emerging technologies. On the downside, this means entire categories of jobs already are in the process of being outsourced to automation or algorithms. On the upside, these technologies are expected by some experts to create more new jobs than […]

What technology is your pet shopping for?


As the fawning owner of a 5-year-old Australian Labradoodle I’ve become interested in what kind of technology is available to the canine (or feline) demographic — and I’ve tried to view this as the pet being the consumer of the technology. So, have we reached a point where Bowser can have his own Alexa skills […]

Machine learning is being used right now in these industries


Machine learning no longer is a “future” technology. Organizations in industries from mining to manufacturing to medicine are using machine learning today to better serve customers, fuel research and product breakthroughs, and transform operations. Here are just a few examples: Mining Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are helping mining companies find minerals more efficiently […]

Would you trust orders from a robot at work?


For all the concerns people have expressed about robots taking over the workplace, a new survey makes it clear that most of us are ready to place our trust (and maybe our fate!) in the hands of our algorithmic overlords. Data from Oracle and research firm Future Workplace shows that 93 percent of respondents would […]

Five keys to intelligent automation success


Embedding intelligent automation into business processes can reduce costs, improve efficiency and speed time-to-market to businesses worldwide. But it takes intelligent planning to effectively reap the rewards. By taking these five steps, enterprises can cut through the noise and be on the path to intelligent automation success. Clearly define your mission. With any kind of […]

Cognitive computing and AI help insurers’ contact center personnel succeed


Cognitive computing and artificial intelligence (AI) present a new set of possibilities throughout insurance organizations, and can provide clear benefits within contact centers. Cognitive computing and AI capabilities are breathing new life into existing applications, creating new applications to provide deep insights and enabling insurers to drive transformation and innovation while achieving better business results. […]

Chatbot et assistant vocal : l’utilisation au bureau c’est pour bientôt


Les assistants vocaux et les chatbots sont devenus chose courante dans nos vies personnelles. Même vos grands-parents ont pris l’habitude d’interroger Siri, Google Assistant ou Alexa : « quel temps fait-il ?», et plus fou encore, « quelle heure est-il à Anchorage (Alaska) ?» ! Mais dans quelle mesure aujourd’hui les assistants vocaux intelligents et les chatbots sont-ils utilisés sur […]

How drones could reinvent the delivery of healthcare


It struck me as we had our family vacation picture taken from 300ˊ in the air that I too had become part of the consumer and commercial drone infatuation. My nephew is a police sergeant tasked with developing a drone strategy for his local squad. He admitted that most of the applications were rather mundane […]

Más empresas convencidas del impacto del cambio

Los responsables de las empresas confían cada vez más en que introducir cambios rápidos en su lugar de trabajo les reportará importantes beneficios a sus organizaciones, en los próximos cinco años. Más de cuatro de cada cinco encuestados (un 84%), en la Encuesta Empresarial del Futuro 2018 (llevada a cabo por el bufete de abogados […]

Se non stai usando un chatbot o un assistente vocale al lavoro, lo farai presto

Gli assistenti vocali e i chatbot sono ogni volta più comuni in casa. Persino i nonni sono abituati a chiedere a Google Home o Echo Dot quale sia la temperatura, e se vogliono fare gli spiritosi, li prendeno in giro, e domandano che ore sono ad Anchorage, in Alaska! Ma quanto sono intelligenti i voice […]