Is your chatbot from Mars or is your chatbot from Venus?


In his seminal work on communication across genders, John Gray enlightens men that when their wife or partner raises a problem that she had at work or with a friend, it may be best to just shut up and listen. This is not easy because the genetic impulse for men is to jump in and […]

I posti di lavoro che L’IA crea


L’attuale ondata di intelligenza artificiale (IA) funziona utilizzando modelli computerizzati per simulare un comportamento intelligente. Gli algoritmi di Machine Learning servono per apprendere nuovi comportamenti, ma non sono utili nell’individuare quando tali comportamenti sono dannosi o non hanno senso. Le aziende che implementano l’intelligenza artificiale avranno bisogno di una forza lavoro preparata per garantire che […]

Intelligence artificielle : des emplois à la clé


La vague de l’intelligence artificielle (IA) fonctionne grâce à l’utilisation de modèles informatiques simulant un « comportement intelligent ». Les algorithmes d’apprentissage automatique (machine learning)  sont ainsi capables d’apprendre de nouveaux comportements, néanmoins ils ne le sont pas pour identifier si ces comportements sont nuisibles ou insensés. Les entreprises déployant des IA ont donc besoin d’une main-d’œuvre […]

How artificial intelligence changes manufacturing jobs


Artificial intelligence (AI) will certainly impact manufacturing jobs. Rather than making people obsolete, I believe that AI will make many manufacturing jobs more meaningful. The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that while 64% of manufacturing work has the potential to be automated, only about 5% of all occupations consist of activities that are fully automatable. This implies that, in […]

How a “scattered” RPA delivery model can help your robotics ecosystem mature


It is standard operating procedure these days to try to get as much value as fast as possible by making one good decision and securing a big win. Three to five years ago companies hoped they would win the RPA lottery. They asked consultants: How should we tackle robotics? The answer: Caching and end-to-end, corporate-level […]

The neuroscience of social media


In case you hadn’t heard, Kylie Jenner recently caused a $1.3 billion run on Snapchat valuation simply by tweeting that she may not be as prolific on the platform in the future. I’m clearly not in a demographic that would much care about her absence, but the investment gurus that track the social media demographics […]

The jobs that AI creates


The current wave of artificial intelligence (AI) works by using computer models to simulate intelligent behavior. Machine-learning algorithms are good at learning new behaviors, but bad at identifying when those behaviors are harmful or don’t make sense.  Companies deploying AI will need a workforce trained to ensure that the technology remains both useful and safe. […]

Why standard IT development methodologies don’t apply on the RPA battlefield


Even in 2018, service providers are still wondering about — and discovering — ways to be successful in implementing robotics. In any other instance of IT development, everybody follows standards built over the years: Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, DevOps, Lean and ITIL. But is it possible to easily transfer that type of knowledge into the robotics […]

The evolution of AI: Will it automate everything we do?

robot toy stands on the oppresed

Society has been through several changes from the industrial through to the information revolution. And with each comes the inevitable question, “Are we putting ourselves out of a job?” With artificial intelligence (AI) technologies taking step-change leaps in capabilities and accuracy, there is a lot of talk about whether AI is the next “job killer.” […]

DXC Bionix – Digital generation services delivery

DXC Bionix

Today’s a big day as we’ve unveiled our first sub-brand at DXC Technology — DXC Bionix™, our new digital generation services delivery model that provides a data-driven approach to intelligent automation. DXC Bionix includes three elements: Analytics and AI Lean methodology Automation Bringing these elements together enables us to achieve greater insight, speed and efficiency across […]