4 reasons insurers need AI to proactively fight fraud

The insurance industry consists of more than 7,000 companies that collect more than $1 trillion in premiums annually, providing fraudsters with huge opportunities to commit fraud using a growing number of schemes. Fraudsters are successful too often. According to FBI statistics, the total cost of non-health insurance fraud is estimated at more than $40 billion […]

Robots are being trained to read human thoughts


If you use a voice assistant such as Alexa, Siri, or Cortana in your home or office, you’re interacting in real-time with an intelligent machine. In coming years this will be so common that no one will really think about it. But a team of academic researchers recently demonstrated that live human interaction with machines […]

Intelligence artificielle : 7 enseignements pour une mise en œuvre efficace

Robot teaching robot students

L’intelligence artificielle est l’un des principaux sujets de discussion dans le secteur de la technologie, voire le « sujet du moment » dans les réunions d’entreprise. Son attrait réside dans sa capacité à générer de multiples bénéfices, que ce soit l’amélioration de l’expérience client et de la productivité via une meilleure cohérence ou par la réduction du […]

Not using a chatbot or voice assistant at work? You will be soon


Voice assistants and chatbots are becoming commonplace in the home. Even your grandparents are used to asking Google Home or Echo Dot what the temperature is or, if they really want to go crazy and take it for a spin, what time it is in Anchorage, Alaska! But how much are intelligent voice assistants and […]

Para entender el potencial de la automatización, concéntrate en una experiencia empática

Hay mucho entusiasmo en el mercado de la automatización y la robótica. Términos, como agentes y  asistentes virtuales,  agentes cognitivos, robots y chatbots, están presentes en casi todas las conversaciones, dentro y fuera de la empresa. Los artículos sobre el potencial de la automatización y la robótica humanoide son frecuentes en todos los medios -desde […]

DXC leaders talk business decision-making, emerging technology and their IndyCar relationship at the DXC Technology 600


DXC chief technology officer Dan Hushon and chief marketing and communications officer Gary Stockman addressed the media prior to the June 9 running of the DXC Technology 600, answering questions on wide variety of topics including DXC’s decision to sponsor the race, its partnership with Team Penske, and the drone technology the company demonstrated by […]

DXC Labs demonstrates drones, machine learning, AR and more at the DXC Technology 600

For the first time, a drone delivered the green flag to the starting line at a major sporting event, at Texas Motor Speedway on June 9. DXC Labs — which focuses on development of emerging technologies used in digital transformation — was there every step of the way. We worked on planning through execution, and […]

Showcasing emerging drone technology at the DXC Technology 600


The DXC Technology 600 was held on Saturday, June 9, under the lights of the Texas Motor Speedway. Scott Dixon took the checkered flag even though about 3,000 local DXC employees, clients, family, and friends were cheering for the DXC-sponsored car, driven by Simon Pagenaud, who finished 2nd. But this race had a lot more […]

La evolución de la IA: 7 cosas que hemos aprendido para implementarla eficazmente

La inteligencia artificial es uno de los principales temas de interés en el sector tecnológico y en las empresas  en este momento. Es interesante por su capacidad de ofrecer más beneficios al mismo tiempo  –ya sean de experiencia del cliente, de mejora de la productividad, coherencia o reducción del tiempo que comportan los procesos-. Machine […]

Think complex processes can’t be automated with RPA? Think again

Over the last eight years I’ve read through methodologies, use cases and capabilities and above all – watched robotic process automation (RPA) grow as a solution. I’ve never written anything about RPA so I thought it pertinent for my first-ever blog to write about something close to my heart: complex processes in the context of […]