Practical business uses for blockchain technology


Blockchain was created as the public transaction ledger for the bitcoin cryptocurrency, but blockchain technology also has a variety of practical applications in enterprise business process scenarios. The beauty of blockchain is that virtually any type of data can be put into the distributed ledger. Each record or block contains a cryptographic hash of the […]

Making the connection between personalized care and precision medicine

by Robert Wah, M.D. Over the past several weeks, my colleagues and I at DXC Technology have spoken about the landmark All of Us Research Program that will seek to gather samples from a million or more participants across a broad spectrum of the U.S. population. We’re very excited to be involved in this project, […]

Le SIAM, outil de gestion multifournisseur


C’est le lot de toutes les équipes informatiques gérant plusieurs fournisseurs: un ticket passe, de fournisseur en fournisseur, avant qu’il ne tombe finalement entre de bonnes mains. Ce genre de situation irrite les utilisateurs et nuit à la crédibilité du département informatique en occasionnant des retards inutiles. Que diriez-vous d’une solution de gestion de services […]

Cómo administrar múltiples proveedores de manera más efectiva, con SIAM

Esto es algo que cualquier grupo de TI, que maneja múltiples proveedores, ha experimentado alguna vez: una orden de servicio que pasa de proveedor en proveedor, tres o cuatro veces, antes de llegar finalmente al correcto. Este tipo de situaciones irrita a cualquier empleado y daña la credibilidad del departamento de TI, al causar retrasos […]

ServiceNow amps up its focus on people at Knowledge18 and unveils innovation roadmap


One of the most noticeable signs of ServiceNow’s growth over the last decade or so is the expansion in size of its community. Once a year, some of the ServiceNow employees, customers and partners that make up this community come together for Knowledge, the ServiceNow user conference. Like many technology companies, this annual conference provides […]

How SIAM helps organizations manage multiple suppliers more effectively


Here’s something every IT group managing multiple suppliers has experienced: A work ticket that gets bounced around from supplier to supplier three or four times before it finally gets to the right vendor. These kind of situations irritate rank-and-file users and hurt the credibility of the IT department by causing unnecessary service delays. What if […]

How Agile Service Management (ASM) combines the best of both worlds — Agile and ITSM


The tension between IT service management (ITSM) frameworks and Agile development started years ago when businesses began to recognize technology as a critical business success factor. IT faced increasing demands to do more with less. Software developers, meanwhile, faced mounting pressure to deliver faster, working, incremental software to clients. This lead to “frustrations about delays, […]

The SOC is dead — long live the SOC!

Overwhelmed by existing traffic volumes and held back by a shortage of skilled workers, the average Security Operations Center is approaching a state of crisis – and the challenges will only worsen if SOCs don’t evolve. No doubt about it, the SOC’s mission is vital: detect and respond to all threats. Unfortunately, most SOCs today […]

From service management to service excellence: Transforming problematic service management


Consumerization of technology has given us the expectation that we can resolve a customer service issue via chat, email or a simple phone call on our mobile phones. When we have a problem with Uber or Airbnb, for example, all those options are available and our issues are resolved fairly quickly. So why isn’t that […]

The neuroscience of social media


In case you hadn’t heard, Kylie Jenner recently caused a $1.3 billion run on Snapchat valuation simply by tweeting that she may not be as prolific on the platform in the future. I’m clearly not in a demographic that would much care about her absence, but the investment gurus that track the social media demographics […]