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Will telehealth be fundamental to smart cities?

Think about how urban transportation strategy would change if citizens could travel by laptop or mobile device to a doctor visit. Research firm Markets and Markets reports that the telehealth market is expected to reach  $9.35 billion by 2021, from $2.78 billion in 2016, growing at a CAGR of 27.5%. This parallels the growth in the population […]

What to consider when rolling out big public sector programs

On a Friday night late last year, my home state of Massachusetts formally flipped the switch and converted to no-stop electronic tolling on the infamous Mass Pike. Everyone who has experienced no-stop electronic tolling appreciates the time savings it creates — and how it eliminates looking under floor mats for that extra quarter while going 50 mph. I still recall […]

Right-sizing the duration of IT engagements

A large part of my role at CSC is focused on guiding and supporting teams in the development of strategies that meet client goals and objectives across all geographies, all industry sectors and all technologies. This is a role I find both challenging and fascinating. In a recent session, we were discussing a transportation sector […]

The human touch in a digital world

I recently traveled on American Airlines (@American Air) and had an incredible Customer Experience that got me thinking. In this increasingly digital world, where we can manufacture the experience through complex technology, is there still a need for a human touch? After all, we are looking to serve millions of customers through indirect channels — where will […]

Smart city : Comment faire participer les citoyens à la réduction de la fracture numérique

Ville intelligente (smart city) ou ville traditionnelle, peu importe. Les changements dans les communes ont toujours été conduits par un même acteur : les citoyens. Après tout, en matière de modernisation les élus ne peuvent pas agir seuls dans leur coin. Ils ont besoin d’une communauté citoyenne qui les soutient afin de transformer les projets en […]

Ciudades inteligentes, ¿cómo atraer a sus habitantes y reducir la brecha digital?

Inteligentes o no, las ciudades siempre han dependido de su gente, a la hora de introducir cambios. Funcionarios y políticos no pueden actuar solos. Necesitan una ciudadanía comprometida, educada, y que apoye la generación de nuevas ideas. Así que, cuando los funcionarios de una Smart City del futuro implementen nuevas herramientas y tecnologías, con el […]

2 emerging technologies the maritime industry needs to consider now

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I’ve had a lot of great conversations recently with leaders, partners and observers of the maritime industry – and I’ve been inspired by our interactions. What I’ve noticed is a real and growing interest in how technology can help the industry confront some of its biggest challenges. For someone like me, who represents IT solutions […]

Connected streets empower connected cars

The evolution of the connected car has moved at a clip none of us would have dreamed even just a few  short years ago. Recent news has celebrated advances in the technology and reported on the deployment of self-driving cars in American cities like Pittsburgh. And, according to Business Intelligence, over 380 million connected cars will be on […]

Big questions swirl in the maritime industry

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Can maritime be “greener”? Can technology solve the industry’s biggest problems? What effect does continued globalization have on shipping? And how can maritime make itself more visible and attractive to the next generation? These big questions – and many more – came up at a fascinating event I recently attended, The International Maritime Organization’s World Maritime […]

How smart cities can engage citizens and bridge the Digital Divide

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Smart or not, cities have always relied on their people to drive change. Elected officials, after all, cannot act alone. They need an engaged, educated and supportive citizenry to bring new ideas to life. So when forward-looking Smart City officials implement new tools and technologies with the goal of easing everyday obstacles, solving the logistics […]