Failure pays, but only if you learn and grow from it


Failure inherently is a negative word. But as entrepreneurs, scientists, and inventors around the world and throughout time know, failure has its benefits. For starters, the fact that you’re actively failing at least is an indicator that you’re trying. Don’t give up! Second, failure can get you one step closer to success. That’s a principle […]

Is human-centered design at the heart of your customer experience? It should be.


Digital technologies are impacting every aspect of our lives, and companies have no choice but to transform and adapt. To earn customer loyalty and respect, we are expected to meet customers’ needs at every interaction. At the same time, it has become increasingly difficult to innovate effectively to meet those needs in today’s complex and […]

How to avoid wasting money on under-used cloud resources


According to the research giant Gartner,  we’ll spend $206.2 billion on the public cloud. That sounds about right. But, at the same time, according to the cloud resource management company ParkMyCloud, we’ll waste up to $14.1 billion in cloud spending. By a ballpark estimate, that means you’re probably wasting 6.8 percent of your IT budget […]

What is AWS Aurora?


One of my first IT hats was as a DBMS administrator (DBA). I was a Datatrieve and xBase developer, who moved on to DB2. IBM DB2 was the first real relational database management system (RDBMS). While RBMSs aren’t as fashionable as they once were–it’s all NoSQL according to some of my friends–much vital enterprise work […]

Un invito a ripensare alla catena di valore bancaria

I servizi finanziari si stanno spostando su piattaforme per funzioni e processi aziendali, e questa è una buona notizia. Passare dalle applicazioni a Software as a Service (SaaS) e quindi a Platform as a Service (PaaS) può creare delle nuove catene di valore. Può inoltre ridurre drasticamente il numero di processi manuali soggetti a errori […]

Les services financiers adoptent le multi-cloud


Le multicloud, soit un environnement hybride composé de clouds publics et privés répondant à des enjeux de nature différente, pourrait bien être le modèle préféré des banques. C’est ce qu’indique un rapport indépendant de 451 Research, “Multi-Cloud Fundamental to Financial Services Transformation “. Ce rapport, parrainé par Canonical, révèle que les banques et les compagnies […]

How do you bundle a cloud native application?


On servers, we use packages like DEB and RPM to bundle software applications. With the rise of containers, we use Docker and CoreOS rkt to move and “install” our programs. But, now that we’re moving on to cloud native computing, how do you “bundle” a cloud native application? That’s a darn good question. A cloud […]

Four of the hottest “triple-deep” skill sets to advance your personal brand


Personal brands can no longer be one-dimensional in the digital enterprise marketplace. The term “generalist” aims to create the illusion that a candidate is multi-dimensional, and yet it actually says, “I’m willing to try anything to get a job.” The marketplace is becoming more and more specialized, and even people with self-perceived specialist skills are […]

Come preparare i tuoi dipendenti per l’arrivo dell’AI


Una delle principali linee guida dell’innovazione tecnologica è che ogni nuovo prodotto dovrebbe essere presente per supportare l’utente umano, e non viceversa. L’idea di robot che sottraggono posti di lavoro è preoccupante, soprattutto viste le previsioni che sono state fatte su come l’automazione sostituirà milioni di lavoratori, in particolare quelli in posizioni di bassa specializzazione. […]

Réduire les risques d’une transformation digitale

Prenez deux autoroutes parallèles, imaginez que l’autoroute dans le sens des allers représente la transformation digitale et l’autoroute dans le sens des retours la gestion des risques. Comme deux autoroutes parallèles, un projet de transformation n’existe pas sans ajustement de la sécurité globale de l’entreprise. La sécurité et la gestion des risques doivent être des […]