What is Helm? A look at software package management for Kubernetes

what is helm

So, you’re using Kubernetes to manage your cloud’s containers. Good for you for jumping on the Kubernetes bandwagon.  But, how do you load programs into those containers in the first place? There are several answers, but the one which has the blessing of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, the parent organization of Kubernetes, is Helm. […]

A very brief history of cloud computing

cloud history

You can argue over when cloud computing really began, but one good starting point is 2006 when then Google CEO Eric Schmidt said at a conference: “I don’t think people have really understood how big this opportunity really is. It starts with the premise that the data services and architecture should be on servers. We call […]

What is AWS Outposts? AWS in your house.


The public cloud is great, but there are still some jobs you need to keep close to home. That’s why hybrid clouds, where you use both the public and private clouds to get your work done, are so popular. Lately, most of our attention has been focused on using Kubernetes container orchestration. But, for all […]

Things to consider before spending on multi-cloud

multi cloud concept

The concept of multi-cloud is simple. You’re running multiple business processes using more than one cloud. This isn’t the same thing as hybrid cloud. With that model, you’re coordinating business processes across multiple clouds.  So, for example, if your office program is Office 365, but you’re running line of business programs on Amazon Web Services, […]

All ready to grow up: Fostering AI’s growth in insurance

plant growth

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has spread across the insurance value chain. In product development, it enables insurers to create more profitable and effective products based on insights from past claims and product uptake in the market. In underwriting, it creates a better understanding of risk for new and underserved markets. It’s improving […]

2019’s top five cloud stories

top 5 cloud stories

The cloud keeps getting bigger and ever more important to IT — from the smallest business operating out of a closet powered by Office 365 or Google Docs to Fortune 500 companies running international, multi-cloud operations. Here’s what that growth looked like in 2019: 1. The public cloud continues to grow larger The public cloud […]

第 2 回【身近なところにDXC】クルマの安全と快適性を支える “制御”の仕組みがピンチ!?

自動車を走らせるためのパワートレインシステムは、エンジン、ミッション、ブレーキ、リチウムイオンバッテリーなどの高度な連携によって成り立っています。これらの制御は「電子制御ユニット(Electronic Control Unit: ECU)」と呼ばれるコンピューターが担っています。そして、その制御プログラムとデータ(=「HEXファイル」と呼ばれます)は、近年ますます大規模化しています。 経済産業省の資料によると、一台のクルマのソース総行数は、2016年に1億行に至っており、戦闘機(2,400万行)や携帯電話のOS(1,200万行)を、遥かに超えてしまっているそうです。2007年には、1,000万行だったそうなので、今後の自動運転や運転支援システムを考えると、電子制御の複雑性は、さらに加速していくことは間違いありません。 というわけで、第2回も自動車業界の話をお届けします。

Tech jobs that pay the biggest bucks

big pile of money

It’s well-known that technology jobs pay well relative to many non-tech positions and occupations. Indeed, data released earlier this year by the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a median salary of $91,530 for computer or tech-related jobs in the U.S. That’s nearly 50% higher than the U.S. median household income of $63,179, as reported […]

Staffers gone bad or bad decisions — which should you worry about more?

rock scale overlooking water

Insider threats have been in the news quite a bit recently, but insider threats don’t always present themselves as a staffer who has gone bad and is stealing and selling secrets to competitors or other nations. While that does happen, a good portion of the insider threat manifests in insiders who make bad decisions with how […]

Untangling the service mesh


You may have noticed that, as you run more and more applications in containers it’s not easy to get them to talk and play well with each other. That’s because instead of monolithic applications using APIs to talk to components on one machine, we now have one app here, another there and they use networking […]