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Are we expecting too much of AI too soon?


Do a Google search on the phrase “how artificial intelligence is transforming”. Go ahead, I’ll wait. You’ll notice that even before you hit the “search” button, Google suggests artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming: the legal profession contact centers global industries the financial industry Wall Street Once you do hit “search,” you get 112 million results, […]

Una soluzione potenziale per alimentare i sensori IoT

L’Internet of Things (IoT) offre alle aziende l’accesso a una quantità di dati senza precedenti per l’analisi delle preferenze dei clienti, il monitoraggio e la gestione dell’inventario, il controllo delle attrezzature ed altro ancora. Ma l’IoT presenta anche sfide di gestione scoraggianti per i leader IT aziendali. I professionisti IT non devono soltanto preoccuparsi di […]

Tech dominates list of best jobs in U.S.


The list of best jobs in the U.S. continues to be dominated by positions in the technology sector. The employment site Indeed recently analyzed data from its own listings, focusing on jobs that paid well (at least $75,000) and have had the most growth on Indeed in the past four years. Topping the list? Well, […]

Potente y posible solución para alimentar los sensores de IoT

Internet de las Cosas (IoT) ofrece a las empresas acceso a una cantidad de datos sin precedentes, que le permite analizar las preferencias de los clientes, rastrear y administrar inventarios, monitorizar equipos y muchas otras posibilidades. Pero IoT también presenta enormes retos de gestión, para los responsables de TI corporativos. Estos profesionales no sólo deben […]

Developing the 7 digital habits: Habit 1 – Seek first to understand


This is part 2 of a series of posts that were prompted by an article written by the Leading Edge Forum entitled The 7 Digital Habits of Highly Effective People. I started my Digital Habits journey in my previous post by assessing where I stood as a 21st Century Human, and it turned out that […]

Imagining the smartphone of the future


Cell phones have undergone a continuous evolution since the DynaTAC 8000x made its debut in 1983 — when millions of iPhone and Android users weren’t yet born. The DynaTAC was the size of a shoe, with a thick, inflexible antenna protruding from the top. It had enough battery to power a 30-minute conversation. Oh, and since […]

Critical thinking: An essential skill in the modern workplace


The Future of Jobs Report (pdf) by the World Economic Forum suggests that by 2020, more than a third of the core skill sets in most job categories will be comprised of skills that are not considered essential today. The Forum surveyed 350 chief human resources and strategy officers across 9 industries in 15 of […]

Getting mobile security right: The foundational elements on which to build


As a mobility security architect, I get to research and play with the latest technologies developed for the enterprise. The pace of change is astonishing, to the point that if we are not at the top of our game, technology becomes a destructive force and puts our enterprises at risk. There are many ways to […]

Une solution à fort potentiel pour alimenter les capteurs de IoT.


L’Internet des objets (IoT) permet aux entreprises d’accéder à des quantités sans précédent de données pour analyser les préférences des clients, suivre et gérer les stocks, superviser les équipements, etc. Mais l’IoT représente également un redoutable défi de gestion pour les responsables informatiques. Les DSI doivent non seulement s’inquiéter de la sécurisation et de l’intégration […]

What you should know when building a client-reseller relationship


We constantly hear from our clients about a general lack of multivendor licensing knowledge across their workforce and the global market pressures that are driving their cost control initiatives. In our experience, there are some salient ways to tackle both challenges simultaneously by instigating a discussion around how an organization effectively manages key software vendors’ […]