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Chatbot et assistant vocal : l’utilisation au bureau c’est pour bientôt


Les assistants vocaux et les chatbots sont devenus chose courante dans nos vies personnelles. Même vos grands-parents ont pris l’habitude d’interroger Siri, Google Assistant ou Alexa : « quel temps fait-il ?», et plus fou encore, « quelle heure est-il à Anchorage (Alaska) ?» ! Mais dans quelle mesure aujourd’hui les assistants vocaux intelligents et les chatbots sont-ils utilisés sur […]

Are our digital workplace tools working against us?


Consumerization of the enterprise, the story goes, has helped usher in an era of unprecedented productivity as employees leverage the digital tools and platforms of their choice to do their jobs. But is that story more fable than fact? Are employees who insist they can effectively multitask fooling themselves and their employers? And are enterprises […]

Digital transformation isn’t all about technology


“Digital transformation is not about technology, it’s about the fact that technology, which is digital, allows people to solve their traditional problems and they prefer that solution to the old solution, and that’s all there is to it.” — Jo Caudron and Dado Van Peteghem There are a lot of definitions of “digital transformation” out there, […]

Plus d’intelligence avec les fournisseurs de services cloud du futur


Selon un récent rapport, les fournisseurs de services cloud  commencent à proposer aux entreprises des technologies intelligentes pour se démarquer des concurrents. « Pour augmenter leur part de marché, de nombreux fournisseurs de services cloud  introduisent des instances de calcul spécifiques qui ciblent les charges de travail intensives et facilitent l’intégration de l’intelligence artificielle et […]

Más empresas convencidas del impacto del cambio

Los responsables de las empresas confían cada vez más en que introducir cambios rápidos en su lugar de trabajo les reportará importantes beneficios a sus organizaciones, en los próximos cinco años. Más de cuatro de cada cinco encuestados (un 84%), en la Encuesta Empresarial del Futuro 2018 (llevada a cabo por el bufete de abogados […]

Embracing analytics is a good start, but it’s not enough


Nearly three-quarters of large enterprises already have benefited from big data and artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives, according to a survey published early this year in Harvard Business Review. Among those benefits, write co-authors Thomas Davenport and Randy Bean, are better decisions through advanced analytics, better customer service, lower costs, and innovation. However, only about one […]

Se non stai usando un chatbot o un assistente vocale al lavoro, lo farai presto

Gli assistenti vocali e i chatbot sono ogni volta più comuni in casa. Persino i nonni sono abituati a chiedere a Google Home o Echo Dot quale sia la temperatura, e se vogliono fare gli spiritosi, li prendeno in giro, e domandano che ore sono ad Anchorage, in Alaska! Ma quanto sono intelligenti i voice […]

Deception as a cyber defense: More critical than ever


As more devices are connected to networks, and as more “smart” technologies such as voice assistants and chat bots become digitally indistinguishable from humans, bad actors are gaining new opportunities to breach enterprise systems and data using forms of deception both time-honored and new. For example, researchers in Japan have developed a method of dialogue that […]

The reality of virtual reality


Last week I was purging our house of junk and clutter when I stumbled upon the Samsung Gear virtual reality headset that came free with my Samsung Galaxy S7 phone more than two years ago. While I used the Gear only a tiny bit after receiving it, I thought my then 11-year-old son would really […]

Is your HR organization ready for digital transformation?


It’s not just work itself that’s changing. HR is, as well. Once considered an important but strictly back office function, today HR is expected to provide leadership, deliver insight, and execute strategy. It’s all part of corporate digital transformation efforts worldwide, where automation and AI are changing how every organization, department, and employee manage work. […]