5 tips: Sådan hjælper machine learning i retailbranchen

Machine learning helps predict the future. Here are 5 tips to get you in the forefront of the retail industry with machine learning. Who would not like to predict the future? Being on the cutting edge and making all the right decisions that bring your business to the forefront in the industry. It opens up […]

Sådan kommer du i gang med machine learning

Sensors and the Internet of Things are only half the story when switching production to Industry 4.0 and making the classic products intelligent and smart. The other half is about machine learning and about having the right system that can collect and analyze the data collected. But it might make sense to “de-hyping” the concept, […]

Kunstig intelligens: hvor langt er Danmark med det?

Microsoft and Ernst & Young have published a report on the status of artificial intelligence in Denmark and Europe. How far are we in Denmark with artificial intelligence compared to the rest of Europe? And why do companies and industries’ cultures have such a significant impact? Alle taler om kunstig intelligens, og hvor store ændringer […]

Myten er død: AI skaber job

A common perception of artificial intelligence is that it reduces the need for people. It is not. In fact, AI creates jobs. The current wave of artificial intelligence works by using computer models to simulate intelligent behavior. Machine learning algorithms are good for learning new behaviors, but bad for identifying when that behavior is harmful […]

Edge Computing kommer til at transformere produktionsvirksomheder

With the right learning and expertise, Edge Computing can help manufacturing companies realize the potential of predictive maintenance. It reduces work accidents and increases uptime. Most people agree that using data to improve production processes makes good sense. Still, it’s interesting that many still suggest companies start by moving data to the cloud. This may […]

Decentraliserede netværk: Omdrejningspunktet for den stærke udvikling i produktionen

Production companies need to build an ecosystem of platforms using new infrastructure and new technologies such as decentralized networks, Edge Intelligence and blockchain. Production companies are evolving in line with new technologies and technologies that are under development. “Traditional” hardware products have become intelligent products with integrated software and sensors, providing greater value for both […]

Fremtiden for AI: Potentialet er ubegrænset

AI is critical to being able to make the business quality decisions that innovation requires. But most organizations have yet to capture more than a fraction of the value of their data. The debate over AI is still running in the highest gear. Is it going to steal our work ? Will we be  able to […]

Gartner top 10: Dataanalysens vigtigste trends i 2019

Part 1: The analysis company Gartner is up to date with a top 10 of the most important trends in data analysis. Here are the first 5. Big changes are coming when it comes to data and analysis of them. It was evident in February this year when Gartner held their Data & Analytics Summit […]

Big data ændrer også sportens verden

Companies are not the only ones using analytics. In the world of sports, the teams also use it to improve their results and have a greater chance of winning. Big data is destroying the sport. It is a widespread attitude, but in fact the data and the analysis of it gives new depth to the […]

Machine learning kræver modige ledere og villige medarbejdere

Good advice from three companies that have implemented machine learning Implementering af kunstig intelligens er grundlæggende ikke anderledes end implementering af andre teknologier. Dog er der ofte én forskel. Mange har tendens til at tænke, at nu kommer maskinerne og erstatter menneskene. Det skaber utryghed og modstand. Derfor skal ledelsen have medarbejderne med på rejsen. […]