5 områder augmented reality kan forvandle din virksomhed

Augmented reality can streamline workflows, improve product quality, and make staff smarter and more secure. While still a brand new technology, augmented reality seems to result in a cross-industry upheaval where so-called deepening technology can be used to streamline workflows, achieve better product quality and even make staff smarter and smarter. more sure. Think of […]

Augmented reality muliggør smart, håndfri produktivitet

Augmented reality (AR) er meget mere end et sejt legetøj. Det er en reel teknologi, som kan være med til at ændre den måde, jeres teknikere og feltpersonale reparerer og vedligeholder udstyr. Find ud af, hvordan forskellige brancher drager fordel af AR-teknologi. Augmented reality-teknologi som intelligente briller forbinder medarbejdere med den digitale verden og forbedrer […]

Projected Augmented Reality: Augmented reality uden headsets

Many industries have not made use of augmented reality because AR headsets are too expensive. However, a new type of augmented reality enables companies to apply the technology. When Pokémon Go was introduced in 2016, augmented reality (AR; Augmented Reality) suddenly became a concept everyone knew. But in the companies, commercial applications had already been […]

Augmented reality kan mindske fejl og forebygge ulykker

An app that shows 3D building models in augmented reality on the construction site and inside the meeting room is soon up the stairs. Behind the Alexandra Institute. And machine learning will play an important role in helping AR technology understand the reconstruction of reality. The article is brought in collaboration with the  Alexandra Institute […]

Hvordan gør man byggebranchen interaktiv?

With Augmented Reality, you can put a digital layer on top of the physical world through special glasses, tablets or projection. In collaboration with Semco Maritime, the Alexandra Institute has tested the technology’s capabilities by developing an AR system that makes the construction process interactive. In education and entertainment, both Apple, Google and Microsoft have […]