Sådan overlever fysiske butikker i en digital verden

Her er fire måder digitale værktøjer kan styrke fysiske butikker. Sociale medier, handel på nettet, online møder og andre digitale værktøjer og kanaler er blevet en fast del af mange menneskers dagligdag. Men selvom verden bliver mere og mere digital, har de fysiske butikker ikke udspillet deres rolle endnu. Tværtimod findes der mange muligheder for […]

Fordele ved digitale tvillinger bliver mainstream

Digital twins are becoming increasingly mainstream thanks to the advent of data analytics, AI and IoT. With digital twins, it is possible to create a software-based representation of a physical object that – using a variety of sensors inside the physical object – can be used to monitor the object’s condition, movements, location and other […]

Edge Computing kommer til at transformere produktionsvirksomheder

With the right learning and expertise, Edge Computing can help manufacturing companies realize the potential of predictive maintenance. It reduces work accidents and increases uptime. Most people agree that using data to improve production processes makes good sense. Still, it’s interesting that many still suggest companies start by moving data to the cloud. This may […]

Gartner top 10: Dataanalysens vigtigste trends i 2019

Part 1: The analysis company Gartner is up to date with a top 10 of the most important trends in data analysis. Here are the first 5. Big changes are coming when it comes to data and analysis of them. It was evident in February this year when Gartner held their Data & Analytics Summit […]

Big data ændrer også sportens verden

Companies are not the only ones using analytics. In the world of sports, the teams also use it to improve their results and have a greater chance of winning. Big data is destroying the sport. It is a widespread attitude, but in fact the data and the analysis of it gives new depth to the […]

Gartner forudsiger fremtiden for AI-teknologier

The Gartner research institute predicts five areas where business leaders should strategically leverage AI as the core driver of digital initiatives. The strategic use of artificial intelligence (AI – artificial intelligence) has the potential to deliver innovative results. But the introduction of AI has almost tripled since 2017, increasing the risk that there are core […]

Cloud-alkymi forvandler data til penge

Capture the full value of your data by leveraging the scalability of the cloud. The cloud is the fastest and least expensive method to integrate data. Consumer-focused sectors such as banks and retail will love to better understand their customers so they can predict buying patterns and deliver personalized product offerings. In infrastructure-based industries such […]

Big Data gør projektindustrien smartere

Here’s how to get started with data collection and analysis. Større kontrol over produkter, bedre kundeoplevelse, øget omsætning og bedre lønsomhed. Det er nogle af effekterne ved at bruge Internet of Things, dataindsamling og dataanalyse i projektindustrien. Læs, hvordan du får mest ud af Big Data. Internet of Things (IoT) giver mulighed for indsamling af […]

“Budgettering er gammeldags”

Digital transformation kræver en ny økonomimodel, hvis man vil følge sit marked og sine kunder tæt. Ordene “budgetter” og “digitalisering” passer ikke sammen, siger Gorm Gorell, der har 30 års erfaring som CFO. Hvis man virkelig vil have styr på sin digitale transformation, bør man vende op og ned på sin traditionelle budgettering og bruge en […]

Disse 5 ting kan du ikke bruge big data til

Big data gives you almost endless opportunities to structure your information. You can increase your insight into your customer group and work processes and gain knowledge on a wide range of topics that are important to your business or organization. But there are some things that big data – at least for years to come […]