5 tips: Så kan detaljhandeln dra nytta av Machine Learning

Machine Learning helps you predict the future. Here are five tips on how to take the lead in retail using Machine Learning. Who doesn’t want to see the future? To be at the forefront and make the right decision that will help your business take the lead in the industry. Here Machine Learning can be […]

Jobb som skapas genom AI

The general notion of artificial intelligence is that it reduces the need for human employees. But AI actually improves the way we interact with both machines and each other. The wave of artificial intelligence that is currently sweeping is about using computer models to simulate intelligent behaviors. Machine learning algorithms are good at learning new […]

AIs potential är obegränsad i framtiden

AI is a crucial factor in being able to make the high-quality business decisions needed to create innovation. But most organizations have so far not benefited from more than a fraction of the value of their data. The debate on artificial intelligence (AI) is continuing to rage. Will it  turn all our jobs around ? […]

Edge computing kommer att förvandla tillverkningsbranschen

With the right training and expertise, edge computing can help manufacturers realize the promise of preventative maintenance, fewer plant accidents and increased operating time. Most people agree that it is a good idea to use data to improve manufacturing processes. However, it is interesting that many still think that companies should start by moving data […]

Decentraliserade nätverk: mittpunkten i tillverkningsbranschens snabba utveckling

Manufacturers need to create an ecosystem of platforms using new infrastructure and new technologies such as decentralized networks, distributed intelligence and blockchain. Manufacturing is developed side by side with new and growing technologies. “Traditional” hardware products have become smart products with integrated software and integrated sensors, which means increased value for both manufacturers and users. […]

Gartner 10-i-topp: de viktigaste dataanalystrenderna 2019

Del 1: Analysföretaget Gartner är aktuella med sin 10-i-topp-lista över de viktigaste trenderna inom dataanalys. Detta är de fem första. Stora förändringar är på gång när det gäller data och hur de analyseras. Detta stod klart i februari i år när Gartner arrangerade sin Data & Analytics Summit i Sydney. Där berättade Rita Sallam, chef för […]

Big Data och analysverktyg förändrar elitidrotten

It is not only companies that benefit from analysis tools. Even elite sports use it to improve their performance and increase their chances of winning. Analysis tools destroy the sport. Not at all, they add a new dimension to an old industry. Analysis tools take away the elements that make sporting events so exciting and […]

Machine learning kräver modiga ledare och positiva medarbetare

Good advice from three companies that have implemented machine learning. Implementation of artificial intelligence is, like many other technologies, fundamental. However, there is often a difference. Many have a tendency to think that now the machines come and replace the people. It creates insecurity and resistance. Therefore, the management must ensure that they have the […]

Gartner förutspår framtiden för AI-teknik

Gartner predicts five areas where business leaders need to leverage AI strategically and centrally as a catalyst for digital business initiatives. Strategic use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) may have overwhelming results. However, AI usage has almost tripled since 2017, increasing the risk that technical core components and AI initiatives will fail. Analysis company Gartner has […]

Så här kommer du igång med Machine Learning

Machine learning is gaining ground. But how do you actually get started? And what challenges do companies face? Here you get the answers. Donors and the Internet of Things are only half the point when production is switched to Industry 4.0 and the classic products should be intelligent and smart. The other half is about […]