3 steg för att ta kontroll över IoT-kaoset på arbetet

Det finns gott om domedagsprofetior kring de många riskerna med att koppla IoT till företaget. Här följer 3 steg för att ta kontroll över dem. Om du ansluter IoT-enheter till företaget öppnar du Pandoras ask. Det är bara en av alla domedagsprofetior kring de många farorna och säkerhetsriskerna med IoT. Själva antalet enheter som ansluts […]

Fördelarna med digital tvilling (digital twin) blir mainstream

Digital twin technology is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the advent of data analytics, AI and IoT. Digital twins make it possible to create an app-based representation of a physical object, which – with the help of a variety of sensors within the physical object – can be used to monitor the object’s health, movement, […]

Starta din resa med IOT på rätt sätt

The Internet of Things (IoT) requires a strategy that is consistent with the company’s objectives and a realistic plan of action. Here are five possible directions for your IoT adventure. IoT can be overwhelming for a company. Benson Chan, senior partner at Strategy of Things, an IoT-focused research and consulting company, believes that IoT enables […]

Sensorer gör industrin smartare

With sensors that collect data and information, data and information are analyzed using artificial intelligence. In this way, production becomes smarter and more profitable. Sensors that collect information and data are often called the Internet of Things (IoT). Connecting the sensors to high-speed internet (5G) and advanced data analysis tools (Big Data / Artificial Intelligence) […]

Big Data gör industrin smartare

Better product control, customer experience, sales and profitability. Learn how to take advantage of Big Data. The Internet of Things, IoT, provides the opportunity to collect large amounts of data and analyze them. Big Data opens up new business opportunities. This is especially true in industry and project-oriented production companies. In recent years, the Internet […]