10 predizioni di sicurezza per 2018

La cybersecurity non si sta semplificando. I criminali sono ogni volta più sofisticati. I danni sono sempre peggiori. E gli attacchi stanno diventando più comuni. Nonostante ciò, tanti leader IT e di sicurezza informatica hanno ancora un atteggiamento reattivo. Si tratta di un errore molto serio, perché ora è il momento di essere proattivo. Questi […]

Cybersécurité : les 10 tendances clés

La cybersécurité ne se simplifie pas. Les criminels deviennent plus intelligents. Les dommages sont de plus en plus sérieux. Et les attaques plus fréquentes. Pourtant, beaucoup trop de responsables informatiques et de cybersécurité se cantonnent  à n’être que réactifs. Grave erreur  : il est temps maintenant d’être proactif. Les incidents se produiront, donc chaque entreprise doit […]

10 security predictions for 2018

Cyber security isn’t getting any easier. Criminals are getting more sophisticated. Damages are growing more serious. And attacks are becoming more common. Yet far too many IT and cyber security leaders remain in reactive mode. That’s a serious mistake, because now is the time to be proactive. These incidents will happen, so every organization now […]

2018: Ripensare le piattaforme aziendali

Nel 2018 saremo testimoni dell’evoluzione delle piattaforme aziendali cosicché le aziende potranno rispondere con maggior velocità ai cambiamenti del mercato, essere più produttive, e prendere migliori decisioni con più informazione a disposizione. Le aziende tenderanno ad avere piattaforme comuni, perché il business ormai demanda una piattaforma informativa molto più agile e stabile (in confronto con […]

2018: AI gets smarter and more practical

We all know AI is coming to the forefront of technology in the form of machine learning (ML) and deep neural networks, where AI can understand the surroundings and apply that information to the current context, whether it is about data pattern analysis or driving a vehicle. Coupled with increasing capabilities of AI hardware, in […]

2018: Companies grow through digital business extensions

In 2018, companies will increasingly leverage data and other digital capabilities to create new markets, blur industry boundaries, and cross into other industries. This creates an opportunity for digital leaders not just to implement or optimize existing business strategy, but to drive and change business strategy. That is exciting but also tough, because the strategic […]

2018: Businesses get stronger through cyber resilience

In the past, companies tried to create perfect security. You were either secure, or you weren’t. But today, risk is no longer viewed as being perfect or binary. It’s a continuum. In 2018 enterprises will focus on getting their resilience as high as possible — or, reducing their risk by taking down the highest-risk activities. […]

2018: The quantified enterprise — Stop guessing and start measuring

Predictions for 2018: Companies will use the data from digital systems to quantify the business and become more productive The desire to quantify the business will emerge as a primary driver of digital transformation Companies, forced to rethink big data, will turn to advanced machine-learning techniques (like deep learning) to make high-quality decisions Last year we […]

2018: The war for digital talent is vigorous and creative

As technology permeates almost all aspects of our lives, corporations and governments are rapidly evolving their operations to support the needs of digitally-savvy consumers. Demand for digital skills has increased rapidly due to the onslaught of connected devices, AR/VR, social media, analytics and automation in an increasingly mobile world. These and other so-called digital technologies […]

2018: Re-platforming the enterprise

In 2018, we’re going to witness the re-platforming of the enterprise so companies can respond to market changes faster, be more productive, and make better-informed decisions. The enterprise will move to common platforms because businesses are demanding a much more agile and stable information platform (than their custom platforms) on which to create and operate. […]