Pida asistencia vía Ally, el asistente de voz hospitalario de DXC Technology

Los asistentes de voz están llegando a los hospitales. En otros ámbitos, tenemos ejemplos como Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Home y otras, alternativas que ya ofrecen una solución simple, intuitiva, multiusuario y que se adapta, siempre que dispongan de acceso y disponibilidad. Siguiendo esta línea, en DXC Labs hemos creado Ally, el asistente de cabecera […]

Hacia un ecosistema de salud conectado: La interrelación con el paciente digital

La digitalización en sectores como el de los seguros, las telecomunicaciones y la banca han cambiado completamente la manera en la que los ciudadanos consumen servicios, así como sus expectativas: esperan servicios integrados, atención ininterrumpida (24×7), personalizada, y que responda a sus preferencias de manera inmediata por diversos canales. La digitalización de los servicios de […]

Burgundy’s Coordinated Care Project Seeks to Deliver Choice to Patients and Professionals

France faces a health dilemma that confronts most developed nations: an aging population living with a range of chronic diseases. The country is urgently seeking innovative solutions that will help the healthcare system evolve from dealing with acute care to implementing prevention programs that take into account chronic conditions and identify patients before they become […]

The Digital Doctor’s Bag of the Future

I was at an event the other day when someone spoke about what the “Doctor’s Bag” should contain now, based on the digital technologies that have already emerged. It made me think what it might look like in 30 or 50 years’ time. Some of this may be controversial – tell us what you think. […]

Five benefits of Agile IT as a Service (ITaaS)

Healthcare is undergoing a transformational shift. Advances in medicine, increased patient engagement and changes in reimbursement models have resulted in the need for healthcare providers to adopt patient-centric models of care. Essential to building and supporting these new models is an agile and flexible IT infrastructure, which enhances decision making through access to better information […]

Four Ways to Achieve eHealth Optimization

Reducing complexity among disparate IT systems may seem like a daunting task for your organization, but is a necessary component of transformational change. Optimization of core applications will allow organizations to transition focus from maintaining legacy applications to accelerating innovation, adopting new models of care and discovering next-generation technologies. Here are four ways to achieve […]

When Change Is the Only Constant, You Need to Be Agile

In one of our recent videos, we use the words “change is now constant.” That phrase got me thinking. Is it hyperbole, or an honest reflection of what’s going on in healthcare in the first part of the 21st Century? On reflection, it seems a reasonable characterization. By Mark Badia, General Manager, Agile IT as […]

Five Things You’ll See at CSC’s Booth 3050 at HIMSS16

This year, CSC’s booth 3050 at HIMSS16 will have a lot of fun and informative features. Here are five things you¹ll find at our booth. iPads to Take the #AgileHealth Readiness Assessment In a matter of a few minutes, you can find out if your organization is #AgileHealth ready and even how it compares to […]

Population Health Management and the Data Deluge in Healthcare

Big data anlytics

In this blog I share my thoughts about the exponential growth of data in the healthcare sector and what it means for the healthcare industry. As numerous analyst reports point out, the healthcare sector has the fastest growing data volume of any other sector of the global economy. But how did we get there? By […]

The CIO as a venture capitalist

In this blog my goal is to share some thoughts and observations on the changing role of the healthcare CIO in the reshaping health economy. By Boris Rachev, Global Health Economist In this new world, the CIO’s role will expand from enabling operations with technical services to building a technology footprint that feeds into the […]