Les 5 clés de succès de l’automatisation intelligente


Automatiser intelligemment ses processus métier peut réduire les coûts, améliorer l’efficacité et réduire le time-to-market. A condition de bien le planifier. Voici cinq mesures pour le faire. Définissez clairement votre mission. Pour chaque projet d’automatisation, précisez bien la vision et concentrez-vous sur la mission. Il est important que vous définissiez exactement ce que vous essayez […]

Consumer loan processing enters the digital age

The technology behind consumer loan processing hasn’t evolved much in the past 25 years, but that’s rapidly changing as financial institutions look to digital transformation to improve the customer experience, cut costs and grow the business. Loan servicing has been primarily a back-end function, oftentimes handled by a third-party service provider, that kicks in after […]

Five keys to intelligent automation success


Embedding intelligent automation into business processes can reduce costs, improve efficiency and speed time-to-market to businesses worldwide. But it takes intelligent planning to effectively reap the rewards. By taking these five steps, enterprises can cut through the noise and be on the path to intelligent automation success. Clearly define your mission. With any kind of […]

Obtenga resultados de una estrategia de automatización de procesos

Cuando afrontan el reto de automatizar los procesos comerciales, la mayoría de las empresas intentan lograr beneficios rápidos y seguros. Pero, con demasiada frecuencia, esto suele convertirse en un freno, ya que tampoco pueden estar seguras de obtenerlos. Se precisa, por tanto, una estrategia que funcione en ambos sentidos. Claro, hay algunas organizaciones que pueden […]

Create business impact with an enterprise process automation game plan


When faced with the challenge of automating business processes, most enterprises are searching for quick wins and safe bets. But all too often they stall at the start because they can’t be sure of either. What’s needed is a game plan that delivers on both counts. Sure, there are some enterprises able to take advantage […]

Automatisation : l’empathie au cœur de l’expérience client


Il y a un important matraquage médiatique sur le marché de l’automatisation et de la robotisation. Des termes tels que agents virtuels, assistants virtuels, agents cognitifs, robots et chatbots sont présents dans presque toutes les conversations, en interne comme en externe, de l’entreprise. Des articles sur le potentiel de l’automatisation et des robots de style […]

Want to realize the potential of automation? Focus on an empathetic experience


by Nelson Wahrhaftig There is significant hype in the market about automation and robotization. Terms such as virtual agents, virtual assistants, cognitive agents, robots and chatbots are present in almost all conversations inside and outside the corporate realm. Articles about the potential for automation and humanoid-style robots appear frequently in all forms of media – […]

Future-proof finance and accounting with these five digital innovations

by Sam Victor The role of finance and accounting (F&A) is changing rapidly, and with that change comes growing recognition of the opportunities presented by evolving digital technologies. Previously focused on number crunching and reporting profitability, F&A is now playing a larger role in the growth of the business — driving a better customer experience […]

Digital labor and intelligent automation: The impact on the workforce behind the hype


by Brenda Byrd Digital labor and intelligent automation offer compelling business benefits that include cost reduction, increased accuracy, ability to scale and consistency. While these well-deserved benefits are undeniably impressive, the real impact at the workforce level on service providers, businesses, clients and talent retention is still emerging. Behind the hype is uncertainty around the […]

How to introduce advanced engineering techniques into your application development process


by Stan Leong and Dar Suy If your organization’s back-office business processes need serious engineering help, you’re not alone. Many enterprises have processes that no longer execute as designed, requiring time-consuming and costly manual adjustments and corrections. Other processes have grown so complex that they’re causing bottlenecks. Your organization may also be generating huge amounts […]