Redefining work in a gig economy


What, exactly, is a job? And what’s work? The fundamental definitions of both may be changing as companies evolve to keep pace with the shift to digital. The idea of one person performing one job, retiring after four decades (and getting a gold watch) is largely extinct. That model just isn’t flexible enough to suit […]

Sin esto, su estrategia de movilidad se estancará

Ya resulta raro encontrar alguna empresa que no haya adoptado la tecnología móvil, como forma de aumentar la productividad de sus empleados y la agilidad general del negocio. Con el acceso de los trabajadores vía móvil a los datos empresariales y a los servicios de back-end, las organizaciones favorecen la labor de sus empleados, desde […]

Without this, your mobile strategy will sputter and stall

remote working and mobile devices CSC Blogs

It’s the rare enterprise that isn’t embracing mobile technology as a way to increase employee productivity and overall business agility these days. By allowing workers to access enterprise data and back-end services from their smartphones, companies enable workers to do their jobs anywhere and at anytime. But the number of connected devices these workers routinely use has increased […]

Flexing your agile muscle as a program manager

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One of the great, and largely unnoticed, innovations of the 21st century has been the advent of agile working. Flexible workplaces and flexible working have been with us for a while, but now these have been replaced by agile workplaces and agile working. Whereas flexible working was seen as a business “perk,” agile is seen […]