‘Documentation as code’ matters. Here’s why

There has long been a mindset to treat documentation and code as separate functions. But this thinking is obsolete. Organizations should start treating documentation as code. Development projects are not complete without documentation that is in the same state or better as the code. That said, often documentation is considered a major pain point involving […]

Le basi di una piattaforma di business digitale

Al giorno d’oggi qualsiasi azienda che si conseri moderna utilizza piattaforme di business digitale come base principale per le sue applicazioni. Questo tipo di infrastruttura digitale offre l’agilità necessaria per costruire e supportare la natura dinamica delle applicazioni moderne. Ma come si presentano queste piattaforme? In generale, si basano su tre pilastri; intelligenza, orchestrazione e […]

Come ottimizzare l’Agile delivery quando il tuo team di sviluppo non è nella stessa sede

La combinazione del team di sviluppo Agile con il consumatore o la business unit è ottimale per la collaborazione e la comunicazione con il cliente. Tuttavia, la co-locazione non è sempre fattibile. I membri del developement team potrebbero lavorare in diverse sedi, i clienti potrebbero essere ripartiti in diversi luoghi e parte dello sviluppo destinato […]

Bases de una plataforma de negocio digital

Cualquier empresa moderna utiliza hoy una plataforma de negocio digital como base principal de sus aplicaciones digitales. Este tipo de infraestructura digital proporciona la agilidad necesaria para poder construir y soportar el carácter dinámico de las aplicaciones modernas. Pero, ¿cómo son estas plataformas? En general, se sustenta sobre tres grandes pilares; inteligencia, orquestación y automatización. […]

Cómo potenciar la entrega ágil, cuando su equipo de desarrollo no tiene una misma ubicación

La ubicación conjunta de los equipos de desarrollo Agile, con el cliente o la unidad de negocios correspoindiente, es la mejor forma de potenciar la colaboración y comunicación con el cliente. Sin embargo, la ubicación conjunta no siempre es factible. Los miembros del equipo de desarrollo suelen trabajar desde múltiples ubicaciones geográficas, así como el […]

Fundamentals of a digital business platform

Today’s modern enterprise leverages a digital business platform as the foundation for digital applications. A digital business platform provides the agility to build and support the dynamic nature of modern applications. So what do these platforms look like? A digital business platform is based on three pillars: intelligence, orchestration and automation. It is a primary […]

How to optimize Agile delivery when your development team isn’t co-located


Co-locating Agile development teams with the customer or business unit is optimal for collaboration and customer intimacy. However, co-location is not always feasible. Development team members could be from multiple geographic locations, the customer could also be spread across multiple locations, and economic considerations might direct some of the development to regions with lower costs. This […]

Planning a big project? Story mapping provides the blueprint for success

Big projects can be daunting. You need to start somewhere, and you need a plan, but it’s surprising how many projects launch with people just starting to work without developing a clear view of the end product. It can be useful to think of it like building a house.  Would you launch the effort by […]

Digitally fit in 2018: Build on your skills

Keeping your skills up to date is a key part of being digitally fit. There is no definitive list of training that should be undertaken to become “digital;” it depends upon your role requirements. However, there are some topic areas that should be considered as a base set of skills to expand on. These topic […]

How Agile Service Management (ASM) combines the best of both worlds — Agile and ITSM


The tension between IT service management (ITSM) frameworks and Agile development started years ago when businesses began to recognize technology as a critical business success factor. IT faced increasing demands to do more with less. Software developers, meanwhile, faced mounting pressure to deliver faster, working, incremental software to clients. This lead to “frustrations about delays, […]