Will voice technologies liberate us from our device masters?


You see it everywhere: People walking on the sidewalk, sitting at a restaurant table, riding a train or bus, their eyes glued to the tiny screen in their hands. There’s probably a guy out there who proposed to his girlfriend while simultaneously checking his texts. (Hopefully she texted him “no.”) It is no less than device […]

How voice-activated technology can transform your workplace


It’s great asking Alexa or Google Home or Cortana about the weather forecast for Seattle (rain again!), or what “proprioception” means, or who the Washington Nationals are playing tonight. But those are pretty simple transactions: Ask a direct question requiring a narrow, definable answer, and you get that answer. This is very useful as far […]

“Voice-first” come nuova cultura del marchio

Di recente non c’è stato un maggior entusiasmo nel business che lo tsunami dei dispositivi con riconoscimento vocale apparsi sia al livello dell consumatore che del B2B. Coloro che hanno acquistato all’inizio credevano che l’abilità di Alexa di leggere le principali notizie sotto richiesta era rivoluzionaria. Ora, soltanto un anno dopo, guardiamo indietro e ci […]

“La voz primero”, como cultura de marca

Hacía mucho tiempo que no veíamos tal tsunami de dispositivos activados por voz de consumo y profesionales. Los primeros compradores pensaron que la “habilidad” de Alexa para leernos  las noticias del día resultaba moderna. Hoy, solo un año después, miramos hacia atrás y la vemos como la variante con voz de Pong, en el mundo […]

Après le « mobile first », voici le « voice first » !


Il n’y a pas d’évènement récent plus marquant sur les marchés B2C et B2B que la déferlante des appareils à commande vocale. Le soufflé serait-il en train de retomber ? C’est loin d’être sûr ! Les premiers acheteurs pensaient que les capacités d’Alexa à lire les nouvelles du jour étaient révolutionnaires. Aujourd’hui, à peine un an plus […]

“Voice first” as the new brand culture


There has been no greater sugar rush in business recently than the tsunami of voice-enabled devices appearing both at the consumer and B2B level. Those who bought in early thought the Alexa “skill” of requesting that top news stories be read to you was groundbreaking. Now, just a year later, we look back and are […]

Voice assistants like Alexa will invade the workplace this year


If this year’s holiday sales are any indication, 2018 could be the year that digital voice assistants become common in the workplace. Amazon reports that Echo Dot – the hands-free, voice-controlled device that connects to the online retail giant’s Alexa voice service to provide information, play music, send and receive messages, control smart devices, and […]

The device as the persona


There is arguably no greater growth than in the use of personal devices in healthcare. These range from the personal fitness devices on which the incessant 10,000 steps a day are counted on the wrist, to more sophisticated remote heart monitoring devices that can be hacked by cyber terrorists. Add to this the explosion of […]

When your personal digital assistant is a spy

It won’t be long before many or even most of our daily activities in and out of work will be conducted with the help of personal digital assistants (PDAs) such as Alexa, Cortana, Google or Siri. From checking daily appointments to sending messages to capturing personal and professional epiphanies, these PDAs promise to be the […]

DIY your own AI assistant

The options available to consume voice activated assistants are increasing with recent releases into the market. The availability of pre-built, off the shelf Assistants is growing and so is the ability to build your own, using the open sourced versions. Google recently gave away AIY, (Do It Yourself Artificial Intelligence) a maker kit with Voice Hat and […]