Algorithm bosses: No yelling, but lots of micromanaging


Enterprise workers today use technologies such as computers, smartphones, mobile apps, and cloud platforms as tools that allow them to be more productive and efficient. In the workplace of the future, however, the stakes will be raised: Employees will collaborate and interact with advanced technologies such as algorithms, robots, and artificial intelligence (AI). And some […]

Evil In = Evil Out: Teaching AI to be bad


In a recent post I talked about the importance of data quality to machine learning and the effective use of neural networks, which rely on algorithms that process data in order to “learn.” The principal is simple and timeless: Garbage in = garbage out. But there are different types of data garbage. There’s the innocent […]

Preparing for AI pays off


Is your enterprise really ready for artificial intelligence (AI)? It may well be, at least in terms of the willingness of top decision-makers to pursue the many benefits that AI can provide, which include valuable insights, streamlined processes, faster execution, and lower costs. But eagerness alone doesn’t prepare an organization to fully leverage AI’s considerable […]

How to reduce employee fears about artificial intelligence


Humans fear a seemingly endless list of things, but on the broadest level, what they fear most is the unknown. And one of the greatest fears throughout history is fear of new technology. There probably were some Mesopotamians who thought the abacus was a tool of the devil! In the more recent past, people have […]

The art of the hack

I teach a course called “Mastering Data Science at Enterprise Scale: How to design and implement machine-learning solutions that improve your organization.”  In the course, students learn, among other things, how to write algorithms like a pro. To operate on the level of a professional data scientist, I tell them, you have to master the art of […]

Big data is useless (and even dangerous) without this key ingredient

Big data CSC Blogs

That big data and analytics can transform enterprises in the digital economy no longer is a matter of debate or conjecture. Examples of big data success stories abound. Yet it’s important to remember that big data and analytics aren’t magic, even if they may seem magical to enterprises successfully deploying them to improve their businesses. […]