Agility Platform now integrated with Amazon ELB

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The CSC Agility Platform team released an update to the Agility Platform’s integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), specifically for Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (ELB). The Agility Platform has supported using Amazon Web Services to provision and deploy instances for several years. Due to the popularity of AWS, we are working toward providing a deeper integration with their offerings. As […]

Dropbox moves from AWS to a hybrid cloud model

Dropbox declares “We don’t need no Amazon Web Services!” Well, not really, but you get the idea. I’ll bet most of you have used Dropbox. Back in 2007, Drew Houston, Dropbox’s founder and current CEO, had gotten sick and tired of misplacing his USB drive. So, he hacked together the first, easy-to-use personal cloud storage. […]

The cloud land-grab continues: Netflix, Spotify, Bitly, GE Healthcare and DropBox

There is a land-grab going on between the various public cloud providers. Whether it’s AWS, IBM, Microsoft or Google, they are all wanting to declare victories and demonstrate their prowess. Alongside the continuous stream of technical and service announcements, each one has been wheeling out benchmark customers who have joined their cause. Google’s poster-child was Spotify: “As a company […]

Verizon’s public cloud to close: A look back at the service

Verizon’s plans to shutter its public cloud on April 12, 2016, are making headlines, but it’s not the first time the company’s cloud service has been in the news. The post below, first published in January 2015, discusses a mysterious service outage that took place then. With the closing of Verizon’s public cloud (private services are still […]

2015’s top five cloud developments and what they mean for 2016

While some things on the cloud remain the same, for others, storms are brewing. To see where we’re going, first we need to see where we’ve been. Let’s take look back at 2015’s top five cloud developments and see what they mean for the year ahead. 1 Amazon Web Services is still the top public cloud. […]