Retraining employees is an investment, not just a cost


Amazon’s announcement in July that it will spend $700 million to retrain one-third of its U.S. workforce by 2025 should be a wake-up call to those who are doing little or nothing to prepare for the impact of automation and smart machines on how enterprises operate and how people do their jobs. And when I […]

Amazon joins the rush to Kubernetes


Was it really only just over a month ago that I wrote, “The only real question is not if AWS will also fully invest in Kubernetes now that Docker has taken the plunge but when? Why, yes, yes it was. And guess what? As predicted by yours truly, AWS CEO Andy Jassy announced the launch […]

What can we learn from the Amazon-Whole Foods deal?

Amazon made a splash recently with its new Amazon Go store concept. Then last week, Amazon had everybody talking with an announcement that it would acquire the Whole Foods supermarket chain. The ripple effects were immediately seen in the stock performance of other grocery retailers, and experts across many industries were speculating on the business move and its impact. […]

The big cloud is making big bucks

There’s money to be made in the cloud. Smaller companies may have trouble realizing revenue from their cloud offerings, but for billion-dollar businesses, the cloud can be very, very profitable. Let’s look at some examples. Do you know what Amazon‘s profits would look like without Amazon Web Services (AWS)? Actually, that’s a trick question. Amazon […]

Voice command devices: Ear candy or something useful?

“Alexa! Heads or tails?” “Alexa! What’s the weather in Dubai?” “Alexa! Turn up the heat to 75 degrees.” “Alexa! Tell me a bedtime story.” Having lived through many hype curves dating back to the Pet Rock, I can’t recall one that has created more buzz than devices like the Amazon Echo that respond to voice […]

Here comes VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services

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The rumors were true. VMware is partnering up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver a hybrid cloud: VMware Cloud on AWS. The companies claim this new hybrid cloud offering will make it easier for customers to run applications on a consistent hybrid cloud using a common set of familiar software and tools. That mix […]

Will the digital revolution in retail fail due to funding gaps?

According to a recent survey, “Digital Agenda 2020”, 45 percent of retail companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland consider funding gaps the biggest obstacle on the way to the digital transformation of their businesses. Concurrently, the speed of innovation is putting the industry under pressure. As a consequence of the digital revolution, a completely new competitive […]

Secure clouds for secure agencies

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Sure, we’re all concerned about cloud security, but maybe the cloud really is more secure than we think it is. After all, if cloud security is good enough for the CIA, maybe it’s good enough for you too. Indeed, some companies have worked out that it’s easier to protect data on the cloud than it is […]

Agility Platform now integrated with Amazon RDS

CSC Agility Platform AWS integration

The CSC Agility Platform team released an update to the Agility Platform’s integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), specifically for Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). The Agility Platform has supported using Amazon Web Services to provision and deploy instances for several years. Due to the popularity of AWS, we are working toward providing a deeper integration with their offerings. As […]

Agility Platform now integrated with Amazon Route 53

CSC Agility Platform integration with AWS Route 53

Recently, the CSC Agility Platform team released an update integrating Agility Platform with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in an even tighter way. The Agility Platform has had support for deploying and starting instances on Amazon for quite awhile. Over the years, Amazon has added many other features to their offering. With the CSC update, we now support Amazon’s Route 53 […]