6 keys to enterprise mobile security

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There was a time when mobile devices just didn’t face the same kind of threats from attackers and malware as full-featured operating systems did. Those days are gone. Criminals, spies and whoever wants to access data have to make the transition to exploiting mobile devices because that’s where the users, apps and data reside today. The […]

Android Multitasking flaw poses risks to data theft and DoS attacks

For the second time recently, another important software flaw has been uncovered in the mobile Android operating system. In this case, researchers believe they have identified how Android chokes when handling multiple apps concurrently, and makes it possible for criminals to snoop on users, install malware, and steal things such as user credentials. The researchers who […]

Google Slashes Android Malware in Half

When it comes to the sheer numbers of malware targeting mobile devices, there’s not been much in the way of good news for owners of devices running the Google operating system Android. For instance, Cisco’s 2014 Annual Security Report, published in January 2014, found that 99 percent of all mobile malware actually targeted the Google […]

The key to getting employees to secure their mobile devices

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Ask just about any IT professional to name the biggest threat to enterprise network and data security, and they almost assuredly will say it’s their employees. And for good reason. Until they are replaced by robots, enterprise employees will remain maddeningly human. They forget things, they cut corners, they don’t listen, they take chances (in […]