Why consumer-market leader Android is an enterprise runner-up

Google’s Android mobile operating system dominates the global consumer smartphone market with an 88% share through the third quarter of last year, compared to a 12% share for Apple’s iOS. The race is much closer in the U.S., where Android’s market lead in the three months ending in November 2016 was 55% to 44%, according […]

Will this Google upgrade boost productivity for mobile workers?

The most important business case for enterprise mobility is increased productivity. Armed with their own (or company-issued) mobile devices and innumerable mobile apps, today’s enterprise employees are able to be as productive on the go as they are behind a desktop in the office. Theoretically, anyway. The truth, as most mobile workers know, is that […]

The latest Android vulnerabilities threatening enterprises

A pair of major vulnerabilities have emerged in Android apps in recent months, according to mobile app risk management vendor Appthority. The company’s quarterly enterprise mobile threat update flags the emergence of rooting and overlay malware in Android apps. Three specific examples of rooting malware were detected in the third quarter inside apps on the Google Play […]

Google’s future in the enterprise is cloudy

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Google had a clear message for developers attending its annual I/O conference last week: We are committed to the enterprise. How much that commitment translates into success is another story, and so far the search giant has failed to establish a firm foothold in the enterprise. As Forrester Research VP and principal analyst Jeffrey Hammond […]

Are multiple versions of Android really a big problem in the enterprise?

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Google’s annual mega-conference for developers, Google I/O, kicks off today. Rather than write a post about what to expect at the show based on what I’ve read elsewhere, I’ll write something next week about what actually happened at the conference (based on what I read elsewhere). For now, though, I want to focus on the […]

Is Android finally penetrating the enterprise market?

Apple’s dominant position in the enterprise mobility market is rapidly eroding. The latest quarterly enterprise mobile report from Good Technology shows iOS ceding considerable ground in device activations, falling to 64 percent in the second quarter from 70 percent just one quarter earlier. Android activations, meanwhile, climbed to 32 percent in Q2 from 26 percent […]

Google Slashes Android Malware in Half

When it comes to the sheer numbers of malware targeting mobile devices, there’s not been much in the way of good news for owners of devices running the Google operating system Android. For instance, Cisco’s 2014 Annual Security Report, published in January 2014, found that 99 percent of all mobile malware actually targeted the Google […]

Samsung and BlackBerry: A formidable enterprise mobile partnership?

There’s always a rumor that someone is going to buy BlackBerry. That’s what happens when your market share and market cap tank: You become buyout bait. The latest speculation has South Korean electronics giant — and world’s largest Android manufacturer — Samsung either acquiring BlackBerry or buying a major stake in the Canada-based former global smartphone […]